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Aaldering Aaldering Aaldering is the largest western city of the Kingdom of Dakar ruled directly by the crown. Long seen as the holding of the Kingdom's Crown Prince. S… , ,
Agrinna Agrinna capsule Agrinna images map region map world Nation Eleleno Region Warshire Holder Count Government Mayor Liege Lord Agrinna (… , , ,
Ak'Turan Ak'Turan Turanian fortress east of Irill The fortress city of Ak'Turan sits astride the Iron Road; although it does not harass or tax caravans passing through… , , ,
Alexandria Alexandria capsule Capsule Country Republic of Irill - Region xxx - Founded yyyy ah Ruler Dom Juveal Valente - Government Landowner Land … , , ,
Andali Andali Located on the eastern shore of the lower third of the Caragan Sea, the city of Andali is currently the capitol of the Republic of Irill. This ancient c… , ,
Anilia Anilia capsule Anilia images map region map world Nation Eleleno Government Council Lord Count Anilia Area 57 Hectares Population 600… , , ,
Arapis Arapis Elven Occupied Irillian City Once known as Prima Dues, this city was the center of power for the Holy Irillian Empire (also called the Second Empire). … , ,
Blue Heights Blue Heights Blau Heights was once a small holding that was part of Phoenix Hold, but is now a part of the Barony of Oxford when Lady Arianna wed Lord Barrimor… ,
Bornheim Bornheim This large natural port on the western shore of the Isaurus Ocean has over its life been home to many different settlements - currently it is a Free C… , ,
Borulli Borulli This small town north of Bornheim is a hashan charter town. The charter allows the hashan living there to move goods from their own flagged vessels and… , , ,
Broken Shield Clanhold Broken Shield Clanhold The Broken Shield Clanhold is a fearsome set of buildings that span the Heron River. Initially constructed in Y1374 AE, it has been expa… , ,
Bryons Hold Bryons Hold The most important area in the Valley of the Sun, Bryons Hold overlooks the largest bridge over the Illthande River. The Illthande runs deep with a… , , , ,
Caemalen Caemalen The town of Caemalen sits astride a small trade route that runs between the Krandryian town of Darlak and the city of Rodaun to the west. History St… , ,
Caroldo Caroldo capsule Caroldo images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Constable Vitelli Area 14 hectares Population … , , ,
Castello Castello capsule Capsule Country Republic of Irill - Region xxx - Founded yyyy ah Ruler Dom Ignanni Orbel - Government Landholder Land Ar… , , ,
Celinus Celinus The Capitol City of the Kingdom of Dakar, Celinus is truly the crown jewel of the nation. The city is located upon the verdant valley between the banks… , ,
Cemer Cemer The town of Cemer sits on Crown Lands immediately west of the Fuldelf Ridge and the Duchy of Haibach. The town, and its soldiery, control the western edg… , ,
Ciosny Ciosny Ciosny is a small village along the Tieris River. The central feature of the village is a large watermill and stone longhouse. The village has been a ho… , ,
Dankrieg Dankrieg Located near the famous Valley of the Sun; the city of Dankrieg is the largest city in the valley. This is the home of Branzig family, who is next in … , ,
Devari Devari village 800 people irill holding nonte , ,
Ealth Ealth capsule Ealth images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Sheriff Ronaldo Area 18 hectares Population 110 … , , ,
Elelenii Elelenii Elelenii is the largest city in the kingdom of Eleleno; although its size pales in comparison to other royal seats within Selcaria. Founded by Dominic… , , ,
Estina Estina capsule Estina images map region map world Nation Eleleno Government Council Lord Count Estina Area 59 hectares Population 6,2… , , ,
Firescrag Firescrag North of the Feuwald lies the Dakarian Barony of Firescrag. The land is bordered on the south by the Kald River and the north by the Wendlestadt, a r… , ,
Gostyn Gostyn Gostyn is a small fishing village on the Caragan Sea along the East Caragan Road several days walk from the southern border of Ellendar. Statistics Nam… ,
Grohn Grohn Grohn is a town in the County of Wessel run by Sir Wernherus, a knight with a long and rich history of service to the crown. The town holds the widest br… , ,
Hamlet of Don Hamlet of Don Located along the Itli River about a mile upstream from where it flows into the Tibbs. This small community is well known in the area for the sup… ,
Heimmelstang Heimmelstang holding mladovo stub , ,
Hellbock Hellbock The town of Hellbock has long been the Baronial holding of the Himmel family. Its currently Baron, Lord Lothar Himmel took over the seat in 448 AH upo… , ,
Ilandar Ilandar capsule Statistics Nation: ElelenoHolder: BaronyLiege: Baroness Corletti D'FransicaArea: 23 hectaresPopulation: 115 History Government Military 3 kn… , , ,
