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Adaomache Adaomache Adaomache was the founding member of the Circle of Marak and the creator of the Shadow Walkers when the circle proved difficult. Only the first membe… , , , ,
Aegrin Aegrin Aegrin is considered one of the great elven heroes during the Classic Age. He was trained by swordmaster Glynralei, learned magic from Queen Mirasandora… , , ,
Alavara Alavara Alavara (Alavara Windsong Nightingale) Nightingale is a protégé of Ettrian and has dedicated herself to his cause of destroying all dark elves. Alavar… , ,
Asteria Asteria Asteria is a powerful High Lady of the Fae and known as the Lady of Ice. Although she is not yet a recognized Faerie Queen she has a powerful court of … , , ,
Bacco Bacco Bacco (Barkat al Salam) was a young man when he left his home, but was already an apprentice astrologer having earned the title āləmā when he was twenty.… , , ,
Barathorn Blackthorn Kuhn Barathorn Blackthorn Kuhn Barathorn Blackthorn Kuhn is a Skáld of the dwarven Blackthorn Clan. Statistics Occupation: SkáldNationality: Blackthorn ClanholdFa… , , ,
Batilda Batilda Batilda is a skilled thief and occasional assassin when necessary. She was sold into slavery by her destitute family and after many years turned to Rut… , , , , ,
Bayberry Twinkleflight Bayberry Twinkleflight Bayberry Twinkleflight is a pixie in the service of Seirian. She is nearly seven centimeters tall (3“ in height) with an average build a… , , ,
Benevenuta Benevenuta Benevenuta is a priestess in the temple of Techiuan in the city of Fountainhead. She is currently serving under Father Karl, but hopes to raise her … , ,
Blackhouse Blackhouse Once thought to be haunted, Blackhouse is a three-story stone building with a marble additions located in the Blackhouse District or Fountainhead. F… ,
Blackthorn Silverhammer Blackthorn Silverhammer Blackthorn Silverhammer was smith who journeyed and befriended Aegrin, one of the great heroes of the elves. Blackthorn started life as… , , , ,
Crofterton, Fountainhead Crofterton, Fountainhead Crofterton is a neighborhood in Fountainhead known for the more wealthy working class. The guildsmen and their families live in this n… ,
Donagal Donagal Donagal is a goblin who is often found practicing his trade at the Widow's Wake, the worst tavern in Fountainhead. He gathers information from his runn… , , ,
Duerte Duerte Duerte is a follower of X'toltn and seeks to free him from imprisonment in exchange for the eternal life he has been promised. He has been given command… , , ,
Elora Elora Elora is an elven woman skilled in weaving and stitching. She has a small section in the Lower Market of Fountainhead where she sells rugs and does compl… , , , ,
Empty Eyes Empty Eyes The Empty Eyes is the largest gang in Fountainhead. They control the most eastern and up-shelf territory in the Waterdeep. They achieved this status… , ,
Etrin Etrin Etrin (Etrin of Markhaza) is the court magician and spiritual advisor to King Merridan of Fountianhead. He practices his trade of predicting the future t… , , ,
Father Karl Father Karl Father Karl is a fiery and dynamic speaker - a skilled orator. He feels in his element when he has a crowed emotionally whipped into a frenzy and h… , ,
Fiella de Maria Fiella de Maria Fiella de Maria is a Changling, but keeps that a closely guarded secret. She was consumed when she was still a swaddling babe and the fae insid… , , , ,
Flumen Dei Animas Flumen Dei Animas Flumen Dei Animas or its more common name The River of Souls the the largest and most influential river that flows through the Utmarii Platea… , , , ,
Followers of Techiuan Followers of Techiuan The Followers of Techiuan is a religion centered around Fountainhead that focuses on the worship of Techiuan, an Earth God. Theology and… ,
