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Abob Hakim Abob Hakim Sultan Abob Hakim, Defender of Takhar and Destroyer of Gol Zard, is the ruler of the Qareh Dāgh sultanate. Statistics Occupation: SultanNationality… , ,
Agustus Pius Agustus Pius Agustus images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Agustus Titurius Atellus Selcarius Pius House xxx Father xxx Mother xxx P… , , , , ,
Alexander of Dakar Alexander of Dakar Sir Alexander of Dakar was a prominent knight during the Expansionist Period of the Kingdom of Dakar. Known as the Pale Knight he earned his… , , ,
Alwin Himmel Alwin Himmel Squire in the Service of Baron Kuhn Squire Himmel is in the service of Baron Tobias Kuhn as is his father. He is known for having a quick and sha… , , ,
Anne of Horne Anne of Horne Anne is the daughter of Walther Horne. clan_horne is the largest human clan in Krandryia and Walther is the Clan Chief. She married the Crown Pri… , , ,
Aranion Aranion War-Leader and Hero of Ellendar The weight of command carries is full force on War-leader Aranion. He has commanded Ellendar's soldiers against the Ki… , , ,
Aurora I Aurora I Aurora I (Aurora Anna Madeline Reiner) is the monarch of the Kingdom of Dakar and Supreme Governess of the Temple of Light. Her father ascended the th… , , , ,
Bachmann vonRichten Bachmann vonRichten He is the grandson of the powerful hero, and royal champion, Sir Gibson of Graymanor. While he never inherited his family lands, he was alw… , ,
Beatrice Hapsteng Beatrice Hapsteng Countess Hapsteng is the daughter of Lord and Lady Nostra. Although she inherited only at title from her parents, she found favor in the Roya… ,
Bloodlord Rathlok Bloodlord Rathlok Bloodlord Rathlok was the most powerful warlord during the Age of Legends. A towering man, not in stature but in sheer presence. With but a g… , , ,
Coriana Coriana Coriana is a tall and beautiful woman. She favors bright red dresses slit up the side for easier movement. Most of her jewelry is silver encrusted with… , , , ,
Corwyn Reiner Corwyn Reiner Dead Crown Prince of Dakar Statistics Occupation: Crown PrinceNationality: Kingdom of DakarSpouse: noneIssue:Ælfric Reiner (448-) unacknowledged… ,
Donat Lange Donat Lange Lord Marshall of Bornheim The youngest male heir of the storied Lange noble family, Donat was named to the position of Lord Marshall for Bornheim … , ,
Garrin Stonearm Garrin Stonearm Jarl of the Stonearm Clanhold Garrin Stonearm is currently the Jarl of the clanhold in Bornheim. He is a true-blooded dwarf whose right arm ma… , ,
Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal is a man of quick wit, a sharp tongue, and most unfortunately a quick anger. He does not allow any slight to his honor or that of … , , ,
Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom was aptly named by his father who when he was 10 years old tried to sacrifice him to a powerful Demon Lord. His mother escaped l… , , , , ,
Hubbert Beck Hubbert Beck Knight in the service of Bornheim Lord Hubbert of Holtenwertz is a long standing bachelor knight. He adheres to the older traditions, visits the … , , ,
Ilse Lange Ilse Lange Daughter of Baron Lange, Lord Marshall of Bornheim Ilse is the last child of Baron Donat Lange and has become to be doted upon by both her parents.… , ,
Imirio I Imirio I Imirio I (Imirio Sispurus, born 1412) is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Aquileia. He gained the throne in 1442 when the then current king, Aqui… , , ,
Isha Isha Leads Elven Enclave in Ulrichstein Isha is consumed with the idea of destroying the Bloodstaff. He settled in the town of Ulrichstein for years in the ho… , , ,
Karag Giantslayer Karag Giantslayer Karag images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Karag Giantslayer of the Longwalk clan Clan Longwalk Father xxx Mother … , , , ,
King Merridan King Merridan King Merridan claims divine rule over the city of Fountainhead by his right of controlling the Great Temple of Marak. He is a strong-willed leade… , , , , ,
Knights Arcana Knights Arcana The Knights Arcana is unit of mounted warriors trained in the use of magic as well as the use of arms. Drawn mostly from the Kingdom of Dakar, t… , , , ,
