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Aggy Eye Clan Aggy Eye Clan The Aggy Eye Clan is a Dwarven Clan founded in 115 AH as an offshoot of the Felwasser Clan. They settled the lands of the Jinni River Valley and … , , ,
Agrinna Agrinna capsule Agrinna images map region map world Nation Eleleno Region Warshire Holder Count Government Mayor Liege Lord Agrinna (… , , ,
Ak'Turan Ak'Turan Turanian fortress east of Irill The fortress city of Ak'Turan sits astride the Iron Road; although it does not harass or tax caravans passing through… , , ,
Aland River Aland River The Aland River is located in the central part of the Western Realms of the Kingdom of Dakar. It is about 250 miles long travelling generally in a … , ,
Alexandria Alexandria capsule Capsule Country Republic of Irill - Region xxx - Founded yyyy ah Ruler Dom Juveal Valente - Government Landowner Land … , , ,
Anilia Anilia capsule Anilia images map region map world Nation Eleleno Government Council Lord Count Anilia Area 57 Hectares Population 600… , , ,
Arawen River Arawen River The Arawen River is a wide river that flows from the foothills of the Iron Mountains through the Elfenwald until it empties into Lake Hurroc. It f… , , ,
Bend Lake Bend Lake Bend Lake is a 900-acre (3.6 km{sup>2</sup>) lake along the northern border of the Free Cities. Originally the lake was less than half its current si… , ,
Beyaz Swamp Beyaz Swamp The Beyaz Swamp is located in the southern lowlands of the Jinan Valley. This land is generally used to refer to both the swamp as well as the mars… , ,
Big Mud River Big Mud River The Big Mud River is a large sediment-heady river that is sourced from Lake Ventrul and joins with the Lipton River to form the Salato River. Alt… , , ,
Black Forest Black Forest Called the Song of Sorrow by the elves this forest is one of the most dangerous places on Miran. Only the bravest even want to look upon these dar… , ,
Black River Black River This large and slow river empties the Caragan Sea into the xxx sea. Considered one of the most dangerous waterways on the continent of Miran if onl… , ,
Blackblood Blackblood A strong alliance of the various tribes of orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins, and many others; the Blackblood are one of the most multi-racial nations on… , ,
Blue Isle Blue Isle This isle off the northeastern shore of the Caragan Sea is named for the hundreds of blue spruce trees that cover its surface. In fact, the tree cove… , ,
Bornheim Trade Route Bornheim Trade Route The Bornheim Trade Route is neither the longest nor the most heavily traveled trading route on Miran; however it is a very wealthy route t… ,
Borulli Bay Borulli Bay The Borulli Bay is a large bay on the northwestern coast of Miran in the Kingdom of Dakar. It is shielded from southerly winds by large bluffs and … ,
Broken Shield Clan Broken Shield Clan The Broken Shield Clan is a dwarf clan that settled into the eastern valleys of the Iron Mountains. The Broken Shield Clanhold that spans th… , , ,
Bronze Sea Bronze Sea The Bronze Sea, occasionally called the Sea of Grass, is one of four geographical regions the comprise the Miran continent. This region is bracketed… ,
Brundswag Brundswag The Brundswag is a polyglot collection of hundreds of Brund tribes held together by the military strength of the lords. These hold sway over large s… , ,
Bryons Hold Bryons Hold The most important area in the Valley of the Sun, Bryons Hold overlooks the largest bridge over the Illthande River. The Illthande runs deep with a… , , , ,
Bzynathim Bzynathim Statistics Capitol AndaliOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligion irrishiteDemonym IrillianGovernment Const… , , ,
Caragan Sea Caragan Sea This inner sea is the largest in the entire world. Located on the western side of the Miran Continent the waters of the Caragan keep the lands arou… , ,
Caroldo Caroldo capsule Caroldo images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Constable Vitelli Area 14 hectares Population … , , ,
Carthia Carthia Carthia, often called Five Tribes, is more like a modern nation-state than the feudal states of the western cultures. They are a people driven by their… , ,
Castello Castello capsule Capsule Country Republic of Irill - Region xxx - Founded yyyy ah Ruler Dom Ignanni Orbel - Government Landholder Land Ar… , , ,
