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Ancient Theodova Ancient Theodova Dragon Kings rule the southern shore of the Serpente Sea One of the most powerful kingdoms on the Serpente Sea during the Age of Empires, The… , ,
Bagtala Bagtala Bagtala is the name of the land claimed by the kobold families that live around the Sinder valley. The vast majority of the land is in the Ejderha Moun… , ,
Blackblood Blackblood A strong alliance of the various tribes of orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins, and many others; the Blackblood are one of the most multi-racial nations on… , ,
Blackfist Hold Blackfist Hold Once a prominent dwarven hold that spanned the Abjurer Mountains from east to west and ran long the ridge from the northern most point to the We… ,
Blazing Glory Blazing Glory The longest range of the Jundari, Blazing Glory runs along the peaks, valleys, and plains that encircle the world at its girth. The jundari of Bl… ,
Blue Isle Blue Isle This isle off the northeastern shore of the Caragan Sea is named for the hundreds of blue spruce trees that cover its surface. In fact, the tree cove… , ,
Brundswag Brundswag The Brundswag is a polyglot collection of hundreds of Brund tribes held together by the military strength of the lords. These hold sway over large s… , ,
Bzynathim Bzynathim Statistics Capitol AndaliOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligion irrishiteDemonym IrillianGovernment Const… , , ,
Carthia Carthia Carthia, often called Five Tribes, is more like a modern nation-state than the feudal states of the western cultures. They are a people driven by their… , ,
Charr Grot Charr Grot Charr Grot (Charred Home) is the closest nation to claim lands near the Blasted Lands. The orcs of Charr Grot make several heavily armed expeditions… , , , ,
Children of the Sun Children of the Sun Umwasunna, also known as The Children of the Sun is the religious holy land of the Sunna. Located at the very bottom tip of Aquanius with a… , ,
Chrysalis Chrysalis A nation with the most powerful magicians found anywhere in the Realms would seem to have long ago dominated the other nations and bent their people … , ,
Early Qadari Early Qadari History Proto-Qadari Period In 1897 AM several tribes in the Kahnar River Valley began to form the first settlements. These settlements formed b… , ,
Eishen Theocracy Eishen Theocracy Eishen is not as much a nation, but a religious colony. Its members are drawn from human women across the world each somehow drawn to these fr… , ,
Eleleno Eleleno The Kingdom of Eleleno was carved out of the wilderness of southern Selcaria by Eleleno the Lion, the sixth son of minor Irillian Senator. With his fat… , ,
Ellendar Ellendar Largest elven community in the world Ellendar is the largest community of elves left on Miranda. Located south of the western lands of the Kingdom of… , ,
Empire of Jadqar Empire of Jadqar nation elyssian age_of_empires stub , , ,
Evening Song Evening Song The largest jundari eyrie that stills survives in the Realms. Its counterpart, Morning Calm, was built in the northern Abjurer Mountains and aband… , ,
Firock Stronghold Firock Stronghold This stronghold occupies a long volcanic ridge in the Abjurer Mountains known as the Dragon Back. Although the volcanoes are frequently activ… ,
Free Cities Free Cities The term “Free Cities” is used in the context that these holdings in southwestern Miran are not a part of any of the major nations. The list of fre… , ,
G'huis G'huis G'huis is the largest rathari range both in terms of geographical area and population on Aquanius. Having been settled for thousands of years they have … , ,
Goth Goth The Gothar live east of Vykir and south of Ice Peaks along the shoreline of the White Sea. North of their land is a cold sea filled with island of ice and… , ,
Gulshome Gulshome Probably the only nation in the Realms that will never be conquered, but instead fall apart with its citizens becoming bored and moving somewhere else… , ,
Holy Irillian Empire Holy Irillian Empire Statistics During it height in 1750 AE Capitol AndaliOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligionirris… , ,
Ikarji Ikarji This is the lost Elven City of crystal. Not even the oldest elven legends tell exactly where this wonderful city was located. The closest known passage … , ,
Irill Irill Irill is one of the longest lived nationalities found in Miran. Its history can be traced over a over two-thousand (3,000) year period. At its peak it co… , ,
Irillian Empire Irillian Empire Often called the First Empire of Irill. Statistics Capitol xxxOfficial Languages(s) IrillianRegional Languages(s) various dialectsReligion … , , ,
Irillian Republic Irillian Republic Irill, officially the Irillian Empire, is a unitary constitutional republic in the Western Realms with several overseas territories and islan… , ,
Jadqar Jadqar Colloquially known as the “Children of the Sun”, the people of Jadqar are known as a scholarly people whose philosophy of individuality and an all-being… , , , ,
Jugalii Jugalii The Jugalii is a hashan nation located on an isolated island chain (Jugalii Islands) in the northern half of the Isaurus Ocean. The Jalli family of the… , , ,
Kiffin Kiffin Kiffin is a shoag federated country formed by the alliance for the three largest tribes settled upon their lands. After the destruction of the Qeren Tri… , ,
Kingdom of Alberius Kingdom of Alberius Alberius is the most eastern of the three kingdoms that were carved out of the Providence of Selcaria when it separated from the Holy Irill… , , ,
Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia images map region map world Capitol Tusculum Official Languages(s) Irillian Regional Languages(s) xxx … , , ,
Kingdom of Dakar Kingdom of Dakar The Kingdom of Dakar was founded by the dakarians when the migrated south from the Endless Snows. Aided by the dwarves of Stoneheart Hold they… , ,
