Miranda has changed a great deal since my first conception of it. Back at Purdue University I simply threw together a place where each player could play the type of character they wanted without the world shackling them into a set stereotype. Tall elves, short elves, just about any race imaginable were all possibilities. Nations were only names that we hung on the various areas that we traveled through - the names of towns and cities were of far more importance, but only a few of those would ever be used more than once. The only thing I maintained control over were the various rule hacks that set inside of the HERO System.

As time marched on both my original group and I wanted a bit more from the world and the game. Sure we had some really fun hack-n-slash games and would have a great deal more, but in order to advance the game things had to become more solid - thus I started building a map and growing some borders. While the information you are currently looking at is so far from the original it is hardly recognizable it did come from the starting kernel of ideas. In essence the world was shaped by me as much as by my players at each step of the way.

Not resting on my laurels I have been translating a much of my early material into this wiki site. The maps have been especially difficult as most of the nations exist in text format; the only information that has remained constant was who bordered who, not the length and exact placement of that border. So, this living world has produced a living document that will probably be changing long after I stop running my game (which doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon thankfully).