Radlofs Lucky House

Radlofs Lucky House is a gambling house in the Fishtown district of Bornheim. It has a reputation of mostly fair gambling

People come here to gamble and the house is known to run mostly fair tables. Private tables are available, but the table has to put up a pot to the house and pay for a dealer. The most common are card and dice games. Several tables of each are running every night.

There are no rooms to rent, at any price, and Radlof does not allow anyone to stay in the common room. After closing the only people allowed in the building are the servants and staff.

The building is three stories tall; although it does not cover each story. The front of the building is two stories tall with a sharply pitched roof angling to the right as you look from the front. The third story runs fully from left to right, but only covers about a quarter from the front to the back. Its roof is sharply pitched to the right as well.

Once inside the gambling house is at the front. There are two sections raised sixteen inches from the ground and surrounded by a banister. This helps to keep these tables more private while still being on the main floor. There is a bar near the back wall and a double keg-stand by the door. Along the left wall, below the second floor are three private rooms. These are only available for rent for the entire night.

The second floor runs only along the left wall, but stretches out into the main floor enough to fit several long tables running back to front and still allow the staff to move. There is always someone stationed at the base of the stairs to keep out the riff-raff. These are semi-private tables for only the most select patrons.

Two doors are located by the bar. The first leads to the kitchen, which is small and cramped but serviceable. The second door goes to bunkhouse. Inside the bunkhouse are stairs leading to the private second floor for staff and friends. The bunkhouse is a room for the guards who stay at the house.

The second floor private rooms are for the unmarried staff, or married staff who choose to stay there. It is divided into a single private room for the Chief Steward and two bunkhouses divided by curtains. A very narrow and steep staircase leads from the Chief Steward's room to the third floor.

The third floor is exclusive for Radlof and his family. It is divided into three small rooms.


The current owner of the gambling house and a skilled gambler. Although he constantly complains he has lost his luck he still plays a mean pair of cards.


She originally worked for Radlof, but fell in love with him. They have been married for over ten years and have three children. Ursala is in charge of running the kitchen and the serving staff. She and Radlof have three children together.


The head cook. Her husband was knifed and so she moved in permanently to the house. Rather than seek petty revenge she has put her faith in the gods and moved on.


The Chief Steward of the house. He can be sloppy and not above taking a bribe, but he ensure the tables are running fair. It is the only reason Radlof keeps him around.