Dakarian Insurrection

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This campaign was built using a Microscope-like system where the players were able to create cards that represented the major plot arcs for the campaign. The game system used is a Fate CORE with a few ideas drawn from Legends of Anglerre.

The campaign revolves around a secret society that is gathering information about the Kingdom of Dakar for as yet unknown reasons. This society is using the cover of a Merchant House from the Three Kingdoms that is seeking to open shops inside of Dakar. The characters can either be members of this society or simply hands hired to assist expanding the Merchant House.

The Gathering

Main Book: The Gathering

The Gathering took place during the Spring of 461 AH. It began with a meeting on a small island watchtower just east of Valparia. The players were involved in a operation to restore the trading routes of the vulfgrau_trading_house. Secretly a few of them knew the true objective was the destabilization of the Kingdom of Dakar. Their first objective was the reach the important trading town of Ulrichstein on the Bornheim Trade Route.

Dwarven Magic

Main Book: Dwarven Magic

Dwarven Magic took placed during Late Summer of 461 AH in and around the town of Ulrichstein. Several of the original members of the company that arrived at the town moved on to other assignments, while new members were added by the Vulfgrau leaders. The goal of the trading house was to establish a permanent trade house in the town and make connections with the local nobility and prominent people.

While accomplishing this mission the town was besieged by an ancient evil that lay dormant in the woods to the north for many millennia. The past of this town of this bustling town is not what everyone believes and the blood that has been shed here over the years would awaken this evil and draw the attention of Danshi, the Goddess of Slaughter herself.

Trading Houses

Main Book: Trading Houses

The third book, Trading Houses, took place during the Early Spring of 462 AH in and around the large port city of Bornheim. This was the ultimate goal of the Vulfgrau Trading House. The previous year they scattered many teams in the Kingdom of Dakar awaiting for some to bear fruit. The group in Ulrichstein not only established their position, but gained local recognition for their heroic deeds. Using these letters of recommendation the Trading House moved them into the large port city to continue their mission.

The city itself is far removed from the throne of Dakar and already fairly split between royalists and those with other loyalties. The royalists remain the largest group, but represent a minority of the population. Tminir Tower, a elven tower built long before this city and now ruled by a powerful magician looms large and draws the group into its intrigue. Events that start in the tower may plunge the city in civil war. Most of the party still believes in the stated goals of the trading house and seek to hold off any war, while others push things to this conclusion.

Peril of Wintertide

Main Book: Peril of Wintertide

The fourth book, Peril of Wintertide, took place during a harsh and very early Winter of 462 AH in and around Bornheim. A winter unlike any in living human memory blankets the city. Stored food in the outlying farmsteads are burned or looted by bands of Reavers that have gathered in the valley. Rumors of a larger Reaver army drives the rural populace to seek the shelter of the city, which no longer has enough food to feed itself.

Ice flows in the harbor make passage difficult, but more worrisome are the things sailors talk about beneath the waves. Monsters from legends and nightmares dragging ships under or snatching sailors off the decks. Most of the merchantmen flee south for safer waters before getting trapped in the harbor for duration.

A battle in Tminir Tower frees many of the demons trapped under its walls as a new amoral Master of the Tower takes his position, one beholden to his masters in the Vulfgrau Trading House. The city calls its men to the militias as demons attack from the north and Reavers from the east. The dwarves of the Stonearm Clan march north in numbers for the first time in over a century. The city will never survive to the spring as its leaders loyalties remain divided.

Those working for the Vulgrau have accomplished their mission, even if they were not aware of it. However, as knowledge of what is happening strikes a personal note who will rise above their own deeds to become the heroes the city needs in its darkest hour.


Main Book: Revolution

Revolution is the fifth, and final, book of the campaign. It takes place during the deep Winter of 462 AH in and around Bornheim. The treachery and death of one of their own is nearly overtaken by the events of the siege. Attacks from within threaten to overwhelm the beleaguered defenders. As individuals and eventually as a group the former members of the Vulfgrau Trading House leave behind what they have done to save the people of the city.

The city prepares not only to hold the walls, but for a mass evacuation by sea if the demons from the deep can be killed. In small numbers the brave and foolhardy leave the protection of the walls to harass and defeat their enemies in their own encampments. It is time for the strength and power of the few to rally the huddled masses. An demon from the tower that has manipulated the lives of all those in the valley for centuries with the single goal of escaping this trap is opposed by the heroes of the city.

This final clash will cost the lives of many and could sunder the web of timelessness that has kept the valley safe for generations.

Here was the basics of the character design:

  1. Temporal: Year 461 of the Age of Heroes
  2. Game System: Fate Core
    1. Starting Character: 15 skill points, 6 Refresh
    2. Campaign Changes: None
  3. Geographical: Western Realms
  4. Musts:
    1. Character is part of Vulfgrau Trading House seeking to expand their business into Western Dakar. The player must decide if they are part of the Inner Circle of this organization or simply a hired hand.
    2. Character cannot be Dakarian royalist or supported of Queen Aurora I

Main Article: vulfgrau_trading_house

This trading house seeks to expand their reach by opening a series of trading posts and stores within the Kingdom of Dakar, with the majority of them in the western lands of Dakar. They are located within the Three Kingdoms, specifically a large trading house in Valparia.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle of this organization knows that what is written above is a ruse. This organization is working to destabilize Queen Aurora. Currently they are building “trading houses” inside of Dakar to gather information and eventually be used in their efforts to destabilize the throne.