Welcome to Miranda

Miranda is a game world that started at Purdue University in January 1991 and ran continuously for two years when before it took a hiatus after we moved to Cincinnati. In 1998 it was restarted with a new gaming group and has run continuously since that time.

It is a fantasy world dominated by humans, but home to jundari, kithkin, dwarves, elves, hashan, and many others. The gods that serve as caretakers over this world cannot take direct action, but instead empower mortals to act on their behalf. A world of steel, magic, demons, kingdoms, deceit and conflict await those who play here.

In general the world of Miranda exists somewhere in the 11th Century (400 AH) in regards to technological advances in the world; however this is not absolute. As an example ship-building has seen centuries worth of advancement since the creation of humanity. Modern glass-making was invented in Theodova. Turan has seen advancements in mathematics and ship-building, including the first Caravel ship design. Kingdom of Dakar has advanced metallurgy and Irill has developed new banking and financial resources.

One question that always comes up is the advent of guns and gunpowder. Gunpowder has been invented and the first fire-lance have seen action on the battlefield in Elysian. The first bombard was developed and deployed on 483 AH and the first hand cannon was seen in 558 AH. Both of these technologies have been slowed by the relative ease of magic to provide the same destructive capabilities. Destroying things with magic is the easiest use of the craft.

While the world was created by Chip and Jackie Dunning and vast majority of the work contained within in it is wholly due to our efforts. However, it would have remained just a background for our own stories without the addition of the many players that have passed through this world.