Chrysalis Chrysalis A nation with the most powerful magicians found anywhere in the Realms would seem to have long ago dominated the other nations and bent their people … , ,
Dengal Strait Dengal Strait The closest point between the Miran and Aquanius continents this strait is just 10.2 km at its narrowest point. The chalk cliffs on either side o… , , ,
Doursse River Doursse River The Doursse River begins on the western shoreline of Lake Hadt, which is filled by many feeder streams that come from the western side of the mos… , , , , , ,
Dread Forest Dread Forest The Dread Forest is a large mostly deciduous forest consisting of mostly oak, ash, maple, birch, beech, poplar, elm and pine. It runs along the sh… ,
Druyen Highlands Druyen Highlands The Druyen Highlands is the area of land that runs along the southern ridges of the Iron Mountains. Most of the land is occupied by Krandryia,… , ,
Ealth Ealth capsule Ealth images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Sheriff Ronaldo Area 18 hectares Population 110 … , , ,
Eastern Jewels Eastern Jewels This region is so named because it is very different from the rest of the Miran continent. Shielded from most of the effects of the polar jet st… ,
Eishen Theocracy Eishen Theocracy Eishen is not as much a nation, but a religious colony. Its members are drawn from human women across the world each somehow drawn to these fr… , ,
Elelenii Elelenii Elelenii is the largest city in the kingdom of Eleleno; although its size pales in comparison to other royal seats within Selcaria. Founded by Dominic… , , ,
Eleleno Eleleno The Kingdom of Eleleno was carved out of the wilderness of southern Selcaria by Eleleno the Lion, the sixth son of minor Irillian Senator. With his fat… , ,
Ellendar Ellendar Largest elven community in the world Ellendar is the largest community of elves left on Miranda. Located south of the western lands of the Kingdom of… , ,
Endless Snows Endless Snows This region, including all nearby major islands, comprises nearly one-third of the total land mass of the continent. It is a panoply of various g… ,
Eresia Eresia Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings free_cities western_re… , , ,
Estina Estina capsule Estina images map region map world Nation Eleleno Government Council Lord Count Estina Area 59 hectares Population 6,2… , , ,
Evening Song Evening Song The largest jundari eyrie that stills survives in the Realms. Its counterpart, Morning Calm, was built in the northern Abjurer Mountains and aband… , ,
Evenki Islands Evenki Islands These volcanic rock islands are located in the northern western quadrant of the White Sea straddling the polar circle. These islands are inhabit… , , ,
Feuwald Feuwald This forest stretches in a strip from the foothills of the Iron Mountains to the northern border of the Elfenwald. The forest gets its name from the ho… , , ,
Four Winds Four Winds The Four Winds is a religion practiced primarily by the jundari of Evening Song. Organization and Demographics Each sanctuary is led by a Windsong… , ,
Free Cities Free Cities The term “Free Cities” is used in the context that these holdings in southwestern Miran are not a part of any of the major nations. The list of fre… , ,
Goth Goth The Gothar live east of Vykir and south of Ice Peaks along the shoreline of the White Sea. North of their land is a cold sea filled with island of ice and… , ,
Great Grenrikken Forest Great Grenrikken Forest The Great Grenrikken Forest is a mixed hardwood and alpine forest. Geographically it is located along the western slope of the Fuldelf … , ,
Gulshome Gulshome Probably the only nation in the Realms that will never be conquered, but instead fall apart with its citizens becoming bored and moving somewhere else… , ,
Heule River Heule River The Heule River for most of its length runs along the accepted border between Krandryia and the Kingdom of Dakar. Feed from the snow melt in the Ir… , , , ,
Holy Irillian Empire Holy Irillian Empire Statistics During it height in 1750 AE Capitol AndaliOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligionirris… , ,
Ikarji Ikarji This is the lost Elven City of crystal. Not even the oldest elven legends tell exactly where this wonderful city was located. The closest known passage … , ,