Freya Snowstomper Freya Snowstomper Fiella (Fiella lánya Coalbeard clan Snowstomper) has always been good with people. Friendly and outgoing she was skilled at listening and rem… , , ,
Gabor Gabor Gabor is a lumberer who works the southern forest with his crew. He owns a small saw pit near the village of Cannak. He is good at his trade and his crew… , ,
Gerhald Gerhald Gerhald is a jovial man that runs The Last Shield Inn. The inn sees heavy traffic during the trading season as it is midway between Ulrichstein and the… , ,
Gesalt River Gesalt River The Gesalt River flows from the city of Fountainhead until it empties it the Flumen dei Animas. Physical Geography The Gesalt River can be divid… , , , ,
Gishara Crimson Eye Gishara Crimson Eye Gishara Crimson Eye is a scholar specializing in the legends of Aegrin. She went on a expedition to the depths under Dahgweta and along wit… , , , ,
Gorrick Gorrick Gorrick is the boss of the Rover Gang, a gang of street kids that live in the caverns beneath the Blackhouse District of Fountainhead. He has lived a h… , ,
Great Temple of Marak Great Temple of Marak The Great Temple of Marak is gray stone mausoleum in which the remains of King Huddlesford were interred. On the year anniversary of the … , , ,
Holwen's Boys Holwen's Boys Holwen's Boys is a gang in Fountainhead whose territory is in the Waterdeep District. They have extensive “contacts” in the marketplace and Croft… ,
Homraz Darkslayer Homraz Darkslayer Homraz Darkslayer was once known as Homraz Blackthorn, but after returning from an expedition below the ruins of Dahgweta he brought back an … , , , ,
Janos Janos Janos is older and more cantankerous than just about anyone else. He loves to remind everyone of their youth and inexperience; although he displays no ob… , , , ,
Jorut's Tavern Jorut's Tavern Jorut's Tavern is located in the Crofterton District of the city of Fountainhead. It is a place visited by the craftsmen and apprentices who liv… , ,
Karrin Karrin Karrin is a spirit of a human that lived during the birth of the Age of Heroes. She was killed in a raid, along with her entire village. She was summone… ,
King Merridan King Merridan King Merridan claims divine rule over the city of Fountainhead by his right of controlling the Great Temple of Marak. He is a strong-willed leade… , , , , ,
Kulrnbuldihr Kulrnbuldihr Kulrnbuldihr is a small dwarven village that sits below the overhang of rock beneath the city of Fountainhead. The Honorblades use a hidden tunnel… , , ,
Kyuendkul Planetarium Kyuendkul Planetarium The Kyuendkul Planetarium is a wonder of the world. Over one-hundred years under construction, it was built by the Degshun and dwarves of… , ,
Lasso Lasso Lasso is the guild master of the the metal workers in Fountainhead. He is a fair man who often lets his emotions get the better of him. Anyone he feels i… , ,
Litheria Litheria Litheria is the seneschal to King Merridan and controls access to him from those who live in the city. She is concerned about the people of the city a… , , ,
Malcolm the Black Malcolm the Black Statistics Occupation: Spy and ThiefNationality: Children of the SunFamily: Lifetime: 428 AH -Religion: FehrismEthnicity: Human, Sunna Histor… , , ,
Mr. Canders Mr. Canders Statistics Occupation: Guide and MusicianNationality: noneFamily: noneLifetime: 271 AH -Religion: Faerie QueensEthnicity: Tigar, Liminal History T… , , , ,
Natttåke Keep Natttåke Keep Natttåke Keep is so named because the Blackthorn Clan who found it under Fountainhead saw the world scrawled on an interior wall. The keep was on… ,
Ollonni Ollonni Ollonni is the proprietor of the Watchers' House, a rather strange establishment that moves about near the Blasted Lands. Ollonni has been the manager … , , , ,
Pestilence Pustule Pestilence Pustule The Pestilence Pustule is one of many gray stone buildings in the Temple District of Fountainhead. Rarely does anyone visit this business du… , ,
