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Aelon Aelon Aelon is a fae lord who followed Ellowyn into exile from the fae lands. Although it is believed that he loved her, she never returned his overtures and i…
Arrendel Arrendel Patron of Travel and New Beginnings Arrendel is the Patron of Travel within the Celestial Court. He, along with several others, support those elves w… , ,
Asteria Asteria Asteria is a powerful High Lady of the Fae and known as the Lady of Ice. Although she is not yet a recognized Faerie Queen she has a powerful court of … , , ,
Bayberry Twinkleflight Bayberry Twinkleflight Bayberry Twinkleflight is a pixie in the service of Seirian. She is nearly seven centimeters tall (3“ in height) with an average build a… , , ,
Bellador Bellador The Bellador is an household fae commonly associated underground root and wine cellars. They keep the fruits of your labor fresh - or spoil them shoul… , , ,
Bloodkin Fae Bloodkin Fae The Bloodkin Fae is the name given to those born of a mating between fae and another sapient species. This can only be accomplished if willed to e… , ,
Castae Castae Castae is an unseelie witch whose power to corrupt any emotion is well known. She can turn the most virtuous wife in a harlot and the most honorable man…
Changling Changling A Changling is a fae spirit that has consumed a mortal spirit and now possesses its body. This can only happen when the mortal is very young (typica…
Ellowyn Ellowyn Queen of the Celestial Court Ellowyn is a powerful faerie lady and beloved daughter of the Seelie Queen. Nevertheless, she was banished from the fae l… , ,
Ettrian Ettrian Ettrian (The Crimson Blades) is a powerful Duke in the Celestial Court who hates a Dark Elf beyond reason. At the top of his list is Mardac, the oathbr… , , ,
Fae Gnome Fae Gnome A fae gnome are branch from which the mortal gnome branched at the cataclysmic end of the Age of Legends. Fae gnomes are earth spirits and their natu… , , , ,
Faerie Queen Faerie Queen More properly called a Sidhe Queen, the queens are the most powerful fae in the Fae Lands. In addition to the Queen that rules over the court, th…
Great Tree Great Tree The largest branch of the Great Tree on Miranda sits at the heart of the forest of Ellendar. The tree itself upon this world is nothing more than a …
Lórion Lórion Lórion is a water nymph known for both her prowess and unsettling beauty. She travels the great waters of the Isaurus Ocean in search of prey. She has w… , , ,
Mardac Mardac Mardac is one of the most powerful seelie fae lord and most often seen in the Great Hunt. He is considered one of the strongest hunters of unseelie and …
Mei Mahogany Mei Mahogany Mei Mahogany is one of the oska that live deep within the Savimaahan. She has given her service to Queen Mirasandoral in exchange for three favors… , , ,
Nightsilver Nightsilver Nightsilver is a silver alloy that can only be made in the deepest unseelie forges. Bound with unseelie power this silver amplifies their traits. T… , ,
Ollonni Ollonni Ollonni is the proprietor of the Watchers' House, a rather strange establishment that moves about near the Blasted Lands. Ollonni has been the manager … , , , ,
Pixie Pixie A Pixie females and males look very different from each other. A pixie female is one the the smallest of the winged wee folk in the Fae Lands. Typically … , ,
Queen Mirasandoral Queen Mirasandoral Queen Mirasandoral is a relatively young Faerie Queen having established her realm after a human took its first step. She has been trying to… , , ,
Redcap Redcap A redcap is a dark and violent faerie who seeks to kill those it sees as weaker. It will then use its cap to soak up their blood. Scholars believe the f…
Rinadal Rinadal Patron of the Hunter and Hunted fae celestial_court stub , ,
Saeya Saeya Saeya is a Lady Fair in the Celestial Court and acknowledged as the finest silversmith in the court. She is very artistic with a natural talent for bring… , , , ,
Satyr Satyr spirit fae liminal , ,
Seelie Seelie Among the creatures of the Fae Lands the Seelie are those seen by mortals as beautiful, glamourous, and generally positive towards mortals. They help pe…
Seirian Seirian Seirian is a Selkie, a type of fae that resembles a seal while in the water. When traveling to the mortal plane she often found the most enjoyment in t… , ,
Silver Silver Fae-Elf Member of the Red Guard Silver is now a lean humanoid woman standing a little over 4 feet tall. Her skin is the color of purest ivory and her … , ,
Thaogut Thaogut Thaogut loves to barter favors for goods from his and always finds people willing. His selling point is that You get what you need, but not what you w…
Thorne Thorne Thorne is sidhe that has managed to avoid most of the intrigue of the courts as he explores his desires on the mortal world. he has traveled back and fo… , , ,
Unseelie Unseelie Among the creatures of the Fae Lands the Unseelie are those seen by mortals as having wicked dispositions. Those fae that play cruel tricks, harm peop…
Wee Folk Wee Folk The Wee Folk or Lesser Fae or just Fairies are the smallest and typically least powerful of the spirits in the Fae Lands. Everything from Pixies, Brow… , , ,
Yushka Yushka The Yusha are unseelie bipedal walking carpets. They are large, standing over ten feet, and broad in both the shoulders and chest - even their legs are … ,