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Aaram D'Shiva Aaram D'Shiva Aaram D'Shiva is a Pah'Shar huntsman whose village was attacked by Selcaria slavers. Everyone was either killed or turned into slaves, he unfortu… , ,
Abob Hakim Abob Hakim Sultan Abob Hakim, Defender of Takhar and Destroyer of Gol Zard, is the ruler of the Qareh Dāgh sultanate. Statistics Occupation: SultanNationality… , ,
Adalfuns Adalfuns Captain of the Guard in Ulrichstein Adalfuns is the Captain of the Guard in the town of Ulrichstein. A common farmer he gained his position after sol… , ,
Adaomache Adaomache Adaomache was the founding member of the Circle of Marak and the creator of the Shadow Walkers when the circle proved difficult. Only the first membe… , , , ,
Adolphus Adolphus Stonecutter and Spirit Caller Adolphus has lived in Kernwerk his entire life, rarely even traveling to the city of Bornheim just a few hours down the… , , , ,
Agustus Pius Agustus Pius Agustus images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Agustus Titurius Atellus Selcarius Pius House xxx Father xxx Mother xxx P… , , , , ,
Aiwyn Aiwyn Aiwyn Rogerson is a Priest of Taur who has suffered in this life. He lost his wife, eldest son, and two daughters to a fever and never fully recovered. H… , ,
Alanna Alanna Alanna is a ardent follower of Vayne and currently holds the rank of Master within the guardians_of_order. She has traveled much of the Western Realms a… , , , , ,
Alexander of Dakar Alexander of Dakar Sir Alexander of Dakar was a prominent knight during the Expansionist Period of the Kingdom of Dakar. Known as the Pale Knight he earned his… , , ,
Alwin Himmel Alwin Himmel Squire in the Service of Baron Kuhn Squire Himmel is in the service of Baron Tobias Kuhn as is his father. He is known for having a quick and sha… , , ,
Amer Terrante Amer Terrante A conflicted man, Ameranth (Amer) Terrante was torn between the two halves of his family. In many respects he had the mind of a merchant, connect… , , , ,
Anne of Horne Anne of Horne Anne is the daughter of Walther Horne. clan_horne is the largest human clan in Krandryia and Walther is the Clan Chief. She married the Crown Pri… , , ,
Atheis Atheis A Irillian magician who grew up in a small village several days walk from Valparia. He killed his teacher and bonded the his father's spirit with a vora… ,
Aurora I Aurora I Aurora I (Aurora Anna Madeline Reiner) is the monarch of the Kingdom of Dakar and Supreme Governess of the Temple of Light. Her father ascended the th… , , , ,
Bacco Bacco Bacco (Barkat al Salam) was a young man when he left his home, but was already an apprentice astrologer having earned the title āləmā when he was twenty.… , , ,
Baldar Baldar Once the ranking priest of the temple_of_light in Ulrichstein who personally oversaw the faithfulness of Tobias Kuhn and his court. Father Baldar is a m… , ,
Baldewin Baldewin Master of a traveling Menagerie A long history of leaving wives and children behind, Baldwin has been running from just about anything his entire lif… ,
Batilda Batilda Batilda is a skilled thief and occasional assassin when necessary. She was sold into slavery by her destitute family and after many years turned to Rut… , , , , ,
Beatrice Hapsteng Beatrice Hapsteng Countess Hapsteng is the daughter of Lord and Lady Nostra. Although she inherited only at title from her parents, she found favor in the Roya… ,
Belenus Belenus See Also GM Only Tim's Character Statistics Born: xxx AHOccupation: Freebooter/SellswordParents: xxxReligion: xxxSpecies: Human (Northmen)Nationalit… , , ,
Benevenuta Benevenuta Benevenuta is a priestess in the temple of Techiuan in the city of Fountainhead. She is currently serving under Father Karl, but hopes to raise her … , ,
Berchtwald Berchtwald Innkeeper in Ulrichstein Berchtwald, Berch to his friends, has owned the Wood River Inn since Y451 AH. It is the only inn in the town of Ulrichstei… , ,
