Dorrels Drunk

Dorrels Drunk is a cramped tavern in the Greenacre district of Bornheim. Frequented by laborers, farmers, and merchants; a great deal of business is accomplished between drinks. During the rains or when the sun is too hot the tavern is standing room only. Dorrel's voice can be heard across the room if necessary, but usually he is in private conversations when anyone pushed up against the bar. He is naturally a friendly man and his wife Eileen seems a strong compliment to him.

Dorrel does not tolerate prostitutes or thieves in his tavern. Those who pay the coin expect to leave with everything they paid for and nothing taken on the sly. The tavern has a reputation for some sharp-eyed watchers among its staff. Dorrel pays them well to keep the “dregs” out of his business.

Private rooms are available on the second floor for those merchants wishing for more privacy. Dorrel does not charge for the rooms, but instead only allows their use for those customers paying for food and drink.

Eileen is a fine cook and given the clientele that visit she gets a good selection of the food at a fair price. She has a sharp eye for the girls that work the floor and does not tolerate slackers or idleness. The temple warns such people are prone to thievery and sin. Dorrel is not a brewer and after several failed experiments he no longer tries. Instead he buys casks of ales that suit his tastes then a few wines for the more expensive crowd. He listens to his customers about what they want and aims to deliver.

Dorrels Drunk is a three story building with a dressed stone foundation and timber construction. The outside of the tavern is lime plastered and always well-maintained. The sharply pitched room, an affectation from his time in the north, is covered with clay tiles. Dorrel spends a great deal of time seeing to the outside appearance of his tavern.

The ground floor is wooden planking, except near the stoop which is rough-cut flagstones. The shutter for the large open window in the front lifts up to provide an awning. There is no room for seating outside, except of a long bench beneath the window. Tables are of good constructions and chairs plentiful. The space is very cramped during the afternoon or during a squall, but customers rarely mind.

The second floor is divided into four rooms. The two largest rooms house the Dorrel's children, both married and with kids of their own. The two smaller rooms are used as private rooms during the day and bedrooms for the grand kids during the night. Their daughter and daughter-in-law are expected to keep all of the rooms clean in addition to their work in tavern.

The third floor is the bedrooms and storage rooms for Dorrel and Eileen. Their bedroom is large, occupying nearly a third of the space, while the other rooms provide a private study for Dorrel and a sitting room for Eileen. The storage room is usually full of whatever stuff seems to be just taking up space elsewhere.

Beneath the tavern is a small storage room that Dorrel is constantly shoring up to stop leaks or collapse. They are near enough to the bay that the ground can become saturated during the rainy season. In Y459 he hired a stonemason from the stonearm_clan after a partial collapse. There is a now a room relatively useful for dry goods.