Konrad Brandt Konrad Brandt Lord of Salenhof A man of great height and girth, he is one of the commoners knighted by Baron Tobias of Ulrichstein. He was granted the lands o… , ,
Koén Brandr Koén Brandr Passionate Dakarian Lord of Bornheim Lord Koén Brandr was knighted on the battlefield by his liege lord after acts of heroism and gallantry. Raise… , , ,
Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Statistics Occupation: MagicianNationality: Kingdom of DakarFamily:Lifetime:Religion:Ethnicity: Human, Dakarians History E… , , , ,
List of Dakarian monarchs List of Dakarian monarchs 1975 AE Kingdom of Dakar conquers all territory in Zun River Valley House of Lukas (1975 AE - 72 AH) Name Reign Birth Paren… , ,
Lord Doisius Lord Doisius The first king of the Kingdom of Irill, Lord Diosius was a man who did not suffer fools. He was renown not simply for his tactical skill, but as a… , ,
Lothar Himmel Lothar Himmel Lord of Prinz Lothar is not the man he once was; instead, he is more like the man he was originally. He is currently the Lord of Prinz, which he… , ,
Lut Lut Capsule Lut images Reign xx Coronation xx Predecessor xx Heir-apparent xx Consort xxx Issue xx Full Name xxx House xx F… , , ,
Marjorie Kuhn Marjorie Kuhn Lady of the Barony of Kuhn Marjorie was raised in the Western Reaches and when she married Tobias Kuhn she moved even farther into the frontier … , ,
Markus Liese Markus Liese Sir Markus Liese held many honors before marrying Lady Liese. His skill with both hammer and lance were highly considered in his youth. He partici… , ,
Mavros the Red Mavros the Red Mavros images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name xxx Father unknown Mother unknown Born dd mmm yyyy Religion none Rac… , , ,
Nikolaos Leonov Nikolaos Leonov See Also: GM Only Leads organization determined to tear down the Dakarian throne. Nikolaos Leonov images Born 411 Occupation Landed … , , ,
Nokhask Nokhask Nokhask is an orc warleader of the Vernock Tribe. He lead his tribe in a war against the legions of the first Irillian Empire, which saw his entire tri… , , ,
Reiner I Reiner I Reiner I (Lukas son of Arnould) was crowned the first ruler of the Kingdom of Dakar when they pacified much of the Zun River valley. He spent very lit… , , ,
Reiner II Reiner II When Reiner II was crowned, he represented the first hereditary transfer of power in Daconian history. It was not without difficulties. While his fat… , , , ,
Reiner III Reiner III Although he took the throne under the cloud of his brother abdicating, Reiner III is credited with stabilizing the kingdom and expanding the borders… , , , ,
Reiner IV Reiner IV Former King of Dakar Statistics Full Name: Mathias Guthrum ReinerHouse: House ReinerCoronation: 406 AHPredecessor: King Reiner IIISuccessor: Queen A… , , , ,
Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw earned his name in the fierce battles with the orc Gurnsitz Tribe in the Iron Mountains. His sword shattered in the cold and so he he… , , ,
Silune Silune Elven Ambassador in Bornheim Silune is one of the ambassadors from Ellendar to the Kingdom of Dakar. She is currently staying in the port city of Bornh… , ,
Silvertip Silvertip Warleader of Blackfur ribe Silvertip is the war-leader of the Blackfur tribe, whose range extends the farthest east of all tribes of Kith. Silverti… , , ,
Tobias Kuhn Tobias Kuhn Baron of Ulrichstein Sir Tobias is the unrecognized bastard son of Sir Wernherus of Grohn and Nell, the baker's daughter. When his mother died, Si… , ,
Veit Kaufmann Veit Kaufmann Sir Kaufmann is a knight in the court of Baron Ulrichstein and currently serves as the Bailiff of Luckau. Sir Kaufmann is a steady man, never qui… , ,
Wracwulf Stoyan Wracwulf Stoyan Duke Wracwulf Stoyan of Red Heights is the third of his title. He inherited the title from his father and grandfather before him. Although his … , , ,
Ælfric Ælfric Unconfirmed son of Prince Corwyn A striking and energetic young man whose father, Prince Corwyn Reiner, was assassinated by his sister, Queen Aurora I,… , , , ,
Ælfric Reiner Ælfric Reiner Unacknowledged son of Crown Prince Corwyn Although he has lived a life on the run from assassins dispatched by his aunt, Ælfric is possessed of … , ,