Brandt Brandt Brandt is a rogue who is part owner of the Black Shark Tavern and uses it to run a small gang in Valparia. He was a man of average height and slightly a… , , ,
Brizanthimus Brizanthimus See Also GM Only Jackie's Character Brizanthimus is generally a pleasant, friendly person. His mind tends to wander and people often forget tha… , , , ,
Children of the Sun Children of the Sun Umwasunna, also known as The Children of the Sun is the religious holy land of the Sunna. Located at the very bottom tip of Aquanius with a… , ,
Chung Zhu Chung Zhu Chung Zhu images Consort xxx Issue none Full Name xxx Father xxx Mother xxx Born dd mmm yyyy Religion Zarn Race human… , , , ,
Coriana Coriana Coriana is a tall and beautiful woman. She favors bright red dresses slit up the side for easier movement. Most of her jewelry is silver encrusted with… , , , ,
Cristobal Erasmus Cristobal Erasmus Once the head of the Erasmus Family interests in Bornheim, he was responsible for all of their attempts to gain a foothold in the Kingdom of … , , ,
Dae Dae Vaynite Acolyte tortured by brother Once known as Julie, sister of Nigel whom he tortured under the guise of a group looking to unlock his power. While he… , , ,
Dakarians Dakarians The Dakarians are several tribes of northmen who were led out of the endless snows by the dwarves of Stoneheart Hold. They had been driven from their… , ,
Danfael Connors Danfael Connors Warden Danfael Connors is a priest in the Temple of Light stationed at the Cathedral of Light in Bornheim. He is considered conservative in his… , ,
Dawnwatcher Dawnwatcher The given name of the Dawnwatcher no longer matters. When one is chosen by Karash what came before no longer has any meaning. His prophetic name sa… , , ,
Dobry Dobry Mladovian Spirit Talker Dobry is a Spirit-Talker of a Mladovian enclave north of Bornheim. While the Dakarians destroyed nearly all of the Mladovian's o… , , ,
Dominic Dominic Priest in Ulrichstein Born in a small town east of the Zun River to a cooper and seamstress, Dominic grew to manhood as many other boys. He venerated … , ,
Donat Lange Donat Lange Lord Marshall of Bornheim The youngest male heir of the storied Lange noble family, Donat was named to the position of Lord Marshall for Bornheim … , ,
Duerte Duerte Duerte is a follower of X'toltn and seeks to free him from imprisonment in exchange for the eternal life he has been promised. He has been given command… , , ,
Eckerd Kaufmann Eckerd Kaufmann Squire in the Court of Ulrichstein Squire Eckerd is the eldest son of Sir Veit Kaufmann and has served personally with Baron Tobias Kuhn with … , ,
Edvin Edvin Hochwürden of the Temple of Light in Bornheim Edvin assumed the rank of Hochwürden upon the sudden death of his predecessor. Long known as an accomplish… , ,
Empty Eyes Empty Eyes The Empty Eyes is the largest gang in Fountainhead. They control the most eastern and up-shelf territory in the Waterdeep. They achieved this status… , ,
Ephesus Ephesus Master of Tminir Tower During the time he as the Master of Tminir Tower he was one of the most powerful wizards in the Kingdom of Dakar if not the ent… , ,
Ernst Ernst Priest of Karash Father Ernst was initiated into the ranks of temple_of_light following the death of his father in the year 441 AH. His family had long … , ,
Etrin Etrin Etrin (Etrin of Markhaza) is the court magician and spiritual advisor to King Merridan of Fountianhead. He practices his trade of predicting the future t… , , ,
Eva LaGrange Eva LaGrange Wife of the Craftmaster of Kernwerk At times both open and manipulative. She married Karl, the Stone Master of Kernwerk, for his position and pri… , ,
Father Karl Father Karl Father Karl is a fiery and dynamic speaker - a skilled orator. He feels in his element when he has a crowed emotionally whipped into a frenzy and h… , ,
