This is the crunchy stuff under which the game is run. I have run Miranda in many different rule systems, some of which were so short that they will not be listed below. I am only going to list those systems that saw significant work and/or playtime.

Main Article: Fate

My current fantasy game system uses the Fate system (as of 2011). Primarily I draw from the Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat) and Legends of Anglerre (Cubicle 7) with my own game specific additions. This system is very strongly rooted in story-telling with just enough rules wrapped around it to build something.

Main Article: Chivalry & Sorcery

This is a system that I ran most of the my Miranda games under for several years. It is a older-style crunchy system that I have heavily modified to suit my needs. It provided me with the more low-level type of game as opposed to my high-fantasy game under the HERO system. The most difficult part of using the system is that it is in dire need of editing and proper layout. However, what caused me to finally move away from it was its overly complicated skill system and its terrible magic system.

I always thought this system has some really strong nuggets for playing in a gritty fantasy game, but unfortunately it needed far to much base work for me to keep up.

Main Article: HERO Games

This was the original system that I developed most of the world under. In fact, there are still several artifacts from my time running the world under HERO that have survived. I still run the occasional game in Miranda under the HERO system, but it is mostly for my original players.

Main Article: Pathfinder

These rules pertain to the D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder version of the rules set. At one time I was considering moving my game to these systems and you can find some of my work, but in the end I found both systems far too constraining and iron-bound to work out. I could have spun up my own d20 version, but in the end it was better to find a rules set that was closer to what I wanted out of the game.