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A Birthright stolen, A song silenced A Birthright stolen, A song silenced See Also: Bardic Knowledge The caravan finally arrives in Bornheim, one of the largest port city on the continent of Mir… , , ,
A Changing of the Guard A Changing of the Guard See Also: Bardic Knowledge Battles for Control Arena of Ice and Snow Belenus is fighting the duel with the physical embodiment of t… , , ,
A Demon’s Impossible Task A Demon’s Impossible Task See Also: Bardic Knowledge Charles, knife in hand, goes running out through the longhouse and into the night. Amer Terrante chases … , , ,
A Gathering of Conspirators A Gathering of Conspirators See Also: Bardic Knowledge A new day arises and hope springs eternal. The Countess' party is tomorrow evening, so very little tim… , , ,
A Royal Crown A Royal Crown See Also: Bardic Knowledge King-To-Be Gia Sojourner is being escorted by Captain Leoric Jadgthson to the Cathedral of Light. He asks her about… , , ,
A sight not seen in an Eon A sight not seen in an Eon See Also: Bardic Knowledge Several days pass while Xarth, Nigel, amer_terrante, and Belenus are kept in their rooms away from the … , , ,
A Violent Birthday Celebration A Violent Birthday Celebration See Also: Bardic Knowledge Everyone is seated at the tables for drinks while Brizanthimus preforms his original ballad. He str… , , ,
All Great Plans All Great Plans See Also: Bardic Knowledge Gia makes her way back to Bornheim, passing through the remains of the Reavers camp. While there she runs into Taz… , , ,
An early and harsh winter brings wolves An early and harsh winter brings wolves See Also: Bardic Knowledge What has come before Nearly five months have passed since the Esideor were defeated and t… , , ,
Bell and Gold Tavern Bell and Gold Tavern The Bell and Gold Tavern is the finest tavern in Borulli, the hashan charter town north of Bornheim. The tavern is run by the Jugalii and … , , ,
Black Stag Tavern Black Stag Tavern The Black Stag Tavern is a narrow building in the Medaille District of Bornheim. It is run by two orcs, Kabar and Radha. Their kids have all … , ,
Blackyard Prison Blackyard Prison This prison of iron-reinforced stone was constructed to hold dangerous magicians prisoner. While the vast majority of the criminals in Bornhei… , ,
Bloodstaff War Bloodstaff War The Bloodstaff War is the name of the battles fought in the Rakarian Valley centered around the city of Bornheim. Although the war was hundreds … , , , ,
Bornheim Fight Club Bornheim Fight Club The Bornheim Fight Club was a short-lived group of warriors who met at The Shining Blade tavern to practice and compete in fights. Deadly f… ,
Crow Crow Whether the name is true for him or just a title, Crow best depicts the current man that holds this position. He is the spymaster for the court of Ellenda… , , , , , , ,
Danfael Connors Danfael Connors Warden Danfael Connors is a priest in the Temple of Light stationed at the Cathedral of Light in Bornheim. He is considered conservative in his… , ,
Dawnwatcher Dawnwatcher The given name of the Dawnwatcher no longer matters. When one is chosen by Karash what came before no longer has any meaning. His prophetic name sa… , , ,
Demons of Fear and Darkness Demons of Fear and Darkness See Also: Bardic Knowledge Stories Xarth Xarth explores around the abandoned donjon in Kernwerk. It is a simple four story ston… , , ,
Districts of Bornheim Districts of Bornheim The city of Bornheim is divided into 7 Wards, which are further divided into 23 districts. Each Ward has its own council to handle small … ,
Doom Arena Doom Arena See Also: Bardic Knowledge Blackyard Prison Something starts to glow in the Blackyard Prison. It begins with a very localized earthquake that cra… , , ,
Dorrels Drunk Dorrels Drunk Dorrels Drunk is a cramped tavern in the Greenacre district of Bornheim. Frequented by laborers, farmers, and merchants; a great deal of business… ,
Erasmus Trading House Erasmus Trading House This warehouse is located in the Market Commons of Bornheim. A simple two-story timber structure houses the factors and business offices … , ,
Farnath Carne Stonearm Farnath Carne Stonearm Tarrik Farnath serves as the Thane Impirrick, military commander, of the Stonearm Clanhold in Bornheim. Farnath is young for his positio… , ,
Five Glories of Karash Five Glories of Karash The Five Glories of Karash are temples built along the Doursse River as it passes through the city of Bornheim. Stone walls on the banks… ,
Freedom and Death Freedom and Death See Also: Bardic Knowledge Summoning Chamber Brizanthimus tears the spell apart that is holding the demon chained to the summoning stone. … , , ,