Fredda Fredda Fredda is secretly one of the lords_of_water who control the smuggling in the city of Bornheim. She controls her gang and territory through a mechanical… , ,
Friedgart Friedgart Master Potter in Bornheim Master Friedgart is not only a Master Potter in Bornheim, but also works for the LordMarshall. He acts as an go-between Ba… , ,
Friedhold Friedhold Assassin and Master of the Wardrobe The Master of the Wardrobe for Lord and Lady Liese of Bornheim. In actuality he was a spy and occasional assassi… , ,
Gabor Gabor Gabor is a lumberer who works the southern forest with his crew. He owns a small saw pit near the village of Cannak. He is good at his trade and his crew… , ,
Garen Garen Garen is a man that like to fix things. He also likes to steal and break things when necessary, what keeps coin in his pocket is the important part. He j… , , ,
Gene Rothbard Gene Rothbard Father Gene Rothbard is a rotund man easily weighing in over 125 kg (275 pounds). He has been a soldier for nearly half his life and a Priest of … , , ,
Gerhald Gerhald Gerhald is a jovial man that runs The Last Shield Inn. The inn sees heavy traffic during the trading season as it is midway between Ulrichstein and the… , ,
Gerhard Gerhard Flesh wizard for hire A thin man with once dark, and now graying, hair. His body has extra layers of skin showing signs that he was once a heavier man… , ,
Gerhard Sattler Gerhard Sattler A young knight of the Kingdom of Dakar A young knight newly arrived from Celinus that hopes to make a name for himself fighting back the monst… , ,
Gero Gero Gero is one of the lords_of_water that rule the smuggling in the port city of Bornheim. He is the least known of the three lords, but his physical strengt… , ,
Gevalia Gevalia Gevalia is an dead culture that lived on the Utmarii Plateau during the waning years of the Age of Empires. It began in Osoxi, a small village on the s… , , ,
Gia Sojourner Gia Sojourner She has walked. She has walked and walked, through countless turnings of the seasons. She has crossed rivers, mountains, seas, and plains. There… ,
Girardino da Liovia Girardino da Liovia Girardino da Liovia is a favored son of the Liovia family, which is a prominent family within the Erasmus family of Theodova. He is driven … ,
Gloria Hölzer Gloria Hölzer Sold soul to demon, saved by Briz Gloria sold her soul long ago to the demon known as Charles when she was 23. She desired two things from the c… ,
Gwyndolen Gwyndolen Fortune Teller with Dark Ambitions Gwyndolen was once a successful fortune teller with the menagerie Master Baldewin. In reality she was working wit… ,
Harold Gertner Harold Gertner Guildmaster of the Noble Smiths in Bornheim Harold was once able to work the hammer and tongs better than any in the city. His selection as Gra… , ,
Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom was aptly named by his father who when he was 10 years old tried to sacrifice him to a powerful Demon Lord. His mother escaped l… , , , , ,
Horenski Horenski Horenski was the strongest and believed to be the last living survivor of the Daughters of Ice and Wind. She led her people during the times of their … , ,
Hubbert Beck Hubbert Beck Knight in the service of Bornheim Lord Hubbert of Holtenwertz is a long standing bachelor knight. He adheres to the older traditions, visits the … , , ,
Hugo Hugo Dakarian Knight and Keeper of Blackyard Prison Raised from peasant upbringings to a man knighted for valor and skill-at-arms, Sir Hugo has lived a rich a… ,
Iiro Iiro Ropemaker and Hand-Off for Smugglers Iiro was born and raised in Bornheim, by Fisherfolk. Like most fishers his family made money on the side for several… , , ,
Ilse Lange Ilse Lange Daughter of Baron Lange, Lord Marshall of Bornheim Ilse is the last child of Baron Donat Lange and has become to be doted upon by both her parents.… , ,
Imirio I Imirio I Imirio I (Imirio Sispurus, born 1412) is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Aquileia. He gained the throne in 1442 when the then current king, Aqui… , , ,
