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Adalfuns Adalfuns Captain of the Guard in Ulrichstein Adalfuns is the Captain of the Guard in the town of Ulrichstein. A common farmer he gained his position after sol… , ,
Adolphus Adolphus Stonecutter and Spirit Caller Adolphus has lived in Kernwerk his entire life, rarely even traveling to the city of Bornheim just a few hours down the… , , , ,
Alanna Alanna Alanna is a ardent follower of Vayne and currently holds the rank of Master within the guardians_of_order. She has traveled much of the Western Realms a… , , , , ,
Alwin Himmel Alwin Himmel Squire in the Service of Baron Kuhn Squire Himmel is in the service of Baron Tobias Kuhn as is his father. He is known for having a quick and sha… , , ,
Amer Terrante Amer Terrante A conflicted man, Ameranth (Amer) Terrante was torn between the two halves of his family. In many respects he had the mind of a merchant, connect… , , , ,
Aurora I Aurora I Aurora I (Aurora Anna Madeline Reiner) is the monarch of the Kingdom of Dakar and Supreme Governess of the Temple of Light. Her father ascended the th… , , , ,
Baldar Baldar Once the ranking priest of the temple_of_light in Ulrichstein who personally oversaw the faithfulness of Tobias Kuhn and his court. Father Baldar is a m… , ,
Berchtwald Berchtwald Innkeeper in Ulrichstein Berchtwald, Berch to his friends, has owned the Wood River Inn since Y451 AH. It is the only inn in the town of Ulrichstei… , ,
Dae Dae Vaynite Acolyte tortured by brother Once known as Julie, sister of Nigel whom he tortured under the guise of a group looking to unlock his power. While he… , , ,
Dawnwatcher Dawnwatcher The given name of the Dawnwatcher no longer matters. When one is chosen by Karash what came before no longer has any meaning. His prophetic name sa… , , ,
Dobry Dobry Mladovian Spirit Talker Dobry is a Spirit-Talker of a Mladovian enclave north of Bornheim. While the Dakarians destroyed nearly all of the Mladovian's o… , , ,
Donat Lange Donat Lange Lord Marshall of Bornheim The youngest male heir of the storied Lange noble family, Donat was named to the position of Lord Marshall for Bornheim … , ,
Eckerd Kaufmann Eckerd Kaufmann Squire in the Court of Ulrichstein Squire Eckerd is the eldest son of Sir Veit Kaufmann and has served personally with Baron Tobias Kuhn with … , ,
Edvin Edvin Hochwürden of the Temple of Light in Bornheim Edvin assumed the rank of Hochwürden upon the sudden death of his predecessor. Long known as an accomplish… , ,
Ephesus Ephesus Master of Tminir Tower During the time he as the Master of Tminir Tower he was one of the most powerful wizards in the Kingdom of Dakar if not the ent… , ,
Ernst Ernst Priest of Karash Father Ernst was initiated into the ranks of temple_of_light following the death of his father in the year 441 AH. His family had long … , ,
Eva LaGrange Eva LaGrange Wife of the Craftmaster of Kernwerk At times both open and manipulative. She married Karl, the Stone Master of Kernwerk, for his position and pri… , ,
Fredda Fredda Fredda is secretly one of the lords_of_water who control the smuggling in the city of Bornheim. She controls her gang and territory through a mechanical… , ,
Friedgart Friedgart Master Potter in Bornheim Master Friedgart is not only a Master Potter in Bornheim, but also works for the LordMarshall. He acts as an go-between Ba… , ,
Friedhold Friedhold Assassin and Master of the Wardrobe The Master of the Wardrobe for Lord and Lady Liese of Bornheim. In actuality he was a spy and occasional assassi… , ,
Gerhard Gerhard Flesh wizard for hire A thin man with once dark, and now graying, hair. His body has extra layers of skin showing signs that he was once a heavier man… , ,
Gero Gero Gero is one of the lords_of_water that rule the smuggling in the port city of Bornheim. He is the least known of the three lords, but his physical strengt… , ,
Gwyndolen Gwyndolen Fortune Teller with Dark Ambitions Gwyndolen was once a successful fortune teller with the menagerie Master Baldewin. In reality she was working wit… ,
Harold Gertner Harold Gertner Guildmaster of the Noble Smiths in Bornheim Harold was once able to work the hammer and tongs better than any in the city. His selection as Gra… , ,
Hubbert Beck Hubbert Beck Knight in the service of Bornheim Lord Hubbert of Holtenwertz is a long standing bachelor knight. He adheres to the older traditions, visits the … , , ,
Iiro Iiro Ropemaker and Hand-Off for Smugglers Iiro was born and raised in Bornheim, by Fisherfolk. Like most fishers his family made money on the side for several… , , ,
Ilse Lange Ilse Lange Daughter of Baron Lange, Lord Marshall of Bornheim Ilse is the last child of Baron Donat Lange and has become to be doted upon by both her parents.… , ,
Imirio I Imirio I Imirio I (Imirio Sispurus, born 1412) is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Aquileia. He gained the throne in 1442 when the then current king, Aqui… , , ,
Ingram Ingram Leads smallest smuggling faction in Bornheim One of the three lords_of_water who control most of the smuggling in Bornheim and its surrounds. Ingram's … , ,