Ilandar Ilandar capsule Statistics Nation: ElelenoHolder: BaronyLiege: Baroness Corletti D'FransicaArea: 23 hectaresPopulation: 115 History Government Military 3 kn… , , ,
Illthande River Illthande River This is the large southern river that runs through the Valley of the Sun. Its headwaters are found in the north of the Krandryian highlands, bu… , , ,
Irill Irill Irill is one of the longest lived nationalities found in Miran. Its history can be traced over a over two-thousand (3,000) year period. At its peak it co… , ,
Irillian Empire Irillian Empire Often called the First Empire of Irill. Statistics Capitol xxxOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligion … , , ,
Irillian People Irillian People The Irillian people, is a human ethnicity that first began on the southwestern shores of Miran where the Black River emptied into the Serpente … , ,
Irillian Republic Irillian Republic Irill, officially the Irillian Empire, is a unitary constitutional republic in the Western Realms with several overseas territories and islan… , ,
Iron Mountains Iron Mountains geography miran ,
Iron Road Iron Road The Iron Road is the second longest land trade road on the continent of Miran. It runs from the eastern coast to the Caragan Sea. Important Points … ,
Isle of Black Stars Isle of Black Stars The Isle of Black Stars as it is commonly known is a volcanic island in the Isaurus Ocean near the city of Bornheim in the Western Realms. … , ,
Ivir River Ivir River Stretching over 250-km-long (155 miles) the Ivir River is one of the major rivers that drains into the Kilouliki Marsh. The river rises south of Ben… , ,
Kilouliki Marsh Kilouliki Marsh Located between the Tibbs River and Vitale River the Kilouliki Marsh is a flat flood plain interspersed with sand dunes and obsidian outcroppin… , , ,
Kingdom of Alberius Kingdom of Alberius Alberius is the most eastern of the three kingdoms that were carved out of the Providence of Selcaria when it separated from the Holy Irill… , , ,
Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia images map region map world Capitol Tusculum Official Languages(s) Irillian Regional Languages(s) xxx … , , ,
Kingdom of Dakar Kingdom of Dakar The Kingdom of Dakar was founded by the dakarians when the migrated south from the Endless Snows. Aided by the dwarves of Stoneheart Hold they… , ,
Kingdom of Dittare Kingdom of Dittare History The Kingdom of Dittare was once called the Providence of Dittare when it was created by the Irillian Empire. Located just south of … , ,
Kingdom of Giorgia Kingdom of Giorgia Irillian exile Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Hold… , , ,
Kingdom of Irill Kingdom of Irill The Kingdom of Irill was formed in Y398 AE when Lord Doisius forged an alliance with the Stormrock Clan. With the help of dwarven gold and ste… , ,
Kingdom of Istria Kingdom of Istria Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: King … , , , ,
Kingdom of Khami Kingdom of Khami A small kingdom that is currently held by a Sundatan prince in the name of his mother. Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Rela… , , , ,
Kingdom of Langril Kingdom of Langril Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: Lord… , , , ,
Kingdom of Lazio Kingdom of Lazio Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: King A… , , ,
Kingdom of Mladovo Kingdom of Mladovo Once the largest kingdom southwest of the Iron Mountains Founded by one of the first tribes of Northmen to come through the Iron Mountains … , ,
Kingdom of Selmunia Kingdom of Selmunia History Geography Economy Society Religion Magic Government Military Holdings Lord: King Jurius selcaria nation western_realms mi… , , ,
Kingdom of Taormina Kingdom of Taormina Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: Kin… , , , ,
Kingdom of Trilelisa Kingdom of Trilelisa Before she became Queen Silvio she was known as Silvio Nightmare for her bloody raids on the eastern frontier of Irill. It wasn't long bef… , , ,
Kingdom of Tyerwintil Kingdom of Tyerwintil Upon this ground once stood the beautiful elven city of Tyerwintil; although nothing but a solid white oak monument surrounded by five gr… , , ,
Kith Kith Kith is the largest territory controlled by the Kithkin one of the ancient races created by the Sha’rek’ta. It is a land of vast prairie and gentle sweepi… , ,
Kivar River Kivar River This wide and slow river winds its way through the marshlands of the Beyaz Swamp. The Kivar River has changed course many times over the years as t… , , ,