Queen Mirasandoral Queen Mirasandoral Queen Mirasandoral is a relatively young Faerie Queen having established her realm after a human took its first step. She has been trying to… , , ,
Ragash Ragash Statistics Occupation: BrewerNationality: Charr GrotFamily: noneLifetime: xxxReligion: Sleeping OneEthnicity: Orc, charr History Timeline Date Event… , , , ,
Ragash's Brewery Ragash's Brewery This brewery is the largest one on the shelf of Fountainhead. Located in the Three Sisters District it spans an area once containing several b… ,
Red Temple of Techiuan Red Temple of Techiuan The Red Temple of Techiuan is a simple building in the Temple District of Fountainhead dedicated to the worship of Techiuan. Unlike the … ,
Reysalor Reysalor Reysalor is a cleric of the Arborists of Ethiald; although he is not always liked by the others of the order. He is most relaxed that many whose task … , , ,
Rog Rog Rog is a hardened kid that has lived on the streets of Fountainhead his entire life. He started begging for scraps and doing odd jobs, but eventually turne… , ,
Rover Gang Rover Gang The Rover Gang is a gang of children led by a battle-scared goblin in the Blackhouse District of Fountainhead. The gang avoids conflict with other g… , ,
Rukiya Shadowalker Rukiya Shadowalker Born Rukiya Ohn she took the name Rukiya Shadowalker when she joined the Circle of Marak. She became known only as the Mistress of Darkness,… , , ,
Saeya Saeya Saeya is a Lady Fair in the Celestial Court and acknowledged as the finest silversmith in the court. She is very artistic with a natural talent for bring… , , , ,
Seirian Seirian Seirian is a Selkie, a type of fae that resembles a seal while in the water. When traveling to the mortal plane she often found the most enjoyment in t… , ,
Shadowdark Shadowdark The Shadowdark is a temple constructed by Duerte for the worship of X'toltn. It is carved into the deepest caverns below Fountainhead. Surrounded by… ,
Shady Tree Shady Tree The Shady Tree is a three story building constructed of white knotty pine and built upon one of the stone foundations from the shelf in Fountainhead… , ,
Shakker's Gang Shakker's Gang The Shakker's Gang was considered one of the weakest gangs in Fountainhead that could hold territory in Waterdeep. Led by Jox, a spiritualist wh… ,
Sword and Bones Sword and Bones The Sword and Bones is a tavern at the edge of the market in the Three Sisters district in Fountainhead. The building is rough-hewn wood constr… , ,
The Sister's Roses The Sister's Roses The Sister's Roses Layout Cellar The cellar is very small and rough-cut from the stone. It is accessible from the kitchen through a trapd… ,
Veridian Vault Veridian Vault The Veridian Vault is a carpenter's shop set up by Keribrar in an abandoned building in the Blackhouse District of Fountainhead. Most of the dis… , ,
Verulo Verulo Verulo is a Master Quarryman who is the foreman at the eighty kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Fountainhead. He is a rough workman who runs his men ra… , ,
Vitorii Vitorii Vitorii was born in Kratovo to a prostitute. Like many such children he was tossed into the street as his care would become a burden. He is not sure wh… , , ,
Warden Warden Warden is an Ash Hunter who was summoned to the mortal plane by the disciples of X'toltn. He is now bound to this world as all of the disciples are long… , , ,
Watchers' House Watchers' House The Watchers' House is a very real place that does not quite follow the laws of the mortal plane, nor the Fae Lands. It is rarely in the same p… , , ,
X'letta X'letta X'letta is the oldest spirit on the Flumen dei Animas dating back to the very dawn of humans. It was her husband who defied the natural order and pulle… , , ,
X'toltn X'toltn X'toltn is a dark vampire from the Land of Clouds. He has fought for control over the land from his lair in the basalt rock the runs the length of the … ,