Ingram Ingram Leads smallest smuggling faction in Bornheim One of the three lords_of_water who control most of the smuggling in Bornheim and its surrounds. Ingram's … , ,
Iosif Iosif Iosif has served as the chief steward for Lord Nikolaos since Y458. He prides himself on his promptness, cleanliness, and attention to detail. All of the… , , ,
Irene Irene Irene is the daughter of Ticho. She begged Brizanthimus to help rescue her father from Eliskinder, a despicable thief and slaver in Valparia. Statistics… , ,
Irillian People Irillian People The Irillian people, is a human ethnicity that first began on the southwestern shores of Miran where the Black River emptied into the Serpente … , ,
Irlo Irlo Irlo is a master rope maker whose shop is located just off the wharf of Bornheim. He has worked for the Vulfgrau Trading House for over a decade, gatherin… , ,
Isabella Isabella Apprentice and Bearer of the Southern Storm With the help of Siguard of the Storm, Isabella bonded with the living southern storm that was her birthr… , ,
Isha Isha Leads Elven Enclave in Ulrichstein Isha is consumed with the idea of destroying the Bloodstaff. He settled in the town of Ulrichstein for years in the ho… , , ,
Jalo Jalo The Captain of the Nightwatch in Bornheim, Jalo, was raised to his position after it was discovered the previous captain was involved with rebels within t… , ,
Jana Jana Priest of Karash Father Jana is a fire-brand priest of Karash whose was born in Bornheim during the worst storm of 434 AH. His destiny in the Temple of L… , ,
Janos Janos Janos is older and more cantankerous than just about anyone else. He loves to remind everyone of their youth and inexperience; although he displays no ob… , , , ,
Jiron Jiron Jiron is one of the commanders of the Bloodletters in charge of the most brutal company. He drives his men by his fear of him to do whatever he say - reg… , , ,
Josef Himmel Josef Himmel Josef Himmel is a righteous knight who fought in the many holy wars against the orcs to the north and west of the Kingdom of Dakar. A staunch adhe… , ,
Joseph Klein II Joseph Klein II current patriarch of Temple of Light. Joseph Klein II RaceHumanFirst AppearanceAge of HeroesActive?Yes Early Life Issue Ancestry See Also… , ,
Kaito Kaito Kaito was born Lumin Retalius Selcarian, named after a great-grandfather who distinguished himself in the I Selcarian Legion. He has turned aside that li… , , ,
Karina Karina Treasure Hunter cursed to have no fear Many would consider Karina to not only be unhinged, but downright deranged. She seemingly has a very different v… , ,
Karrin the Silk Karrin the Silk Founding member of the Black Chargers, Karrin the Silk was considered one of the most deadly fighters of her time. Wielding a saber and small s… , , , ,
Konrad Brandt Konrad Brandt Lord of Salenhof A man of great height and girth, he is one of the commoners knighted by Baron Tobias of Ulrichstein. He was granted the lands o… , ,
Koén Brandr Koén Brandr Passionate Dakarian Lord of Bornheim Lord Koén Brandr was knighted on the battlefield by his liege lord after acts of heroism and gallantry. Raise… , , ,
Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Statistics Occupation: MagicianNationality: Kingdom of DakarFamily:Lifetime:Religion:Ethnicity: Human, Dakarians History E… , , , ,
Lady Qum Death Lady Qum Death Founding member of the Black Chargers, Lady Qum Death was neither ennobled nor skilled at killing. When Marcus of Untah found her she was a mute… , ,
Lanzo Lanzo Lanzo is the Dawn Watcher of the Temple of Luminous Kaskade. He destiny is to serve the city during its darkest hours, but for those who follow Karash he… , ,
Lanzo Hourangson Lanzo Hourangson High Priest of Karash in Bornheim Lanzo was raised to the position of Dawn Watcher of Karash at the Temple of Luminous Kaskade in the city of… ,
