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Miranda has been around since 1993 and several campaigns. While some of them were very short lived most have lasted for several years.

This campaign was built using Spark in Fate. The campaign revolved around characters drawn to an area wracked by strange portals by a mostly crazed and disjointed spirit. The game system was Fate CORE with a few flourishes drawn from other Fate sources.

This campaign was built using a Microscope-like system where the players were able to create cards that represented the major plot arcs for the campaign. The game system used is a Fate CORE with many flourishes drawn from Legends of Anglerre.

The campaign revolves around a secret society that is gathering information about the Kingdom of Dakar for as yet unknown reasons. This society is using the cover of a Merchant House from the Three Kingdoms that is seeking to open shops inside of Dakar. The characters can either be members of this society or simply hands hired to assist expanding the Merchant House.

A very short-lived mini-campaign that died before it could finish. The premise was centered around a performing troupe travelling through the Free Cities. The player characters included Brizanthimus, Zeuxis Zarkadis, Carlotta Heraklia, Stathos, and Beewee. Very brief appearances were made by Sheila Crawford and Nevin Crawford.

The concept was interesting and had plenty of hooks for why the PCs stay together and how they get into trouble, but the C&S system was just getting in the way too often and made the game a chore to run. The end of this campaign put Miranda on hold until I could re-group and re-evualate things.

This campaign followed the exploits of a Dakarian Knight, Sir Gunther Strausberger, banished from his father's lands who traveled to Selcaria and the Free Cities to seek his fortune. He eventually reached Eleleno and took an oath of fealty with Baron Relvetta of Palmaris. As a sign of the Baron's acceptance of his oath, he gave Sir Strausberger Sheila Crawford (squire), Nevin Crawford (squire), Gunther the Lesser and Duncan (servant). The vast majority of the games were run in Eleleno and the lands neighboring it.

During the course of the campaign Shiela gained (was possessed) by the Sword of Truth, Nevin freed an Imp and Poltergeist, and Duncan channeled the power of the gods and killed a recently crippled Elelenii Knight. Sir Strausberger eventually returned home and left behind his retinue to fend for themselves. It was a bit of a dark campaign centered on political maneuvering in a young kingdom barely holding off its neighbors.

This campaign used the Chivalry and Sorcery 3rd and Rebirth Edition ruleset. It was better than the 3rd Edition rules, but still contained a host of “magical numbers” and “funny tables” like other 80s era games. The character roll-up table produced some interesting backgrounds, but the design of the skill and magic system made everything difficult.

After the forced cancellation of Fazhoul's Raiders, we eventually picked up gaming again, but with a smaller table. Leescrag Stonehefter, Elrin Quicksilver, and Karina traveled around the Republic of Irill for this very short lived campaign.

Centered around an Irillian Trading Company, its members included Tamis Draven, Dellock, Fǎzhōul, Elrin Quicksilver, Leescrag Stonehefter, and Khirgha Mirrin. Additionally during the course of the campaign B'jan the Seeker, Gnome, and Spar came and went.

This was a long-running campaign that spanned three continents, multiple planes of reality, and caused large changes to the world. The campaign broke up when the table broke up; otherwise it easily had a few more years before reaching a successful end.

The first, and longest-running campaign in Miranda. The games ran at Purdue University while I was a post-grad student. The characters started out being hired to rescue Prince Corwyn of Dakar from Xianese kidnappers. When they returned with the Prince, King Reiner IV not only paid them the ransom, but paid for the creation of a chartered Dakarian Mercenary Company under the banner phoenix_force.

The campaign played out as a series of module-like games living within overall long arcs and plotlines. The campaign took the heroes from their humble beginnings (75 pt. HERO 4th Edition characters) to their eventual exit from the normal timeline (500+ pt. characters). The characters were the capstone of the Age of Heroes and thus the birth of the new age was given into their hands. Upon their decision, the Age of the Magi was born.

The world of Miranda changed radically during this campaign and the players were troopers to hold the complaining down to once every other week. Moments like slaying gods for 29 bits of silver, entire inner seas appearing under their feet, dream sequences that drive the players in the wrong direction, Ridolf's non-Axe problem, Gul's Vampire and Chicken scene, Hellstrom Darkmaster sleeping through the entire adventure, Cohen and the “guard dog”, and Tharen Starlight's Golden Arrow. Many other players and character came through briefly, all were appreciated and missed in my other campaigns.