Irlo Irlo Irlo is a master rope maker whose shop is located just off the wharf of Bornheim. He has worked for the Vulfgrau Trading House for over a decade, gatherin… , ,
Isabella Isabella Apprentice and Bearer of the Southern Storm With the help of Siguard of the Storm, Isabella bonded with the living southern storm that was her birthr… , ,
Jalo Jalo The Captain of the Nightwatch in Bornheim, Jalo, was raised to his position after it was discovered the previous captain was involved with rebels within t… , ,
Jana Jana Priest of Karash Father Jana is a fire-brand priest of Karash whose was born in Bornheim during the worst storm of 434 AH. His destiny in the Temple of L… , ,
Josef Himmel Josef Himmel Josef Himmel is a righteous knight who fought in the many holy wars against the orcs to the north and west of the Kingdom of Dakar. A staunch adhe… , ,
Konrad Brandt Konrad Brandt Lord of Salenhof A man of great height and girth, he is one of the commoners knighted by Baron Tobias of Ulrichstein. He was granted the lands o… , ,
Lanzo Lanzo Lanzo is the Dawn Watcher of the Temple of Luminous Kaskade. He destiny is to serve the city during its darkest hours, but for those who follow Karash he… , ,
Lothar Himmel Lothar Himmel Lord of Prinz Lothar is not the man he once was; instead, he is more like the man he was originally. He is currently the Lord of Prinz, which he… , ,
Ludwig Ludwig Aaron's character Ludwig images Born xxx Occupation Warrior Father xxx Mother xxx Religion temple_of_light Race Human National… , , ,
Luki Luki Priest of Taur A young priest of Taur who unwittingly helped his father resurrect an ancient engine of war. His father planned to use the engine to prefo… , ,
Marjorie Kuhn Marjorie Kuhn Lady of the Barony of Kuhn Marjorie was raised in the Western Reaches and when she married Tobias Kuhn she moved even farther into the frontier … , ,
Markus Liese Markus Liese Sir Markus Liese held many honors before marrying Lady Liese. His skill with both hammer and lance were highly considered in his youth. He partici… , ,
Nikolaos Leonov Nikolaos Leonov See Also: GM Only Leads organization determined to tear down the Dakarian throne. Nikolaos Leonov images Born 411 Occupation Landed … , , ,
Ortwin Ortwin Before his death in Y462 AH, Ortwin of Fulda was the Hochwürden at the Grand Cathedral in the city of Bornheim. He was a passionate speaker and delivere… , ,
Oswald Karlsson Oswald Karlsson The ranking priest of the temple_of_light in Ulrichstein who personally oversees Tobias Kuhn and his court. Father Oswald Karlsson is a stern a… , ,
Polena Polena Polena has been educated well beyond what should have happened. Multiple tutors in all manner for subjects left her highly educated, but also immensely … , ,
Reiner I Reiner I Reiner I (Lukas son of Arnould) was crowned the first ruler of the Kingdom of Dakar when they pacified much of the Zun River valley. He spent very lit… , , ,
Reiner II Reiner II When Reiner II was crowned, he represented the first hereditary transfer of power in Daconian history. It was not without difficulties. While his fat… , , , ,
Reiner III Reiner III Although he took the throne under the cloud of his brother abdicating, Reiner III is credited with stabilizing the kingdom and expanding the borders… , , , ,
Reiner IV Reiner IV Former King of Dakar Statistics Full Name: Mathias Guthrum ReinerHouse: House ReinerCoronation: 406 AHPredecessor: King Reiner IIISuccessor: Queen A… , , , ,
Siguard of the Storm Siguard of the Storm Bonded with the fierce North Wind Siguard is the crazy old man that lives in a laccolith of grey stone north of Ulrichstein. Any proper p… , ,
Sofiya Sofiya Angela's Character Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec massa nibh, pharetra ac sagittis eu, convallis at augue. In bibendum,… , , , ,
Tav Lehmann Tav Lehmann Knight-Captain of Baron Lange guard Sir Lehmann has been with Baron Donat Lange since he raised to the title of Lord Marshall of Bornheim. He was … , , ,
Tobi Peters Tobi Peters Priest in the town of Luckau Tobi is a fine young man used to life on the frontier. He was an acolyte to Father Oswald Schneider for many years be… , ,
Tobias Kuhn Tobias Kuhn Baron of Ulrichstein Sir Tobias is the unrecognized bastard son of Sir Wernherus of Grohn and Nell, the baker's daughter. When his mother died, Si… , ,
Valten Scholz Valten Scholz Inquisitor of the Temple of Light A man who was once driven by the absolute rightness of the the gods. Siguard of the Storm, a childhood friend,… , , ,
Veit Kaufmann Veit Kaufmann Sir Kaufmann is a knight in the court of Baron Ulrichstein and currently serves as the Bailiff of Luckau. Sir Kaufmann is a steady man, never qui… , ,
Wracwulf Stoyan Wracwulf Stoyan Duke Wracwulf Stoyan of Red Heights is the third of his title. He inherited the title from his father and grandfather before him. Although his … , , ,
Ælfric Ælfric Unconfirmed son of Prince Corwyn A striking and energetic young man whose father, Prince Corwyn Reiner, was assassinated by his sister, Queen Aurora I,… , , , ,