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Aaram D'Shiva Aaram D'Shiva Aaram D'Shiva is a Pah'Shar huntsman whose village was attacked by Selcaria slavers. Everyone was either killed or turned into slaves, he unfortu… , ,
Amer Terrante Amer Terrante A conflicted man, Ameranth (Amer) Terrante was torn between the two halves of his family. In many respects he had the mind of a merchant, connect… , , , ,
Arthur of Caemalen Arthur of Caemalen Arthur Stohl, known as Sir Arthur of Caemalen, is a Knight of the Crown of the Kingdom of Dakar who has earned honor both on the tournament … ,
B'jan the Seeker B'jan the Seeker A very short-lived arrival to the group, B'jan arrived from another realm in search of the Four Orbs of the Henshi that were cast into this re… ,
Beewee Beewee pc stub ,
Belenus Belenus See Also GM Only Tim's Character Statistics Born: xxx AHOccupation: Freebooter/SellswordParents: xxxReligion: xxxSpecies: Human (Northmen)Nationalit… , , ,
Brizanthimus Brizanthimus See Also GM Only Jackie's Character Brizanthimus is generally a pleasant, friendly person. His mind tends to wander and people often forget tha… , , , ,
Carlotta Heraklia Carlotta Heraklia I've rethought my background. The more I thought about my first idea, the more creeped out I became. I've decided I want no part of playing…
Cohen Cohen Cohen was a young man when he was banished from the Tlad Hith tribe with little more than his horse and spear. He made his way towards the western kingdo… ,
Coriana Coriana Coriana is a tall and beautiful woman. She favors bright red dresses slit up the side for easier movement. Most of her jewelry is silver encrusted with… , , , ,
Dakarian Insurrection Dakarian Insurrection See Also: Bardic Knowledge This campaign was built using a Microscope-like system where the players were able to create cards that repre… ,
Dellock Dellock Dellock is a Chaos Sorcerer, one who has been cursed to forever destroy order and structure in any form. As time passes the power of the chaos that is … ,
Duncan Duncan Duncan is a peasant that has gained his freedom by escaping the land upon which he was born. He is well-versed in both basic numbers, letters, as well a… ,
Elrin Quicksilver Elrin Quicksilver How Elrin and Leescrag met they never discussed with the others, but it was known that some ties bound them together. For Elrin those ties we… , ,
Esandeor Esandeor Statistics History Esandeor grew up in the Kingdom of Aquileia - actually he was born and and lived on the land before it was claimed by the human k… , ,
Fidget Fidget See Also GM Only Alex's Character Fidget is a female hashan that has left her home island to travel the world. It is very unusual for a female hashan… , ,
Francis Francis Francis is a free spirit that both yearns for the sea and quickly tires of it. There is nothing better to do than what he is not doing at the moment. U… ,
Franzia's Circus Franzia's Circus See Also: Bardic Knowledge Members Brizanthimus, 461-StathosGemmaKostosBiwi Journals Mine Flayer, 458 AHRevenge from the Past, 458 AHThis is … ,
Fǎzhōul Fǎzhōul Fǎzhōul was a Turanian Vizier to the Aziz ibn Isḥāq, Satrap of Uhlan. In an unfortunate turn of events he sided with a group a people that wished to ov… ,
Garrick Garrick Garrick is a man that has a very special talent the comes alive when playing music, not just any music but music that he really believes in. His parent… ,
Gnome Gnome Like many of his kind, Gnome was quiet insane by any other standards. By the standards of most gnomes he was considered far too quiet and reserved. Gnome… ,
Gul Gul Gul is probably the most well-known gnome upon Miran - and that is truly saying something. Giant gnomes, those most regularly seen, are a mostly mentally u… ,
Gunther Strausberger Gunther Strausberger Gunther is a man of great strength and rather dim wit. Learned in only the most basic numbers and words it is through his skill with the b… ,
Gunther the Lesser Gunther the Lesser A childhood companion of Sir Gunther Strausberger he joined him in banishment and traveled to the south. Never one to let any grass grow ben… ,
Hafwyn Hafwyn Hafwyn is strange for an elf. She very quiet, and much like a caged wolf when in busy areas. She has long, unkempt gray hair and wears very primitive cl… , , , ,
Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal is a man of quick wit, a sharp tongue, and most unfortunately a quick anger. He does not allow any slight to his honor or that of … , , ,
Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom was aptly named by his father who when he was 10 years old tried to sacrifice him to a powerful Demon Lord. His mother escaped l… , , , , ,
Hooves Hooves Hooves had a destiny among his tribe - a destiny he not only ignored but fled from when the mantle was placed upon his head. In Hooves' world there is h… , , , ,
