Legacy of Marak

See Also: Bardic Knowledge

This campaign was built using Spark of Fate and the game system used is a Fate CORE with a few ideas pulled from other fate sources.

The campaign revolves around an area wracked by magical portals that has settled in recent years. Now people are being drawn to this area by a crazed and disjointed spirit for unknown reasons. It is a wild and lawless place where prospectors, criminals, and adventurers have gathered for their own reasons. Watch your back because nobody else will.


Fountainhead began with the characters waking up from a seemingly endless fog. They don't quite remember what brought them to this strange frontier town days travel from the nearest civilization, but with strange clarity they knew it was a purpose.

The base rules is Fate Core changed for the Legacy of Marak. The most notable changes are the additional of the Scholarship skill and Assets.