Jorut's Tavern

Jorut's Tavern is located in the Crofterton District of the city of Fountainhead. It is a place visited by the craftsmen and apprentices who live or work nearby. Like most buildings in the area it is built on an existing foundation and constructed from wood covered in lime daub. The roof is comprised of clay tiles to protect from the heavy rain during the winter.

Hangdar is a half-orc who heavily favors his human-side and has run the tavern since Y 456 AH. He has a good relationship with most of the guilds by bribing their leaders. He does not tolerate physical confrontations between the guiders, but tolerates (and encourages) raised voices and creative insults.

The tavern is known for serving a good stew along with a rich and malty stout. He brews the stout himself as well as purchases when ale he can from Ragash's Brewery. His wife and daughter work in the small kitchen, taking some of the food home to feed their other children.

For a single penny crafters in good standing with their guild can sleep in the common room for the evening. Free he Hangdar feels they bought enough food and drink from him already. He promises those sleeping their safety of both their personage and their goods and will bunk there for the night to ensure it.

The building is three stories tall, but the tavern only takes up the ground floor. Four large columns support the ceiling, which nearly always is in need of repair. There is no bar, instead Hangdar has a large chair near the door to the kitchen beside three kegs of whatever he is selling that day.

The kitchen is small, but has a stone hearth that also sends heat up to the second and third floor. There is one table for preparation and a several barrels, bags, and boxes holding cooking supplies.

The second floor is for his kids along with his daughter and her family. It is accessible by a stairs behind the building.

The third floor is only for him and his wife and is accessible by internal stairs from the second flood. In addition to a room for their bed he has a small office and his wife a sitting/sewing room. His wife is a fair seamstress and makes dresses and shawls to sell in the market.

In the garden behind the building his wife has raised beds for vegetables and herbs.