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Abjurer Mountains Abjurer Mountains The Abjurer Mountains is the longest continental mountain range found anywhere on Miranda. It is a continual range of highlands along the eas… ,
Anor Mountains Anor Mountains These large densely forested mountains represent a difficult challenge for anyone moving from the east coast into the central plains of Miran. T… ,
Arawen River Arawen River The Arawen River is a wide river that flows from the foothills of the Iron Mountains through the Elfenwald until it empties into Lake Hurroc. It f… , , ,
Bahir Ridge Bahir Ridge The Bahir Ridge is a mountain range in the Abjurer Mountains, which runs along the eastern coast of Aquanius. Anchored by the the mountain range t… ,
Blasted Lands Blasted Lands This nearly lifeless area covers nearly 10 million square kilometers on the north-western corner of Aquanius. The only way to explain the area is… ,
Caragan Sea Caragan Sea This inner sea is the largest in the entire world. Located on the western side of the Miran Continent the waters of the Caragan keep the lands arou… , ,
Dengal Strait Dengal Strait The closest point between the Miran and Aquanius continents this strait is just 10.2 km at its narrowest point. The chalk cliffs on either side o… , , ,
Doursse River Doursse River The Doursse River begins on the western shoreline of Lake Hadt, which is filled by many feeder streams that come from the western side of the mos… , , , , , ,
Draak Valley Draak Valley The Draak Valley is a large eastern valley in the High Ejderha range of the Ejderha Mountains. The Draak is a river valley formed by the Cartolli … , , ,
Druyen Highlands Druyen Highlands The Druyen Highlands is the area of land that runs along the southern ridges of the Iron Mountains. Most of the land is occupied by Krandryia,… , ,
Ejderha Mountains Ejderha Mountains The Ejderha Mountains are a mountain range that runs along the northern coast of Aquanius through the southern cities of Theodova. It stretch… , ,
Elfenwald Elfenwald The Elfenwald, or Elves' Wood in Dakarian, is a vast stretch of forest that stretches across the lower third of the Kingdom of Dakar between the Alan… ,
Escarian Mountains Escarian Mountains The Escarian Mountains is in reality an extensive ridgeline that juts out in a southwesterly direction from the Abjurer Mountains. With an a… , , ,
Evenki Islands Evenki Islands These volcanic rock islands are located in the northern western quadrant of the White Sea straddling the polar circle. These islands are inhabit… , , ,
Feuwald Feuwald This forest stretches in a strip from the foothills of the Iron Mountains to the northern border of the Elfenwald. The forest gets its name from the ho… , , ,
Fuldelf Ridge Fuldelf Ridge This ridgeline curves in a semi-circular fashion starting in the western peaks of the Iron Mountains travelling south then bending west until it … ,
Garam Paya Garam Paya Large salt marsh of the Pah The southern topology is bordered by the Black River delta on the east and the Garam Paya (Great Salt Swamp) in the cen… ,
Gate of the Gods Gate of the Gods The Gate of the Gods is the name given to two large alpine tundra peaks that reach high above any other mountain peak in the Iron Mountains. T…
Gesalt River Gesalt River The Gesalt River flows from the city of Fountainhead until it empties it the Flumen dei Animas. Physical Geography The Gesalt River can be divid… , , , ,
Heule River Heule River The Heule River for most of its length runs along the accepted border between Krandryia and the Kingdom of Dakar. Feed from the snow melt in the Ir… , , , ,
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Jinan Valley Jinan Valley This land has known many names, it was called “Kraddack” by the carthins that once lived there. When the Turanians conquered them they renamed the… , , ,
Jinni River Valley Jinni River Valley The Jinni River Valley is a large valley that cuts through the western Iron Mountains along the path of the Jenny River. History In the Ag… , , ,
Jorgalli Peninsula Jorgalli Peninsula Tropical outcropping prone to violent storms This large peninsula juts off from the south-eastern shoreline of the Elysian continent. Dotte… ,
Jugalii Islands Jugalii Islands The Jugalii is an island chain located in the northern half of the Isaurus Ocean nearly 1,200 miles from the nearest continent (Miran). The lan… , ,
Kugelbine Kugelbine This lake covers over 2,780 acres (11.25 km2) and can be smelled far sooner than it is visible. The lake is formed by many streams from the hot sprin… , , ,
Lake Stolps Lake Stolps Lake Stolps is located in the northeastern part of the Kingdom of Dakar and is considered the headwaters of the Zun River. The lake covers nearly 4… , ,
Lake Urr See Lake Urr See Lake Urr See is the fourth largest freshwater lake in the Western Realms. It is the source of the Zun River. The lake is feed by a large undergrou… , ,
Lech River Lech River The Lech River is a deep river that flows from the highlands of Krandryia until its confluence with the Zun River at the city of Hattingen in the Ki… , , ,
Northern Ice Shelf Northern Ice Shelf The Northern Ice Shelf is the large ice that surrounds Barrowton Island, the most northern land in the world. With a thickness ranging from …
Rakarian Valley Rakarian Valley The Rakarian Valley is a valley bordered on the north by the Iron Mountains and to the east and south by the Fuldelf Ridge. The valley has a we… , , , ,
Serpente Sea Serpente Sea The Serpente Sea is a large sea running roughly in the same circle of latitude of Miranda, surrounded by the Illathin Region. It is connected to t… ,
Sinder Valley Sinder Valley The Sinder Valley is the longest valley that cuts through the Ejderha Mountains. Named after the Sinder River that flows from Lake Sarejeka throu… , , ,
Stoneheart Mountains Stoneheart Mountains The largest mountain range above sea-level is contained within an region called the Iron Mountains. This large snow-capped range run north… ,
Tarakian Islands Tarakian Islands The Tarakian Islands is an enormous archipelago comprised of approximately 18,000 individual islands. It is commonly accepted as the division … , ,
Tenebrae Mountains Tenebrae Mountains Mountain Range south of Selcaria Reaching nearly one hundred and fifty-two (152) meters in height at its peak, the Tenebrae Range is not th… ,
Three River Valley Three River Valley The Three River Valley is a large fertile valley controlled by the Kingdom of Dakar. The name is derived from the three major rivers that bo… , , ,
Valley of the Sun Valley of the Sun These hills and valleys not only occupy a very strategic niche between Dakar, Irill, and Krandryia; it also happens to be some of the most fe… , ,
Zun River Zun River The Zun River is the second longest river in the Western Realms. Flowing entirely through the Kingdom of Dakar. Its headwaters are located in the Iro… , , ,