Twin Swans Inn

The Twin Swans Inn is a three-story building just east of the Warehouse Center in Valparia. The carvings and chipped gilting reveal it was once a lavish inn, its current appearance is far more run-down. Jorhem is no carpenter, but his wife is too cheap to hire one so he makes the repairs. These repairs are neither sturdy nor good-looking. Simply planking pinned over whatever is falling apart. There are no tables, benches, or chairs that do not show signs of his craftsmanship.

Jorhem and his wife Basha bought the inn in Y437 and have been running it into the ground ever since. They extract coins from the desperate and despicable. They ask no questions and can find a buyer or seller for just about anything. They do not tolerate fighting in the common room and anyone pulling a knife will not leave the inn alive.

There is no service that Jorhem will not sell if he has a buyer, he is not even opposed to slavery as long he does not get caught. He keeps a group of boys and girls as prostitutes, often working them continuously through the night when the port is full. He knows many of the local cutters, pickpockets, burglars, and press gangs. Jorhem can hook up just about anybody with anything they need, for the right price. Should anyone try to cheat him - their body will never be found.

Basha runs the kitchen; although she does not cook. Fatty stews and tough meat are the only orders found. Even the butter and cheese may be rancid occasionally. She passes it all through the kitchen with heaping amounts of the strongest liqueur that she can purchase cheap. Its cheap food for cheap men as she likes to describe.

The ground floor is a open common room, walled-off kitchen, and a private room for Jorhem to conduct business. Whatever sticks of furniture is still holding together is haphazardly places about the common room. Smoke from the kitchen often roils out into the common room.

The second floor has rooms for the prostitutes to use, when they don't simply make use of the common room, and two large bunkhouse rooms. The most southern room is a bathhouse with two wooden tubs and pitchers for water. Soaps and scents are extra.

The third floor has rooms for those patrons willing to spend a bit more. Each room has a single bed, chest, chair, table, and prostitute of your choice for the evening. Jorhem and Basha take whichever room is not being used for the evening. If all of the rooms are taken they will sleep in the kitchen.