Lasso Lasso Lasso is the guild master of the the metal workers in Fountainhead. He is a fair man who often lets his emotions get the better of him. Anyone he feels i… , ,
Leoric Jadgthson Leoric Jadgthson Captain Leoric Jadgthson commands the River Guard at Bornheim. He has been been given two proclamations by the Lord Marshall for heroics at th… , ,
Lord Doisius Lord Doisius The first king of the Kingdom of Irill, Lord Diosius was a man who did not suffer fools. He was renown not simply for his tactical skill, but as a… , ,
Lord Nikolaos Lord Nikolaos Lord Nikolaos, first name unknown to anyone living, is a man of wealth and means. The Nikolaos family dates back to the original settlements by t…
Lothar Himmel Lothar Himmel Lord of Prinz Lothar is not the man he once was; instead, he is more like the man he was originally. He is currently the Lord of Prinz, which he… , ,
Ludwig Ludwig Aaron's character Ludwig images Born xxx Occupation Warrior Father xxx Mother xxx Religion temple_of_light Race Human National… , , ,
Luki Luki Priest of Taur A young priest of Taur who unwittingly helped his father resurrect an ancient engine of war. His father planned to use the engine to prefo… , ,
Lut Lut Capsule Lut images Reign xx Coronation xx Predecessor xx Heir-apparent xx Consort xxx Issue xx Full Name xxx House xx F… , , ,
Lyceneans Lyceneans Statistics Population: xx millionTraditional Settlements:Languages:Religion:Related Ethnic Groups: History Demographics Culture ethnicity human m… , , , ,
Lyoness Cardai Lyoness Cardai A magician of patience who works Sir Adelson of Veneto teaching his children basic education. In return for her room, board, and a small purse -… ,
Malcolm the Black Malcolm the Black Statistics Occupation: Spy and ThiefNationality: Children of the SunFamily: Lifetime: 428 AH -Religion: FehrismEthnicity: Human, Sunna Histor… , , ,
Mandross Mandross Mandross is now an elderly wizard that has seen much in his time and regrets most of it. He was an arrogant boy and grew into an arrogant man that saw… , , , ,
Marakii Marakii The Marakii began as a tribal population on the Utmarii Plateau at the start of the Classic Age. They became part of the Sorcerers Kingdom in 957 CA wh… , , ,
Marcus of Untah Marcus of Untah Captain and founding member of the Black Chargers, Marcus of Untah was known as a skilled lancer. Marcus stands around 5'10“ and has long stra… , , ,
Marjorie Kuhn Marjorie Kuhn Lady of the Barony of Kuhn Marjorie was raised in the Western Reaches and when she married Tobias Kuhn she moved even farther into the frontier … , ,
Markus Liese Markus Liese Sir Markus Liese held many honors before marrying Lady Liese. His skill with both hammer and lance were highly considered in his youth. He partici… , ,
Megarius the blacksmith Megarius the blacksmith Megarius is a human blacksmith born in the area of Selcaria. He traveled with Duncan and Hafwyn until Duncan's death and rebirth. It is… , , ,
Morin Morin Morin is a Mladovian Spell Singer who learned the songs from ancient earth spirit that lived in the forest near his village. He was drawn to the forest a… , , ,
Nigel Nigel See Also GM Only Nigel is a skilled assassin whose blood sings with the birthright of Danshi. As part of his initiation he killed his family, only his … , , ,
Nikolaos Leonov Nikolaos Leonov See Also: GM Only Leads organization determined to tear down the Dakarian throne. Nikolaos Leonov images Born 411 Occupation Landed … , , ,
Ortwin Ortwin Before his death in Y462 AH, Ortwin of Fulda was the Hochwürden at the Grand Cathedral in the city of Bornheim. He was a passionate speaker and delivere… , ,
Oswald Oswald See Also GM Only Chris' Character Oswald is a hashan merchant, which is often confused as a pirate by those that don't understand hashan business pra… , , ,
