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Aegrin Aegrin Aegrin is considered one of the great elven heroes during the Classic Age. He was trained by swordmaster Glynralei, learned magic from Queen Mirasandora… , , ,
Aranion Aranion War-Leader and Hero of Ellendar The weight of command carries is full force on War-leader Aranion. He has commanded Ellendar's soldiers against the Ki… , , ,
Callan Callan Callan is a member of the red_blades, an ultra-nationalist elven society. Typically he lives on the very edge of human society watching them for weaknes… , ,
Crow Crow Whether the name is true for him or just a title, Crow best depicts the current man that holds this position. He is the spymaster for the court of Ellenda… , , , , , , ,
Durinthi Durinthi Possibly one of the oldest elves living in Miranda he remembers clearly Ellowyn calling his spirit to this world and being placed into this dying shel… , , ,
Eliskinder Eliskinder Gang Leader in Valparia Known in the Black Alleys of Valparia as a nearly reasonable gang leader, Eliskinder stands out in the crowd. With his red-… , ,
Elora Elora Elora is an elven woman skilled in weaving and stitching. She has a small section in the Lower Market of Fountainhead where she sells rugs and does compl… , , , ,
Esandeor Esandeor Statistics History Esandeor grew up in the Kingdom of Aquileia - actually he was born and and lived on the land before it was claimed by the human k… , ,
Euriel Euriel Warrior-Mage Elven Mercenary In the city of Bornheim and its surrounds, Euriel is well known both for her competence and sense of duty. As a mercenary-… , ,
Feuledalyre Feuledalyre Considered by human scholars as the near savior of humanity, Feuledalyre and his followers arrived in the early dawn of human civilizations and tau…
Hafwyn Hafwyn Hafwyn is strange for an elf. She very quiet, and much like a caged wolf when in busy areas. She has long, unkempt gray hair and wears very primitive cl… , , , ,
Keribrar Keribrar Keribrar always loved his dusty old books. If he had one saying in his life it was “I've read a book on that!” A slight-framed elf, he would seem a ra… , , ,
Korlin Korlin Korlin, occasionally referred to as Korline or Kotlin in historical records, was an elf who lived during the Age of Legends. He was the first mortal Mas… , ,
Lydia Lydia Lydia is a skilled bounty hunter and has been for nearly 70 years. She has a reputation for deadly efficiency, rarely bringing back her bounty alive. She… , ,
Mirwen Mirwen Combat Spellcaster that wields two axes A tall elf with a learn and predatory figure, Mirwen prefers to keep her blonde hair long and tied up in severa… , ,
Red Blades Red Blades Elite Elven soldiers The Red Blades have been an elite military group since the creation of the Holy Irillian Empire. They have found behind the li… ,
Roland Jacel Roland Jacel Founding member of the Black Chargers, Roland Jacel is a magician skilled in the arts of deception and weather casting. Roland is a magician of g… , ,
Silver Silver Fae-Elf Member of the Red Guard Silver is now a lean humanoid woman standing a little over 4 feet tall. Her skin is the color of purest ivory and her … , ,
Sylvan Vales Sylvan Vales Few such places exist during the Age of the First Ones but once these vales numbered in the dozens scattered across the world. They were created b…
Thanian Thanian Thanian is a solider in the Northern Ellendar Army that was deployed to Bornheim during its crisis in 462 AH. He was recruited by Crow to gather inform… , , ,
Tharen Starlight Tharen Starlight Short for an elf, Tharen barely stands over five feet tall. She typically keeps her blazing red hair tied back and cut mid-length. With the sl… , , ,
Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms The Three Kingdoms is a confederation of three territories created by treaty between the Elves of Ellendar, Yarrick a Dakarian high mage, and Sa… , , , ,
Tomacarne Tomacarne Fixer in Bornheim Tomacarne has not lived in Bornheim long, arriving only in the year 460, but he has managed to make an impact. He is known to work…
Tomb of Aegrin Tomb of Aegrin The Tomb of Aegrin is the final resting place of Aegrin one of the greatest elven heroes of the Classic Age. Constructed by Blackthorn Silverham… , ,