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Abjurer Mountains Abjurer Mountains The Abjurer Mountains is the longest continental mountain range found anywhere on Miranda. It is a continual range of highlands along the eas… ,
Ancient Theodova Ancient Theodova Dragon Kings rule the southern shore of the Serpente Sea One of the most powerful kingdoms on the Serpente Sea during the Age of Empires, The… , ,
Bagtala Bagtala Bagtala is the name of the land claimed by the kobold families that live around the Sinder valley. The vast majority of the land is in the Ejderha Moun… , ,
Bahir Ridge Bahir Ridge The Bahir Ridge is a mountain range in the Abjurer Mountains, which runs along the eastern coast of Aquanius. Anchored by the the mountain range t… ,
Blackfist Hold Blackfist Hold Once a prominent dwarven hold that spanned the Abjurer Mountains from east to west and ran long the ridge from the northern most point to the We… ,
Blasted Lands Blasted Lands This nearly lifeless area covers nearly 10 million square kilometers on the north-western corner of Aquanius. The only way to explain the area is… ,
Dengal Strait Dengal Strait The closest point between the Miran and Aquanius continents this strait is just 10.2 km at its narrowest point. The chalk cliffs on either side o… , , ,
Draak Valley Draak Valley The Draak Valley is a large eastern valley in the High Ejderha range of the Ejderha Mountains. The Draak is a river valley formed by the Cartolli … , , ,
Ejderha Mountains Ejderha Mountains The Ejderha Mountains are a mountain range that runs along the northern coast of Aquanius through the southern cities of Theodova. It stretch… , ,
Firock Stronghold Firock Stronghold This stronghold occupies a long volcanic ridge in the Abjurer Mountains known as the Dragon Back. Although the volcanoes are frequently activ… ,
Kiffin Kiffin Kiffin is a shoag federated country formed by the alliance for the three largest tribes settled upon their lands. After the destruction of the Qeren Tri… , ,
Kiqukke Tribe Kiqukke Tribe The Kiqukke Tribe (pronounced: \i-kwik\) is the largest shoag tribe of the federated country of Kiffin. Comprising nearly half of to total popula… , , ,
Lake Sarejeka Lake Sarejeka Although Lake Sarejeka is considered one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world it is one of only five large lakes in Aquanius. With a surf… ,
Lycene Lycene First Empire of the Serpente Sea One of the first large human empires, Lycene expended along the shoreline of Aquanius where it bordered the Serpente S… ,
Morning Calm Morning Calm Once the second largest of the jundari aeries on Miranda it has been abandoned for hundreds of years. Located along the Bahir Ridge of the Abjurer… ,
Sinder Valley Sinder Valley The Sinder Valley is the longest valley that cuts through the Ejderha Mountains. Named after the Sinder River that flows from Lake Sarejeka throu… , , ,
Talarak Talarak Island of Pirates and Corsairs - Fall behind and get left behind The largest island in the Tarakian Islands chain as well as one of the most populous.… ,
Tarakian Islands Tarakian Islands The Tarakian Islands is an enormous archipelago comprised of approximately 18,000 individual islands. It is commonly accepted as the division … , ,
Theodova Theodova Egalitarian City-States along the shores of the Serpente Sea A collection of independent city-states with a shared cultural history located along the… , , ,
Theodovan People Theodovan People Statistics Population: xx millionTraditional Settlements:Languages:Religion:Related Ethnic Groups: History Demographics Culture ethnicity … , , ,
Zentirovan Zentirovan During the Age of Empires the Zentirovans (commonly called Zentis) were the terrors of towns and villages along the coastline of Miran and Aquanius.… , ,