Oswald Karlsson Oswald Karlsson The ranking priest of the temple_of_light in Ulrichstein who personally oversees Tobias Kuhn and his court. Father Oswald Karlsson is a stern a… , ,
Pah Pah The land called has Pah encompasses the entirety of the Waukeeneeka Salt Marsh and its nearby lands. These are the lands of the Pah'Shar, a human tribal so… , ,
Philipp Schuster Philipp Schuster retired patriarch of Temple of Light. Retired when Prince Corwyn was killed. Philipp Schuster RaceHumanFirst AppearanceAge of HeroesActive?… , ,
Pippen Ruud Pippen Ruud Captain of the Nightwatch A man with a physically non-descript nature. He keeps his black hair cut short and his clothing and mannerisms are such … ,
Polena Polena Polena has been educated well beyond what should have happened. Multiple tutors in all manner for subjects left her highly educated, but also immensely … , ,
Pox Pox See Also GM Only Gelnn's Character Pox is a distant relation to Amer Terrante who has served as the family's deniable fixer. Pox makes his living findin… , , ,
Rakul Shaleem Rakul Shaleem See Also GM Only Alex's Character Rakul is a pirate from the Talarak, the famous haven of pirates and smugglers in the Tarakian Islands Stati… , , ,
Raven Raven Raven images Consort none Issue none Full Name unknown House unknown Father unknown Mother unknown Born dd mmm yyyy Religio… , , ,
Reginald Danvers Reginald Danvers Reginald (he hates any nicknames) Danvers started life apprenticed to his father. His father practiced the rarest of all trades, mystical blac… , ,
Reiner I Reiner I Reiner I (Lukas son of Arnould) was crowned the first ruler of the Kingdom of Dakar when they pacified much of the Zun River valley. He spent very lit… , , ,
Reiner II Reiner II When Reiner II was crowned, he represented the first hereditary transfer of power in Daconian history. It was not without difficulties. While his fat… , , , ,
Reiner III Reiner III Although he took the throne under the cloud of his brother abdicating, Reiner III is credited with stabilizing the kingdom and expanding the borders… , , , ,
Reiner IV Reiner IV Former King of Dakar Statistics Full Name: Mathias Guthrum ReinerHouse: House ReinerCoronation: 406 AHPredecessor: King Reiner IIISuccessor: Queen A… , , , ,
Rocco Rocco A whip-thin man late in his years and typically heavy into his cups. He controls the largest chunk of the smuggling trade in Bornheim through ruthless ef… , , ,
Rog Rog Rog is a hardened kid that has lived on the streets of Fountainhead his entire life. He started begging for scraps and doing odd jobs, but eventually turne… , ,
Ruenlak Ruenlak The Ruenlak were a small tribe of humans that settled around the bay in what became Heimmelstang and eventually Bornheim. Their language and xenophobic… ,
Rukiya Shadowalker Rukiya Shadowalker Born Rukiya Ohn she took the name Rukiya Shadowalker when she joined the Circle of Marak. She became known only as the Mistress of Darkness,… , , ,
Siguard of the Storm Siguard of the Storm Bonded with the fierce North Wind Siguard is the crazy old man that lives in a laccolith of grey stone north of Ulrichstein. Any proper p… , ,
Silune Silune Elven Ambassador in Bornheim Silune is one of the ambassadors from Ellendar to the Kingdom of Dakar. She is currently staying in the port city of Bornh… , ,
Sofiya Sofiya Angela's Character Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec massa nibh, pharetra ac sagittis eu, convallis at augue. In bibendum,… , , , ,
Sorcerers Kingdom Sorcerers Kingdom The Sorcerers Kingdom was the first, and only time, a single civilization wielded control over much of the human race. Just a few generations… , , , ,
Sunna Sunna The Sunna are a subset of Sunitakens native to the southern tip of Aquanius that speak Sunese. Statistics Population: 1,100,000 (450 AH)1,000,000 in Ch… , ,
Tav Lehmann Tav Lehmann Knight-Captain of Baron Lange guard Sir Lehmann has been with Baron Donat Lange since he raised to the title of Lord Marshall of Bornheim. He was … , , ,
