A werewolf is a therianthropic creature that can metamorphose into a wolf-like form. These metamorphs specifically combine that of a mortal and a wolf. Many werewolves are tied to the cycle of the moon, suggesting the first werewolves were cursed by a moon goddess or spirit.

Werewolves are just one type of lycanthrope, but are the most commonly found.They have existed in the world as long as there have been recorded histories.

Magic / Curse

This can take many forms and is the more common type of werewolf. A magician can shapeshift themselves into a werewolf or could be cursed to become one. When and how they become a werewolf depends on the magic involved.


The second type of werewolf are those with lycanthropy. This is passed down through the lineage from parent to child. This is different from a family curse as it never involved the use of magic. Many believe it to be the will of the gods or some other ancient being. This also can be passed to other people from being bitten or clawed by someone that is already a werewolf.

Lycanthropy is driven by the cycle of the moon. During the time when the moon is fully in the sky a lycanthrope will change into a werewolf-hybrid from sunset to sunrise. The hunting instinct and rage has full control of the afflicted.



The hybrid form is that up an upright wolf-person form. They still have the vague body shape of their original body, but with wolf-like features. Claws instead of fingernails, a snout in place of jawline and nose, covered in wolf-fur, extended feet to enable running on front toes and pads. Most hybrid forms will gain height and weight when they change.

This form can speak and has full use of their hands, but their mind has retreated into the rage and blood lust.


A werewolf in wolf form looks like a large wolf with fur coloration that matches their skin and hair. Except for their size their wolf form appears as any other wolf. In this form most werewolves still retain most of their intellect, but speech is impossible as the wolf body is incapable of forming the sounds.


The beastman is the opposite of the wolf and is only seen when a person has been possessed by a animal spirit. This animal spirit takes control of the body with unquenchable rage. The spirit provides the body with very few physical changes, but with no fear or self-preservation the body can fight until it has been physically destroyed. Only removing the head or destroying the heart kills a beastman immediately.


Werewolves can be found in nearly any climate, but are most common in those areas were wolves can naturally be found.


A werewolf almost never dies of old age, but it should not shorten or lengthen their lifespan. They are most of the time in their mortal form.