Humans represent the largest population on Miranda, numbering almost 200 million. Therefore, they serve as the base upon which all other races are compared against. Humans were one of the three races created by the magi before they left the Mortal Plane for other realities.

The average human male stands a little over 5½ feet tall;, with women around 3 inches shorter. Almost any hair color is possible; although brown, black, red, and blonde are the most common. A human's eye color is usually somewhere between blue and black with brown being the most common. Most humans will live about 60 years under the best conditions.

Humans have not yet been around long enough to develop distinctive sub-species. While the Brund, Ged-zari, and humans were all created in the image of the magi, they are not the same species. However, because the magi used the physical bodies of elves to create humanity there are two distinct exceptions.


Much to the shame of the elves, humans can successfully interbreed with modern elves and produce successful offspring. The reason for this is that when the magi created the humans they used the bodies of the elves to fashion the bodies of humans. While there are several obvious physical differences between humans and elves, they are more physically related than any other sapient species in the world.


Known only to the a true elf, the first orcs were actually true elves that had been violently bonded against their will to spirits of rage and slaughter. These first orcs were like a snake in the grass waiting to ambush their kin. On the Night of the Blood Moon the orcs were overcome by the desire to slaughter all elven life.

Modern orcs are very different from their ancient ancestors, less overcome by mindless slaughter - but still their physical bodies retain their elven heritage. This allows humans to successful interbreed with orcs. Unlike mating with elves a half-orc is not usually sexually viable to produce offspring with either orcs or humans.

Humans have spread rapidly across the world since their creation at the start of the Age of Man.