Sword and Bones

The Sword and Bones is a tavern at the edge of the market in the Three Sisters district in Fountainhead. The building is rough-hewn wood construction with solidly built furniture. The tavern is owned by Targgar a half-orc who also owns some land sound of the city.

The tavern is open to anyone that has coin to buy.

The tavern strictly offers food and drink for its patrons. It has no rooms to let nor does it allow anyone to sleep in the common room. If someone is too drunk to leave they will be helped out the door.

The tavern is well-known for serving a large selection of drinks from Ragash's Brewery.

The food is serviceable to suit the needs of the patrons. These range from laborers to craftsmen. It is not fine dining but it will almost always contain enough meat and bread to fill a belly.

The building is a two stories although the second story is only inhabitable at the rear of the building.

The main floor is divided into two rooms by a short half-wall. The back half of the room is where the kitchen and cellar is kept. A large hearth sits near the center of the kitchen. In the main hall the ceiling is half-again as tall. The rafters are hung with drying fruits that may provide a patron with a free drop sometimes.


A surly half-orc who smiles only sparingly when he looks at his wife - for others he remains silent and studying. Before he arrived last harvest he was an sell-sword in the east. He took his plunder and rather than wasting it on wine and women he came to Fountainhead to make his mark. He hired people to work land south of the city. They keep the fields and orchards well tended so the tavern has to buy very little from the market.


Seirian and Targgar were the ones that originally built the tavern. They have been married for a few years and he knows the truth that she is a Selkie. She will have to leave someday, but until then she is happy with both her husband and the tavern. People watching is a favorite activity.


Not actually an employee, Ragash spends much of her free time at the tavern. She does not mind serving customers during busy times or chatting up the regulars. The area knows that she runs an honest business who produce the best red ale in the city.