Bell and Gold Tavern

The Bell and Gold Tavern is the finest tavern in Borulli, the hashan charter town north of Bornheim. The tavern is run by the Jugalii and serves as not just the finest drinking establishment, but city center and occasional dueling ring as well.

No expense is spared as no hashan would lower themselves to purchase anything but the very best. Hashan males pride themselves on wearing the best, drinking the best, and eating the best. Ostentatious displays of wealth, power, and strength make the common room of the taveran a cacophony of styles and sounds. Serving places range from clay mugs to fine silver and elven crystal for those who wish to make a statement of their worth.

The hashan love their foods heavily spiced and exotic. The farther something has to travel the more expensive its price and the more a patron wants to eat it - preferably in front of their equals. The tavern keeps a number of cooks and servers, all of them female, that could have found work at any number of noble houses. Instead they work in a tavern because the culture believes in tipping heavily and often.

The Bell and Gold Tavern is the largest building in Borulli. Unlike the buildings of Bornheim, the hashan prefer sprawling rooms connected by hallways. The first floor is actually five different buildings connected to a single three-story central building through a maze of hallways, bridges, and ship's rigging. Scattered around the grounds are cast-off barrels, boxes, and benches - each of them with rich stories of pirates and merchants.

The smallest of the buildings is the aft castle of the Keldra Bosum, one of the most famous raiding ships along this coast. The ship grounded itself against the shore with nobody on board - so sign of battle. With such a great history and a eerie story, the ship-wrights cut the castle off for its present work - as no other captain was worthy to command such a ship. Instead it serves as the meeting grounds for all manner of skulduggery. Admittance is by invitation only.

The central building is three stories tall and has the largest common room. Tables, chairs, benches, and anything else is completely up to the whim of whomever wants to move them. Most captains claim some measure of space around them, but everywhere else is up to those with the sharpest elbows and loudest voices. The kitchen and two private rooms take up the remainder of the first floor.

The second floor is only over the kitchen and private rooms. The tables in this area are served only by the top server. A hefty bribe is expected to the tavern for a table. Only the finest food and drink is served alongside a complete set of elven glassware hand-crafted for the Bell and Gold. From here the wealthy can truly look down on the others. Two thugs ensure that nobody goes up the stairs unless invited by someone already sitting there.

The third floor is only accessible from a set of outside stairs. Protected by a slate roof the hanging shutters are only put up during the worst storms. Their is no seating or tables, instead its guests sit on the floor and eat and drink in the Jugalii-style. For those that yearn to return home this is as close as they are likely to come. Compared to the number of males traveling, only a few will ever make it home to mate. This small slice of their home is a reminder of why they do what they do.