Krandryia Krandryia The highlands located just east of the Kingdom of Dakar are home to a diverse collection of family clans and tribes. While most of the inhabitants ar… , ,
Kresh Kresh Located along the northern ridges of the Anor Mountains, Kresh is not a Nation State as many of the nations on Miran are becoming. Instead it is land cur… , ,
Kugelbine Kugelbine This lake covers over 2,780 acres (11.25 km2) and can be smelled far sooner than it is visible. The lake is formed by many streams from the hot sprin… , , ,
Lake Milloware Lake Milloware Lake Milloware is a small kidney-bean shaped lake that was formed by the bowing-out of the Rinrinwak River, which has changed course and no long… , , ,
Lake Ugo Lake Ugo Lake Ugo is a 255-acre (1 km2) lake located in Eleleno. Most of the waters rise from below the lake with the Pancinii River]] being the only major tri… , ,
Lake Ventrul Lake Ventrul Lake Ventrul was named in honor of Consul Ventrul who oversaw the construction of San Mortino, which was built along the banks. Its surface is jus… , , ,
Lech River Lech River The Lech River is a deep river that flows from the highlands of Krandryia until its confluence with the Zun River at the city of Hattingen in the Ki… , , ,
Leviathan Bay Leviathan Bay This deep and frigid bay is named for the many icebergs that break off from the polar caps and float into the bay. Located along the shore of mir… , ,
Lipton River Lipton River The Lipton River is a wide and slow-moving river heavy in tannin, giving is dark brown color. These tannins come from the old oak oak trees that g… , , ,
Lunesta Lunesta capsule Lunesta images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Constable Toresco Area 15 hectares Population … , , ,
Lyceneans Lyceneans Statistics Population: xx millionTraditional Settlements:Languages:Religion:Related Ethnic Groups: History Demographics Culture ethnicity human m… , , , ,
Matteo Matteo capsule Statistics Location: ElelenoGovernment: DuchyMayor: Duke MatteoArea: 0.62 km²Population: 7,500Ethnicity: Human History Geography Subdivi… , , ,
Mākstag Mākstag Located on banks of the Mäk River, this town has changed a great deal over its existence. It was always a small hunting village until the Brund discove… , , ,
Olsa Olsa The town of Olsa sits on Crown Lands immediately east of the Fuldelf Ridge and the Duchy of Haibach. The town, and its soldiery, control the eastern edge … , , ,
Pah Pah The land called has Pah encompasses the entirety of the Waukeeneeka Salt Marsh and its nearby lands. These are the lands of the Pah'Shar, a human tribal so… , ,
Pah'Shar Pah'Shar The Pah'Shar are ethnic humans who originated on the southwestern coast of Miran. They build their homes atop cured timbers in the mostly tropical wet… ,
Palmaris Palmaris Palmaris is the the largest independent baronies in Eleleno. It sits astride the , which is barely fordable under even the best conditions. Palmaris … , , ,
Phoenix Clan Phoenix Clan The Phoenix Clan was one of the first dwarven clans to settle in the Rakarian Valley. Known for their masons they established several mining settl… , , ,
Qaffiri Tribe Qaffiri Tribe The Qaffiri Tribe (pronounced: \ə-ˈfer\) is a shoag tribe that has settled into most of the Beyaz Swamp east of the Anor Mountains. The tribe was… , , ,
Red Wolves Red Wolves The most powerful orc nation in Miranda is located in the southern Anor Mountains. They have forged alliances or conquered all of the other tribes, … , ,
Salato River Salato River The Salato River is a large slow moving river that runs northeast of the Fah'narsh Glades. Approximately 273 miles (439 km) long, the river emptie… , , , ,
Selcaria Selcaria Selcaria was once a diocese of the Holy Irillian Empire in the Anicetus prefecture. If was comprised of the Demetri, Thebai, and Kastéllo provinces. E… , ,
Shifting Sands Shifting Sands Zarim pulled a kerchief out of his pocket and wiped off the sweat that had accumulated on his brow. The sun had been beating down on him and his… , ,
Sithara Sithara This name, taken from a very ancient map, is used to denote and area of wetlands, shallow waters, and salt marshes where the shoag have lived since rec… , ,
Starsfall Starsfall This city is located in a mostly unclaimed land between the Irillian Empire and Chrysalis on the shore of Lake Muertdi. This deep lake is always warm… ,
