Field Guide
Habitat Tundra, Icepack
Aggressive 7
Occurrence 3
Social Clan
See Also none


These large hairy bipeds stand over seven foot and weigh in excess of three-hundred pounds. Their skin is a dark blue and covered in white fur during the winter an grayish-brown during the summer months. Their four fingered hands are well-suited to manipulating objects; although they cannot do fine manipulation like humans or orcs. They feet are oversize with thick pads that allow them to run across the snow and sharp rocks of the icepicks without slowing down.

Their language consists of sharp barks, growls, and a significant amount of body language. They are very aggressive to any non-family member that enters their territory. This is especially true while a female is pregnant or their children are threatened. In this case all of the nearby montuk will converge on the area and attack whoever is threatening them.


Montuk live in the frozen north where above freezing temperatures come only a few weeks each year. They have been known to migrate great distances during the winter, occasionally reaching as far south as the Iron Mountains. Because they travel in families as large as 50 montuk, most villages leave them alone and allow the montuk to pass peacefully. Migrating montuk rarely attack settlements that are not directly in their path. However, the wake of dead animals they leave in their wake have many people wishing they would migrate elsewhere.

They are accomplished swimmers and their claws enable them to climb the sharp ice mountains of their homeland. A montuk will burrow a den into the snow and ick packs where it will live with its mate and any immature children. Once the children mature they will leave the burrow and seek their own mates. Food

The montuk are pure carnivores, feasting on various water mammals, fish, and the variety of deer as they migrate south. While their size would indicate the need for a large diet, they actually eat infrequently because their body's metabolism runs very slowly. The amount of energy spent on a failed chase can doom a montuk to a wasting death. The sharp claws on their hands can even tear open a orca and drag its body to shore where a montuk and its mate can feast. Blubbery water mammals are a montuk's favorite meal.


A montuk will typically be encountered if someone is foolish enough to step on their burrow or near a burrow holding children. When attacking the montuk will always fight in groups. They will body slam their victims and then claw their body to pieces. Those that have mastered simple tools will wield large clubs with sharpened rocks attached to the top. In other cases they will simply tear up chunks of ice and hurl them at the attackers.

Magical Materials

A montuk's innards are 1d10 (MR4; Water, Ice) quantities of blood, organs, and bone. Their claws will yield 3 (MR2; Earth) quantities and the fur is very resistant to the weather (MR2; Water, Ice and can be made into a robe half the size the montuke was in actual sive.