Theodoros Theodoros Theodoros left Theodova in Y420 AH after his extended family was killed in one of the many “balancing of accounts” that happen every decade or so in … , , ,
Theodovan People Theodovan People Statistics Population: xx millionTraditional Settlements:Languages:Religion:Related Ethnic Groups: History Demographics Culture ethnicity … , , ,
Thorin Thorin Barkeep at the Black Shark Tavern, Thorin no longer goes on jobs for Eliskinder, but can still take down drunks if necessary. Statistics Occupation: Ba… , ,
Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms is a confederation of three territories created by treaty between the Elves of Ellendar, Yarrick a Dakarian high mage, and Sa… , , , ,
Ticho Ticho Ticho is considered a skilled baker working in the city of Valparia. He was kidnapped by Eliskinder to be eventually sold into slavery to cover past debt… , ,
Tobi Peters Tobi Peters Priest in the town of Luckau Tobi is a fine young man used to life on the frontier. He was an acolyte to Father Oswald Schneider for many years be… , ,
Tobias Kuhn Tobias Kuhn Baron of Ulrichstein Sir Tobias is the unrecognized bastard son of Sir Wernherus of Grohn and Nell, the baker's daughter. When his mother died, Si… , ,
Toro Toro The Toro are a subset of Sunitakens who live on the Tulken Islands. The Tulken Islands are a cluster of volcanic islands located along the equator west of… , ,
Turanian People Turanian People The Turanian People or Turanians are an ethnic group native to Al'Ranur. The Turanians compromise the world's largest human ethnic group. Stat… ,
Tycho Terrante Tycho Terrante A rotund and strong man from the city of Libero in the city-states of Theodova. He was well-placed in the family and has a well-earned reputatio… , ,
Valten Scholz Valten Scholz Inquisitor of the Temple of Light A man who was once driven by the absolute rightness of the the gods. Siguard of the Storm, a childhood friend,… , , ,
Valter Szewc Valter Szewc Valter Szewc is a merchant bringing fine woods from the Kingdom of Dakar into the Three Kingdoms and then expensive clothes and dyes on the return… , , ,
Veit Kaufmann Veit Kaufmann Sir Kaufmann is a knight in the court of Baron Ulrichstein and currently serves as the Bailiff of Luckau. Sir Kaufmann is a steady man, never qui… , ,
Verulo Verulo Verulo is a Master Quarryman who is the foreman at the eighty kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Fountainhead. He is a rough workman who runs his men ra… , ,
Vitorii Vitorii Vitorii was born in Kratovo to a prostitute. Like many such children he was tossed into the street as his care would become a burden. He is not sure wh… , , ,
Wracwulf Stoyan Wracwulf Stoyan Duke Wracwulf Stoyan of Red Heights is the third of his title. He inherited the title from his father and grandfather before him. Although his … , , ,
Wulf Wulf Wulf was an aggressive fighter in his youth and never grew out of it. Like many kids in Talarak his childhood was spend working the boats, fishing lines, … , , ,
X'letta X'letta X'letta is the oldest spirit on the Flumen dei Animas dating back to the very dawn of humans. It was her husband who defied the natural order and pulle… , , ,
Xarth Xarth See Also: GM Only Xarth is descended from a long line of shoag shamen, born with the shoag equivalent of a silver spoon in his mouth. He was expected t… , , ,
Xianese People Xianese People The Xianese People are a xenophobic human culture that originally arose on the Jorgalli Peninsula of Elysian. A large war between the dominant G… ,
Ælfric Ælfric Unconfirmed son of Prince Corwyn A striking and energetic young man whose father, Prince Corwyn Reiner, was assassinated by his sister, Queen Aurora I,… , , , ,
Ælfric Reiner Ælfric Reiner Unacknowledged son of Crown Prince Corwyn Although he has lived a life on the run from assassins dispatched by his aunt, Ælfric is possessed of … , ,