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Ancient Dwarf Ancient Dwarf The first of the genus dwarf to exist on the world. They are related to the modern dwarves, but believed to be long extinct. They were created by… ,
Brund Brund Like humans, the Brund were created by the magi when they were forced to leave Miranda by the gods, thus creating the Age of Man. Physically muscular wit… ,
Canum Canum Extinct species of cannids The Canum are a species of sapient creatures created by the Sha'rek'ta during their reign. It is believed that the last of th… ,
Centaur Centaur Humanoid upper torso with a equine lower torso. Centaur images Info info1 info2 Sub-Types Kline lesser Celestial greater Game System Path… ,
Corrindian Cyclops Corrindian Cyclops The Corrindian Cyclops or Jedim is a species of Cyclops that branched off near the end of the Age of Legends. The Jedim have fully adapted t… ,
Cyclops Cyclops Cyclops (plural Cyclopes), sometimes called Permuthian Cyclops , are large humanoids with one central eye on their face. The first cyclopes appeared d… ,
Dwarf Dwarf The first dwarves were fashioned from Miranda and brought to life by Earthmother, but that have all passed from this world. Their successors now live in … ,
Gargantuan Cyclops Gargantuan Cyclops The Gargantuan Cyclops is a race of cyclops whose physical size dwarfs other cyclops. It is not their height, which is only a few meters tal… ,
Ged-zari Ged-zari The Ged-zari were created by the magi as psychic spirits of intellect and knowledge. They gave these spirits the ability to learn and adapt, but the i… ,
Gnome Gnome Cursed with Insanity and Doomed to Extinction The species referred to as gnomes by the majority of people is actually a sub-species that branched from t… ,
Goblin Goblin Goblins were initially a species of orc that branched off at some point during the Dark Ages. Since then they have evolved to become a distinct species.… , ,
Janus Cyclops Janus Cyclops The Janus Cyclops is a subspecies of Cyclops. The smallest of the cyclops, the Janus Cyclops has lost all facial structure of their originally tw… ,
Kith Kith Ancient cat ancestors of the Kithkin Powerful hunters created by the Sha'rek'ta during the Age of the Ancients and went extinct during the Dark Ages. Lik… ,
Kobold Kobold Kobolds are a species of the Blackblood family having descended from goblins. Kobolds did not evolve over time from goblins, but instead branched (eithe… , ,
Mankind Mankind Mankind is the taxonomic genus for those mortal sapients created by the Magi at the end of the Return of the Gods just before they left the world. The … ,
True Elf True Elf The True Elves are the direct progeny of the first elves that Ellowyn created on Miranda. All of the True Elves still alive were created by Ellowyn fr… ,