Gloria Hölzer Gloria Hölzer Sold soul to demon, saved by Briz Gloria sold her soul long ago to the demon known as Charles when she was 23. She desired two things from the c… ,
Guides Along the Path Guides Along the Path See Also: Bardic Knowledge Again a small number of Reavers form ranks and attack the east wall. As on schedule the large multi-limbed d… , , ,
Holtenwertz Holtenwertz The Holtenwertz manor is an independent holding directly from the Lord Marshal of Bornheim. It was given to Sir Hubbert Beck in exchange for his se… , ,
Is All Hope Lost Is All Hope Lost See Also: Bardic Knowledge Rottziel Xarth makes his way towards the Rottziel District where he speaks with Jarrick who directs him to Capta… , , ,
Isle of Black Stars Isle of Black Stars The Isle of Black Stars as it is commonly known is a volcanic island in the Isaurus Ocean near the city of Bornheim in the Western Realms. … , ,
It all goes to hell – in a soufflé It all goes to hell – in a soufflé See Also: Bardic Knowledge It's a bitterly cold winter morning and Brizanthimus, Xarth, and Belenus are having a breakfast… , , ,
Jenvelf Jenvelf Village north-east of Bornheim This large village is located just upstream of Bornheim and serves as the point where all goods traveling downstream ar… , , ,
Kernwerk Kernwerk Stonemason's town outside of Bornheim Upstream of Bornheim along the Zaber River is a charter town held by the Stonemason Guild of Bornheim. The town… ,
Koén Brandr Koén Brandr Passionate Dakarian Lord of Bornheim Lord Koén Brandr was knighted on the battlefield by his liege lord after acts of heroism and gallantry. Raise… , , ,
Lanzo Hourangson Lanzo Hourangson High Priest of Karash in Bornheim Lanzo was raised to the position of Dawn Watcher of Karash at the Temple of Luminous Kaskade in the city of… ,
Leoric Jadgthson Leoric Jadgthson Captain Leoric Jadgthson commands the River Guard at Bornheim. He has been been given two proclamations by the Lord Marshall for heroics at th… , ,
Lords of Water Lords of Water The Lords of Water are the leaders of the three (3) biggest smugglers in the city of Bornheim. Nearly all of the illegal activity that moves alo… , ,
Lórion Lórion Lórion is a water nymph known for both her prowess and unsettling beauty. She travels the great waters of the Isaurus Ocean in search of prey. She has w… , , ,
Marrik Stonearm Marrik Stonearm Stout warrior hypocritical of others Marrik spent his childhood living up the the honor of his father, The Redsword. His father earned that ho… , , ,
Mirwen Mirwen Combat Spellcaster that wields two axes A tall elf with a learn and predatory figure, Mirwen prefers to keep her blonde hair long and tied up in severa… , ,
Night Watch Night Watch The Night Watch are the best trained of the watchmen and constables. They patrol Bornheim in the most difficult districts at the most difficult tim… ,
Nightwatch Nightwatch City Guard Company in Bornheim The Nightwatch is the name of a guard company in Bornheim tasked with the defense of the northern gate. Under the co… ,
Oaths and Promises Oaths and Promises See Also: Bardic Knowledge Amer Terrante, Rakul Shaleem, Xarth, and Brizanthimus arrive for dinner at the Lord Marshall's residence. They … , , ,
On the Edge of Darkness On the Edge of Darkness See Also: Bardic Knowledge Gia Sojourner is going to the temple of Mara. The city is rejoicing because of the recent victories agains… , , ,
Oswald’s Fleet Oswald’s Fleet See Also: Bardic Knowledge Brizanthimus, Nigel, and Belenus close up the chandler’s shop. The walk quickly to Fishtown in the hopes of speakin… , , ,
Pippen Ruud Pippen Ruud Captain of the Nightwatch A man with a physically non-descript nature. He keeps his black hair cut short and his clothing and mannerisms are such … ,
Place of Permanence Place of Permanence The Place of Permanence is known to the local earth spirits as the death. It is where things go to die forever. Created by Charles, a contr… ,
Prisons don't hold forever Prisons don't hold forever See Also: Bardic Knowledge Body under the stairs In the chambers under Blackyard Prison Xarth, Belenus, and Brizanthimus finally … , , ,
Radlofs Lucky House Radlofs Lucky House Radlofs Lucky House is a gambling house in the Fishtown district of Bornheim. It has a reputation of mostly fair gambling Services and Acc… , ,
Rise of the Blood Priestess Rise of the Blood Priestess See Also: Bardic Knowledge Rebellion Belenus returns to Bornheim and spends the evening with Mirwen at her apartment in the Meda… , , ,
River Guard River Guard The River Guard is considered an Elite unit commanded by the Temple of Luminous Kaskade and drawn from religious mercenaries and soldiers. Statist… ,
Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw earned his name in the fierce battles with the orc Gurnsitz Tribe in the Iron Mountains. His sword shattered in the cold and so he he… , , ,