Kingdom of Dittare Kingdom of Dittare History The Kingdom of Dittare was once called the Providence of Dittare when it was created by the Irillian Empire. Located just south of … , ,
Kingdom of Giorgia Kingdom of Giorgia Irillian exile Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Hold… , , ,
Kingdom of Irill Kingdom of Irill The Kingdom of Irill was formed in Y398 AE when Lord Doisius forged an alliance with the Stormrock Clan. With the help of dwarven gold and ste… , ,
Kingdom of Istria Kingdom of Istria Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: King … , , , ,
Kingdom of Khami Kingdom of Khami A small kingdom that is currently held by a Sundatan prince in the name of his mother. Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Rela… , , , ,
Kingdom of Langril Kingdom of Langril Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: Lord… , , , ,
Kingdom of Lazio Kingdom of Lazio Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: King A… , , ,
Kingdom of Mladovo Kingdom of Mladovo Once the largest kingdom southwest of the Iron Mountains Founded by one of the first tribes of Northmen to come through the Iron Mountains … , ,
Kingdom of Selmunia Kingdom of Selmunia History Geography Economy Society Religion Magic Government Military Holdings Lord: King Jurius selcaria nation western_realms mi… , , ,
Kingdom of Taormina Kingdom of Taormina Statistics History Geography Politics Foreign Relations Military Economy Demographics Religion Magic Culture Holdings Lord: Kin… , , , ,
Kingdom of Trilelisa Kingdom of Trilelisa Before she became Queen Silvio she was known as Silvio Nightmare for her bloody raids on the eastern frontier of Irill. It wasn't long bef… , , ,
Kingdom of Tyerwintil Kingdom of Tyerwintil Upon this ground once stood the beautiful elven city of Tyerwintil; although nothing but a solid white oak monument surrounded by five gr… , , ,
Kith Kith Kith is the largest territory controlled by the Kithkin one of the ancient races created by the Sha’rek’ta. It is a land of vast prairie and gentle sweepi… , ,
Krandryia Krandryia The highlands located just east of the Kingdom of Dakar are home to a diverse collection of family clans and tribes. While most of the inhabitants ar… , ,
Kresh Kresh Located along the northern ridges of the Anor Mountains, Kresh is not a Nation State as many of the nations on Miran are becoming. Instead it is land cur… , ,
Lycene Lycene First Empire of the Serpente Sea One of the first large human empires, Lycene expended along the shoreline of Aquanius where it bordered the Serpente S… ,
Morning Calm Morning Calm Once the second largest of the jundari aeries on Miranda it has been abandoned for hundreds of years. Located along the Bahir Ridge of the Abjurer… ,
Qadari Dynasty Qadari Dynasty History Proto-Qadari Period In 2174 AM, the Rakkarians attacked north along the Oskol river using large flat-bottomed barges to protect their … , , , ,
Red Wolves Red Wolves The most powerful orc nation in Miranda is located in the southern Anor Mountains. They have forged alliances or conquered all of the other tribes, … , ,
Ruenlak Ruenlak The Ruenlak were a small tribe of humans that settled around the bay in what became Heimmelstang and eventually Bornheim. Their language and xenophobic… ,
Selcaria Selcaria Selcaria was once a diocese of the Holy Irillian Empire in the Anicetus prefecture. If was comprised of the Demetri, Thebai, and Kastéllo provinces. E… , ,
Shifting Sands Shifting Sands Zarim pulled a kerchief out of his pocket and wiped off the sweat that had accumulated on his brow. The sun had been beating down on him and his… , ,
Sithara Sithara This name, taken from a very ancient map, is used to denote and area of wetlands, shallow waters, and salt marshes where the shoag have lived since rec… , ,
Stoneheart Hold Stoneheart Hold This is the last surviving stronghold on Miranda that is still occupied by dwarves. All of the other great strongholds were destroyed during th… , ,
Teralli Teralli The Teralli is the largest nation of the hashan anywhere in the world. Although they only have holdings in or bordering the Isaurus Ocean. Statistics … , ,
Theodova Theodova Egalitarian City-States along the shores of the Serpente Sea A collection of independent city-states with a shared cultural history located along the… , , ,
Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms is a confederation of three territories created by treaty between the Elves of Ellendar, Yarrick a Dakarian high mage, and Sa… , , , ,
Turan Turan Turan is the only nation in the Realms that also controls territory outside of the continent. The Turanian shipping fleet makes even the Xian navy appear… , ,
Urstavan Urstavan Riding out of the north atop a black mount, followed by a thousand battle-hardened warriors, and leading a column of nearly ten-thousand refugees - An… , , ,
V'eand V'eand V'eand is the most prominent northern range of the rathari in Aquanius. The range extends from the savanna that borders G'huis to the wetlands that mark… , ,
Vaynite Vaynite The Vaynites where a human tribe whose range encompasses the southwestern lands of the Druyen Highlands and the Valley of the Sun. Statistics Name: La… ,
Vykir Vykir Vykirs are the most pure-blooded northmen still found upon Miran as well as the most northern of the human population anywhere upon Miranda. The live in … , ,
Xian Xian Xenophobic Theocracy of Refugees Xian is a large religious Theocracy that was founded by Xianese refugees who were driven out of their homeland. While th… , ,
Y'bome Y'bome Y'bome is a small range of rathari located along the Shinhorn Ridge of the Escarian Mountains. Their homes are in the caves and peaks of the ridge provi… , ,
Zentirovan Zentirovan During the Age of Empires the Zentirovans (commonly called Zentis) were the terrors of towns and villages along the coastline of Miran and Aquanius.… , ,