This is just a short list of the many people that have passed through this world and the characters that they brought to life.

I want to make a special mention of my wife (Jackie Dunning), she has not only served as my muse and genre fiend, but without her efforts the world would lack so much richness and depth. I may have GM'd all of the games in this world - but it would have been a lesser experience without her.

There are a few others that I am missing from this list that played a few sessions with us along the way. I thank each of you that have enriched this world.

Lyle Youngblood

In 2015 a very close friend of mine, Lyle Youngblood, passed away suddenly. We first met at Purdue University when I was an obnoxious kid and he worked in Lafayette. As part of Dungeons of Purdue and the Adventure Simulation Klub he introduced me to many new games and many new friends. I owe him a debt that I cannot repay as he guided me not just through that section of my life, but I became a far better GM because of him.

Maybe the best part was bringing Jackie and I together. Before we both ran characters in his WWII game we gamed at different tables and never really met. Once we gamed together things seemed to fall in place for both of us. Through Lyle I met someone that changed my life forever - in a way I could never have foreseen.

This world and everything in it begins from that seed.

Lyle, I will forever watch out for that stick