Jenvelf Jenvelf Village north-east of Bornheim This large village is located just upstream of Bornheim and serves as the point where all goods traveling downstream ar… , , ,
Kavasila Kavasila Kavasila is the oldest remaining Irillian settlement in the Selcarian Province. It was built by the legions as they crossed the Black River. Originall… , ,
Kernwerk Kernwerk Stonemason's town outside of Bornheim Upstream of Bornheim along the Zaber River is a charter town held by the Stonemason Guild of Bornheim. The town… ,
Kulrnbuldihr Kulrnbuldihr Kulrnbuldihr is a small dwarven village that sits below the overhang of rock beneath the city of Fountainhead. The Honorblades use a hidden tunnel… , , ,
Lehner Lehner Lehner is a growing village nestled between the banks of the Doursse and Carnuff Rivers. The village supports a large watermill, lumbering, and excellen… , ,
Libero Libero The city-state of Libero has a long and rich history spanning several nations and empires. Located in Aquanius along the shore of the Serpente Sea, the … , ,
Luckau Luckau Luckau is the most northern village of the barony of Ulrichstein. The village sits on the east bank of the Aland River and is surrounded by a stout wood… , ,
Lunesta Lunesta capsule Lunesta images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Constable Toresco Area 15 hectares Population … , , ,
Matteo Matteo capsule Statistics Location: ElelenoGovernment: DuchyMayor: Duke MatteoArea: 0.62 km²Population: 7,500Ethnicity: Human History Geography Subdivi… , , ,
Mouriai Mouriai The largest city in an area of land in the Western Realms commonly called the Valley of the Sun. Cut through with multiple northeast to southwest river… , , ,
Mākstag Mākstag Located on banks of the Mäk River, this town has changed a great deal over its existence. It was always a small hunting village until the Brund discove… , , ,
Ochio Ochio Ochio is a small barony located where the Esteran Road passes near the Tibbs river. While the Tibbs can be forded in many places during the dry summer mo… ,
Olsa Olsa The town of Olsa sits on Crown Lands immediately east of the Fuldelf Ridge and the Duchy of Haibach. The town, and its soldiery, control the eastern edge … , , ,
Palgorus Palgorus Most historical city of Theodova While Palgorus has never been the largest city nor served as the seat of power, but it has survived the ages as a ce… ,
Palmaris Palmaris Palmaris is the the largest independent baronies in Eleleno. It sits astride the , which is barely fordable under even the best conditions. Palmaris … , , ,
Phoenix Hold Phoenix Hold These lands were granted to phoenix_force by King Reiner IV in 451 AH. The lands were divided among the members of the group at the time the lands… , ,
Prinz Prinz The village of Prinz is the second largest holding within the Barony of Ulrichstein. The village was founded shortly after Sir Lothar Himmel finished con… , ,
Red Tower Red Tower The Red Tower is the castle of the redguard during the Dark Ages. It was thought destroyed in the final battle between Mavros and Bloodlord Rathlok w… ,
Split End Split End The tower city of Split End is split across Gulong River and Chemmic River in the southern third of G'huis. It serves as both the capitol and religio… , ,
Stonearm Clanhold Stonearm Clanhold Dwarven clanhold inside the walls of Bornheim The Stonearm Clanhold is a solid keep-style dwarven hold built within the outer walls of the c… , , ,
Stonehearts Fist Stonehearts Fist This large clanhold is part religious colony and part northern fort, with the Brundswag believing more the latter. Few non-dwarves have ever e… , ,
Tanzo Tanzo Tanzo is a small, poor holding in the southern area of Eleleno. Lord Tanzo, while a fine and able warrior, is not all that adept at managing an estate. T… , , ,
Tminir Tower Tminir Tower This tower of metal and stone rises over three-hundred meters (300 m) above an island of volcanic rock in the middle of a lake. It is often called… ,
Tossare Tossare capsule Tossare images map region map world Nation Eleleno Holder Bailiff Liege Constable Enselmo Area 27 hectares Population … , , ,
Tourniki Tourniki The largest city in Selcaria, Tourniki spreads along the shores of the Caragan Sea. With no natural deep water port, the land become the largest stopp… , ,
Ulrichstein Ulrichstein The Barony of Ulrichstein was founded in the 436; although the first settlement dates back to 408. The walled town is located on the Bornheim trade… , ,
Valparia Valparia Valparia is the largest city on the western shore of the Caragan Sea. Its naturally deep harbor provides a strong shelter against the many storms that… ,
Warshire Warshire capsule Warshire images map region map world Nation Eleleno Government Council Lord Count Warshire Area 56 Hectares Population… , , ,