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Bell and Gold Tavern Bell and Gold Tavern The Bell and Gold Tavern is the finest tavern in Borulli, the hashan charter town north of Bornheim. The tavern is run by the Jugalii and … , , ,
Black Shark Tavern Black Shark Tavern The Black Shark Tavern, more commonly called Dead Eyes, is a rundown bar tucked among the warehouses near the port in Valparia. If there was… ,
Black Stag Tavern Black Stag Tavern The Black Stag Tavern is a narrow building in the Medaille District of Bornheim. It is run by two orcs, Kabar and Radha. Their kids have all … , ,
Blacks Tavern Blacks Tavern Blacks Tavern is more than cozy, it is small and crowded. Built along the river wall in Ulrichstein this tavern is named not for its owner, but t… , ,
Dorrels Drunk Dorrels Drunk Dorrels Drunk is a cramped tavern in the Greenacre district of Bornheim. Frequented by laborers, farmers, and merchants; a great deal of business… ,
Jorut's Tavern Jorut's Tavern Jorut's Tavern is located in the Crofterton District of the city of Fountainhead. It is a place visited by the craftsmen and apprentices who liv… , ,
Knights Hall Tavern Knights Hall Tavern This fine establishment, the Knights Hall Tavern, is frequented by those seeking an audience with the Baron of Ulrichstein. Serving the bes… , ,
Radlofs Lucky House Radlofs Lucky House Radlofs Lucky House is a gambling house in the Fishtown district of Bornheim. It has a reputation of mostly fair gambling Services and Acc… , ,
Rusty Anchor Tavern Rusty Anchor Tavern The Rusty Anchor Tavern is by a small tavern in Bornheim's Fishtown district. Once a moderate business, it was partially burned down when c… ,
Shady Tree Shady Tree The Shady Tree is a three story building constructed of white knotty pine and built upon one of the stone foundations from the shelf in Fountainhead… , ,
Shining Blade Tavern Shining Blade Tavern The Shining Blade Tavern is by far the largest tavern on Bornheim's Warehouse district. Once a moderate warehouse it was partially burned … ,
Silver Cup Tavern Silver Cup Tavern The Silver Cup Tavern is a well-to-do tavern along the Merchants Row of Valparia. Vik bought the tavern in Y441 AH after the previous owner d… ,
Sword and Bones Sword and Bones The Sword and Bones is a tavern at the edge of the market in the Three Sisters district in Fountainhead. The building is rough-hewn wood constr… , ,
The Bear and the Pike The Bear and the Pike The Bear and the Pike is a tavern built up against the northern wall of The Wash in Bornheim. Once used as a barracks by the Nightwatch b… ,
The Shining Blade The Shining Blade This tavern is located in the Warehouse district of the port city of Bornheim. It is one of the largest taverns in Bornheim and is welcoming … , ,
Tumbling Stone Tavern Tumbling Stone Tavern The Tumbling Stone Tavern is a large tavern near the northern gate of the city of Bornheim just inside an area known as The Wash. Frequen… ,
Twin Swans Inn Twin Swans Inn The Twin Swans Inn is a three-story building just east of the Warehouse Center in Valparia. The carvings and chipped gilting reveal it was once … , ,
Two Coins Tavern Two Coins Tavern The Two Coins is a tavern located on High Street along Glory Ridge in the city of Bornheim. It is frequented by the wealthy and those who do b… , ,
Wood River Inn Wood River Inn The Wood River Inn has been owned by Berchtwald since Y451 AH. Located along the main street of Ulrichstein near the eastern gate it is a favori… , , ,