Ian Fist Ian Fist Ian Fist is an Agent of Chaos as he was blessed/cursed by a fragment of chaos. He has begun to master the tremendous power of the fragment, growing it… , ,
Julianna Julianna Although Julianna is a full-blooded elf, she was raised amoung the humans — one of many in her community. Like the elves of that community they felt m… , ,
Karina Karina Treasure Hunter cursed to have no fear Many would consider Karina to not only be unhinged, but downright deranged. She seemingly has a very different v… , ,
Keribrar Keribrar Keribrar always loved his dusty old books. If he had one saying in his life it was “I've read a book on that!” A slight-framed elf, he would seem a ra… , , ,
Khirgha Mirrin Khirgha Mirrin Khirgha is a kithkin whose father was slain during a raid by a group calling themselves the reavers. Khigha's father was not native to the pride… ,
Kukla Kukla Kukla is a kobold newly into the transition phase of his life. He had hoped to return to his village before the transformation took place, but he was pul… , ,
Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Statistics Occupation: MagicianNationality: Kingdom of DakarFamily:Lifetime:Religion:Ethnicity: Human, Dakarians History E… , , , ,
Leescrag Stonehefter Leescrag Stonehefter A sturdy dwarven merchant who hit a bit of bad luck, but saw a traveling group of mercenaries as a way to turn around his fortune. A consu… , , , ,
Mandross Mandross Mandross is now an elderly wizard that has seen much in his time and regrets most of it. He was an arrogant boy and grew into an arrogant man that saw… , , , ,
Maria Veltorio Maria Veltorio capsule Maria Veltorio images Occupation xxx Nationality xxx Spouse none Issue none Father xxx Mother xxx Born xxx… ,
Megarius the blacksmith Megarius the blacksmith Megarius is a human blacksmith born in the area of Selcaria. He traveled with Duncan and Hafwyn until Duncan's death and rebirth. It is… , , ,
Nevin Crawford Nevin Crawford Nevin is a weasel in the shape of a man. There is no job too important he cannot shirk, no task too difficult he cannot avoid, and no object too… ,
Nigel Nigel See Also GM Only Nigel is a skilled assassin whose blood sings with the birthright of Danshi. As part of his initiation he killed his family, only his … , , ,
Oswald Oswald See Also GM Only Chris' Character Oswald is a hashan merchant, which is often confused as a pirate by those that don't understand hashan business pra… , , ,
Phoenix Force Phoenix Force See Also: Bardic Knowledge The original, and longest running, campaign for Miranda. While it started off with many different characters it event… ,
Player Characters Player Characters Phoenix Force Tharen StarlightCohenGulHellstrom DarkmasterRidolfHannibal ScripanousJuliannaAriannaGarrickArthur of CaemalenHoovesFrancis Lega…
Pox Pox See Also GM Only Gelnn's Character Pox is a distant relation to Amer Terrante who has served as the family's deniable fixer. Pox makes his living findin… , , ,
Quilate Quilate Statistics Occupation: Mystic Artifact HunterNationality: Blazing GloryFamily: noneLifetime: 437-Religion: Jundari AesirEthnicity: Jundari History Ear… , ,
Rakul Shaleem Rakul Shaleem See Also GM Only Alex's Character Rakul is a pirate from the Talarak, the famous haven of pirates and smugglers in the Tarakian Islands Stati… , , ,
Sheila Crawford Sheila Crawford A tomboy from the very start, Sheila would have much preferred to work in the fields with her dad than sit in the house doing chores with her m… ,
Sofiya Sofiya Angela's Character Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec massa nibh, pharetra ac sagittis eu, convallis at augue. In bibendum,… , , , ,
Spar Spar A jundari from Cloudtop Eyrie in the northeast ranges of the Iron Mountains, Spar came to the lowlands because he was fascinated by the people. The people… ,
Tamis Draven Tamis Draven Tamis Draven was the son of wealthy merchants. He rejected their rigid elven lifestyle, preferring instead to seek his way in the human world. Tam… ,
Tharen Starlight Tharen Starlight Short for an elf, Tharen barely stands over five feet tall. She typically keeps her blazing red hair tied back and cut mid-length. With the sl… , , ,
Thorne Thorne Thorne is sidhe that has managed to avoid most of the intrigue of the courts as he explores his desires on the mortal world. he has traveled back and fo… , , ,
Veridian Vault Veridian Vault The Veridian Vault is a carpenter's shop set up by Keribrar in an abandoned building in the Blackhouse District of Fountainhead. Most of the dis… , ,
Xarth Xarth See Also: GM Only Xarth is descended from a long line of shoag shamen, born with the shoag equivalent of a silver spoon in his mouth. He was expected t… , , ,
Zeuxis Zarkadis Zeuxis Zarkadis pc stub ,