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The Fate system is an off-shoot of the Fudge system. It is a universal system that favors story-telling over mechanics. I looked at the Fudge system years ago, but without a solid start of a fantasy system development of such would fall 100% unto me and I just did not have that time commitment. As far as mechanics go I still favor the building-block system of HERO an not the “descriptive” skill structure of Fudge (Fair vs. Average vs. Mediocre). Along came the FATE system bye Evil Hat through the Dresden Files RPG. I enjoyed running the game and so I have decided to provide a FATE version of my Miranda game world.

I will not be reproducing the FATE SRD within this wiki. Instead, I will be referencing the online FATE-SRD and only including those rules there I make changes or clarifications.

Character Creation is fairly simple as there is no attributes, only skills, stunts, and aspects. For some characters there are also Extras that represent magic, equipment, and other special features.

  • Aspects are words or phrases that define your character
  • Skills are rated on The Ladder and determines how good you are doing something.
  • Stunts are special traits of a character that changes how skills work.
  • Extras are part of a character or story that require special rules (i.e Magic)


This is the primary reference book for my Miranda FATE game. Although the book does contain an establish game world this is only for the purposes of examples used the explain concepts. The book itself is like other rules toolkits in that it is meant to be adjusted for each individual game. I will provide referenced to the FATE SRD along with page numbers in the FateCORE book as necessary.

Dresden Files RPG

The Dresden Files RPG (DFRPG) is a build of FATE that is built around the Dresden Files universe written by Jim Butcher. The books are an urban fantasy where all of the legends and tall stories do exist, but is generally not believed. Generally I have used the DFRPG as the core of the Fate system for my adaptation to Miranda.

Legends of Anglerre

Using the Starblazer Adventures comic from the UK, this the fantasy system designed using FATE by the people at Cubicle 7. I picked this up after already having DFRPG, but this is the second rock upon which Miranda FATE is built upon. The core book contains a wealth of information and does a very strong bridge between traditional fantasy system rules and FATE.