The term Half-Orc encompasses many different types of half-orcs as their are children between many of the elfbloods, humans, and blackbloods. A half-orc is the child of an orc and one of the previously mentioned races. The most common pairing is between an orc and human, they are also the most commonly accepted as they carry many of the human traits.

A human-orc half-orc is typically taller than those of its human parent and far broader in build. In most cases the tusks of an orc are far less pronounced or often missing entirely.


All Half-orcs suffer from a Blood Rage similar to their orc parent, in some rare cases even more than their actual parent. While under this rage they can ignore a high degree of pain or the removal of a limb. This rage is different from rage suffered by either an orc or dark elf; although it comes from the same source. Instead a half-orc rarely suffers from a complete mental breakdown of their rage. Instead this bloodrage is with then all the time just to a far less degree.

Their rage is far less, but they suffer less from it. The exception to this is the Elf-Orc Half-orc, whose rage far exceeds, by orders of magnitude, that suffered by their orc parent. Nearly the equivalent of the Orgundi.

There are currently three major branches of dark elves different enough to be considered a separate race. Each of these races are physically isolated enough to have developed different characteristics. Unless otherwise noted they are still considered part of the elf species and can fully interbreed with them.


As above.


Called the Tainted by the elves they are hunted if even a whisper of their existence is heard. For all of the love elves have for children an elven woman carrying an orc child is “cleansed” of this abomination. Elven males who mate with an orc are not just outcast but typically killed.

Those born are nearly always taken by the bloodrage as it manifests much stronger in them and among the half-breeds.


Called a Hobgoblin.


More commonly known as the Orcneas, this child is the most terrifying of the Half-Orcs. The physical strength and resilience of an Ogre, but with the intelligence and bloodrage of an orc.