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Aggy Eye Clan Aggy Eye Clan The Aggy Eye Clan is a Dwarven Clan founded in 115 AH as an offshoot of the Felwasser Clan. They settled the lands of the Jinni River Valley and … , , ,
Barlow Barlow Barlow Lightstomper Stonearmklan is a mentally unhinged alchemist who creations tend toward the destructive. She was once married, but will only say tha… , , , ,
Blackthorn Clan Blackthorn Clan The Blackthorn Clan is a dwarf clan that settled on the northwestern slopes and foothills of the Blackthorn Mountains. Named in honor of Blackt… , , ,
Blackthorn Silverhammer Blackthorn Silverhammer Blackthorn Silverhammer was smith who journeyed and befriended Aegrin, one of the great heroes of the elves. Blackthorn started life as… , , , ,
Broken Shield Clan Broken Shield Clan The Broken Shield Clan is a dwarf clan that settled into the eastern valleys of the Iron Mountains. The Broken Shield Clanhold that spans th… , , ,
Dwarven Forges Dwarven Forges The Dwarven Forges built deep beneath the earth are modeled after the lost Living Forge fashioned by the Earthmother. The relationship is the sa…
Dwarven Hold Dwarven Hold The hold is not simply a place for a dwarf to live, but a central part of Dwarven culture. The hold is the center of a dwarven clan - the clan is …
Dwarven Steel Dwarven Steel Dwarven steel is not just steel that has been metal forged by the dwarven, but steel forged using a technique that none others have been able to … , , ,
Farnath Carne Stonearm Farnath Carne Stonearm Tarrik Farnath serves as the Thane Impirrick, military commander, of the Stonearm Clanhold in Bornheim. Farnath is young for his positio… , ,
Freya Snowstomper Freya Snowstomper Fiella (Fiella lánya Coalbeard clan Snowstomper) has always been good with people. Friendly and outgoing she was skilled at listening and rem… , , ,
Garrin Stonearm Garrin Stonearm Jarl of the Stonearm Clanhold Garrin Stonearm is currently the Jarl of the clanhold in Bornheim. He is a true-blooded dwarf whose right arm ma… , ,
Gishara Crimson Eye Gishara Crimson Eye Gishara Crimson Eye is a scholar specializing in the legends of Aegrin. She went on a expedition to the depths under Dahgweta and along wit… , , , ,
Homraz Darkslayer Homraz Darkslayer Homraz Darkslayer was once known as Homraz Blackthorn, but after returning from an expedition below the ruins of Dahgweta he brought back an … , , , ,
Karag Giantslayer Karag Giantslayer Karag images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Karag Giantslayer of the Longwalk clan Clan Longwalk Father xxx Mother … , , , ,
Kulrnbuldihr Kulrnbuldihr Kulrnbuldihr is a small dwarven village that sits below the overhang of rock beneath the city of Fountainhead. The Honorblades use a hidden tunnel… , , ,
Leescrag Stonehefter Leescrag Stonehefter A sturdy dwarven merchant who hit a bit of bad luck, but saw a traveling group of mercenaries as a way to turn around his fortune. A consu… , , , ,
Marrik Stonearm Marrik Stonearm Stout warrior hypocritical of others Marrik spent his childhood living up the the honor of his father, The Redsword. His father earned that ho… , , ,
Merrick Stonearm Merrick Stonearm Merrick Stonearm is the blood-cousin of Farnath Carne Stonearm, Impirrick of Stonearm Clan. He is friendly and outgoing, unlike many of his ra… ,
Nathan Truestrike Nathan Truestrike Dwarven Master of the Forge Nathan of the dwarven Truestrike clan will be remembered throughout history for creating The Incar, commonly cal… ,
Phoenix Clan Phoenix Clan The Phoenix Clan was one of the first dwarven clans to settle in the Rakarian Valley. Known for their masons they established several mining settl… , , ,
Raga Durbin Raga Durbin Race: Dwarf, Durbin-family Sex: Female Age: 103 Status: Master of the Durbin Merchant holdings in Irill Background Born into the wealthy Durbin me… ,
Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw earned his name in the fierce battles with the orc Gurnsitz Tribe in the Iron Mountains. His sword shattered in the cold and so he he… , , ,
Stonearm Clan Stonearm Clan The Stonearm Clan is a clan of dwarves that formed around when Garrin was born as a True Blood. His entire right arm, shoulder, and part of his n… , , ,
Stormrock Clan Stormrock Clan The Stormrock Clan traces it roots to several families who fled Firock Stronghold when it was abandoned. They settled on the north shore of the … , , ,