Irill is one of the longest lived nationalities found in Miran. Its history can be traced over a over two-thousand (3,000) year period. At its peak it controlled, either directly or indirectly, eighty percent (80%) of the land of the Western Realms - both its military and economic might was unchallenged.

  1. Lords of Irill, 50 - 398 AE
  2. Kingdom of Irill, 398 - 845 AE
  3. Irillian Empire (First Empire), 845 - 1482 AE
  4. Holy Irillian Empire (Second Empire) 1482 - 87 AH
  5. Republic of Irill (Third Empire), 87 AH - Present


The first irillians settled along the coast of the Caragan Sea sometime during the bronze age of man. Their history suggests this was probably a religious migration as the worship of Irrish was already well established.

Most of the Irillians settled in small villages along the shoreline. In addition to the humans, two dwarven clanhold were built along a trade route that ran from Stoneheart Hold to the shore of the Serpente Sea. With the help of the dwarves, the Irillians survived long enough to establish several large towns and dozens of smaller villages and hundreds of crofts.

At the beginning of the Age of Empires the Irillians now numbered a score of towns large enough to support trade with the dwarves as well as each other. These small independent towns were typically ruled by a town council overseen by a prefect. Disputes along the borders between the towns occurred yearly when the men of the town were not needed for either planting or harvesting.

Lords of Irill

By the year 50 AE many of the settlements along the coast had grown into large towns and had begun to compete for resources with their neighbors. The priests of Irrish saw this brewing conflict and convened a meeting of each of the town prefects. The treaty that was signed by each of them following the meeting laid down the borders of the newly created city-states and named a high council of priests to oversee any dispute. The initial document included twenty-six (26) states, but at its peak there were thirty-seven (37) states.

At the heart of each state was the town of the signatory prefect. In time these towns were rechristened cities and the prefects ennobled themselves as lords. With their borders secured by treaty, the lords turned to trade instead of warfare to enrich themselves.

The treaty maintained the peace for over one-hundred (100) years, but in three-hundred and twelve (312) AE war broke out. Many of the lords had separate treaties with other lords and so when the first lord attacked his neighbor all of the rest were drawn into the conflict as well.

For over sixty years the lords warred against each other, most of the states fell to ruin, until Lord Doisius struck a deal with the dwarf Stormrock Clan. The clan had stayed neutral during the conflict, but with their assistance by three-hundred and ninety-eight (398) AE all of the major lords were either killed or submitted to Lord Doisius' rule.

Lord Doisius crowned himself King of the new Kingdom of Irill.