Stonearm Clan Stonearm Clan The Stonearm Clan is a clan of dwarves that formed around when Garrin was born as a True Blood. His entire right arm, shoulder, and part of his n… , , ,
Stoneheart Hold Stoneheart Hold This is the last surviving stronghold on Miranda that is still occupied by dwarves. All of the other great strongholds were destroyed during th… , ,
Stoneheart Mountains Stoneheart Mountains The largest mountain range above sea-level is contained within an region called the Iron Mountains. This large snow-capped range run north… ,
Stonehearts Fist Stonehearts Fist This large clanhold is part religious colony and part northern fort, with the Brundswag believing more the latter. Few non-dwarves have ever e… , ,
Stormrock Clan Stormrock Clan The Stormrock Clan traces it roots to several families who fled Firock Stronghold when it was abandoned. They settled on the north shore of the … , , ,
Talarak Talarak Island of Pirates and Corsairs - Fall behind and get left behind The largest island in the Tarakian Islands chain as well as one of the most populous.… ,
Tanzo Tanzo Tanzo is a small, poor holding in the southern area of Eleleno. Lord Tanzo, while a fine and able warrior, is not all that adept at managing an estate. T… , , ,
Tarakian Islands Tarakian Islands The Tarakian Islands is an enormous archipelago comprised of approximately 18,000 individual islands. It is commonly accepted as the division … , ,
Theodova Theodova Egalitarian City-States along the shores of the Serpente Sea A collection of independent city-states with a shared cultural history located along the… , , ,
Theodovan People Theodovan People Statistics Population: xx millionTraditional Settlements:Languages:Religion:Related Ethnic Groups: History Demographics Culture ethnicity … , , ,
Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms is a confederation of three territories created by treaty between the Elves of Ellendar, Yarrick a Dakarian high mage, and Sa… , , , ,
Tibbs River Tibbs River The 90-km-long (56 miles) Tibbs River flows southwest from the northern border of Eleleno until it joins the Ivir River. The northern quarter of th… , , ,
Tossare Tossare capsule Tossare images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Constable Enselmo Area 27 hectares Population … , , ,
Turan Turan Turan is the only nation in the Realms that also controls territory outside of the continent. The Turanian shipping fleet makes even the Xian navy appear… , ,
Urstavan Urstavan Riding out of the north atop a black mount, followed by a thousand battle-hardened warriors, and leading a column of nearly ten-thousand refugees - An… , , ,
Vaynite Vaynite The Vaynites where a human tribe whose range encompasses the southwestern lands of the Druyen Highlands and the Valley of the Sun. Statistics Name: La… ,
Vicchio Vicchio Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings selcaria western_real… , ,
Vitale River Vitale River The Vitale River is a major river that flows along the border between Selcaria and the Free Cities. During its conquest of the lands south of the … , , ,
Vykir Vykir Vykirs are the most pure-blooded northmen still found upon Miran as well as the most northern of the human population anywhere upon Miranda. The live in … , ,
Warshire Warshire capsule Warshire images map region map world Nation Eleleno Government Council Lord Count Warshire Area 56 Hectares Population… , , ,
Western Realms Western Realms The Western Realms, more commonly simply called the Realms, is one of four geographical regions the comprise the Miran continent. This region is… ,
Xian Xian Xenophobic Theocracy of Refugees Xian is a large religious Theocracy that was founded by Xianese refugees who were driven out of their homeland. While th… , ,
Zaber River Zaber River The source of the Zaber River is in the Iron Mountains; although the largest source of its water is actually in the many smaller rivers and streams… , ,
Zentirovan Zentirovan During the Age of Empires the Zentirovans (commonly called Zentis) were the terrors of towns and villages along the coastline of Miran and Aquanius.… , ,
Zun River Zun River The Zun River is the second longest river in the Western Realms. Flowing entirely through the Kingdom of Dakar. Its headwaters are located in the Iro… , , ,