Rocco Rocco A whip-thin man late in his years and typically heavy into his cups. He controls the largest chunk of the smuggling trade in Bornheim through ruthless ef… , , ,
Rusty Anchor Tavern Rusty Anchor Tavern The Rusty Anchor Tavern is by a small tavern in Bornheim's Fishtown district. Once a moderate business, it was partially burned down when c… ,
Shining Blade Tavern Shining Blade Tavern The Shining Blade Tavern is by far the largest tavern on Bornheim's Warehouse district. Once a moderate warehouse it was partially burned … ,
Small moments beget larger issues Small moments beget larger issues See Also: Bardic Knowledge Belenus had just announced the appearance of reavers to the Hochwürden, who collapsed upon heari… , , ,
Stonearm Clanhold Stonearm Clanhold Dwarven clanhold inside the walls of Bornheim The Stonearm Clanhold is a solid keep-style dwarven hold built within the outer walls of the c… , , ,
Terrante Family Terrante Family Statistics History See Also The Erasmus household is one of the richest families in the city-state of Libero. For more than 150 years, they … , , , ,
Thanian Thanian Thanian is a solider in the Northern Ellendar Army that was deployed to Bornheim during its crisis in 462 AH. He was recruited by Crow to gather inform… , , ,
The Bear and the Pike The Bear and the Pike The Bear and the Pike is a tavern built up against the northern wall of The Wash in Bornheim. Once used as a barracks by the Nightwatch b… ,
The Burden of the Tower The Burden of the Tower See Also: Bardic Knowledge The note said to escape through the catacombs so Amer Terrante, Brizanthimus, Xarth, and Rakul Shaleem fle… , , ,
The city breathes in before the rebellion The city breathes in before the rebellion See Also: Bardic Knowledge While Brizanthimus is helping Tomacarne clean out the damage and help people a small has… , , ,
The Cost of Tminir Tower The Cost of Tminir Tower See Also: Bardic Knowledge Rakul Shaleem, Amer Terrante, and a small group of thugs row out towards the hashan ship anchored in the … , , ,
The most dangerous private auction The most dangerous private auction See Also Bardic Knowledge While Brizanthimus, Xarth, and Rakul Shaleem were entangling themselves in elven affairs, Amer w… , , ,
The Place of Permanence The Place of Permanence See Also: Bardic Knowledge The Final Battle Brizanthimus, Gia Sojourner, Belenus, Nigel, and the survivors of the Bornheim Fight Clu… , , ,
The Reavers Attack The Reavers Attack See Also: Bardic Knowledge First Assault As the first rays of the sun reach the city several thousand Reavers mount their first probing a… , , ,
The Shining Blade The Shining Blade This tavern is located in the Warehouse district of the port city of Bornheim. It is one of the largest taverns in Bornheim and is welcoming … , ,
The table stakes are raised again The table stakes are raised again See Also: Bardic Knowledge The city gets a brief respite from the snow as the temperatures plummet to the teens, reaching i… , , ,
The True Cost of the Impending War The True Cost of the Impending War See Also: Bardic Knowledge Amer Terrante successfully fools the oath-paper, causing Valten Scholz no small amount of distr… , , ,
There are bad ideas – then this happened There are bad ideas – then this happened See Also: Bardic Knowledge The Good Oswald is tracking down someone that can help with his sea monster problem. Giv… , , ,
There Shall Be Blood There Shall Be Blood See Also: Bardic Knowledge Aftermath Lord's Manor Nigel, Oswald, Brizanthimus, and Xarth work their way through the tunnels, eventuall… , , ,
Those in command are not those that lead Those in command are not those that lead See Also: Bardic Knowledge Gia Sojourner begins searching for the source of the fires that have plagued the city. It… , , ,
Tminir Tower Tminir Tower This tower of metal and stone rises over three-hundred meters (300 m) above an island of volcanic rock in the middle of a lake. It is often called… ,
Tumbling Stone Tavern Tumbling Stone Tavern The Tumbling Stone Tavern is a large tavern near the northern gate of the city of Bornheim just inside an area known as The Wash. Frequen… ,
Two Coins Tavern Two Coins Tavern The Two Coins is a tavern located on High Street along Glory Ridge in the city of Bornheim. It is frequented by the wealthy and those who do b… , ,
Tycho Terrante Tycho Terrante A rotund and strong man from the city of Libero in the city-states of Theodova. He was well-placed in the family and has a well-earned reputatio… , ,
Wars are won by defeating the heart of your enemy Wars are won by defeating the heart of your enemy See Also: Bardic Knowledge continued from last session.... The Lord Marshal is escorting out Countess Haps… , , ,