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Agustus Pius Agustus Pius Agustus images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Agustus Titurius Atellus Selcarius Pius House xxx Father xxx Mother xxx P… , , , , ,
Alanna Alanna Alanna is a ardent follower of Vayne and currently holds the rank of Master within the guardians_of_order. She has traveled much of the Western Realms a… , , , , ,
Anne of Horne Anne of Horne Anne is the daughter of Walther Horne. clan_horne is the largest human clan in Krandryia and Walther is the Clan Chief. She married the Crown Pri… , , ,
Bloodlord Rathlok Bloodlord Rathlok Bloodlord Rathlok was the most powerful warlord during the Age of Legends. A towering man, not in stature but in sheer presence. With but a g… , , ,
Euriel Euriel Warrior-Mage Elven Mercenary In the city of Bornheim and its surrounds, Euriel is well known both for her competence and sense of duty. As a mercenary-… , ,
Farnath Carne Stonearm Farnath Carne Stonearm Tarrik Farnath serves as the Thane Impirrick, military commander, of the Stonearm Clanhold in Bornheim. Farnath is young for his positio… , ,
Hafwyn Hafwyn Hafwyn is strange for an elf. She very quiet, and much like a caged wolf when in busy areas. She has long, unkempt gray hair and wears very primitive cl… , , , ,
Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal is a man of quick wit, a sharp tongue, and most unfortunately a quick anger. He does not allow any slight to his honor or that of … , , ,
Ian Fist Ian Fist Ian Fist is an Agent of Chaos as he was blessed/cursed by a fragment of chaos. He has begun to master the tremendous power of the fragment, growing it… , ,
Julianna Julianna Although Julianna is a full-blooded elf, she was raised amoung the humans — one of many in her community. Like the elves of that community they felt m… , ,
Kaito Kaito Kaito was born Lumin Retalius Selcarian, named after a great-grandfather who distinguished himself in the I Selcarian Legion. He has turned aside that li… , , ,
Karag Giantslayer Karag Giantslayer Karag images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Karag Giantslayer of the Longwalk clan Clan Longwalk Father xxx Mother … , , , ,
Ludwig Ludwig Aaron's character Ludwig images Born xxx Occupation Warrior Father xxx Mother xxx Religion temple_of_light Race Human National… , , ,
Lydia Lydia Lydia is a skilled bounty hunter and has been for nearly 70 years. She has a reputation for deadly efficiency, rarely bringing back her bounty alive. She… , ,
Marrik Stonearm Marrik Stonearm Stout warrior hypocritical of others Marrik spent his childhood living up the the honor of his father, The Redsword. His father earned that ho… , , ,
Mavros the Red Mavros the Red Mavros images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name xxx Father unknown Mother unknown Born dd mmm yyyy Religion none Rac… , , ,
Merrick Stonearm Merrick Stonearm Merrick Stonearm is the blood-cousin of Farnath Carne Stonearm, Impirrick of Stonearm Clan. He is friendly and outgoing, unlike many of his ra… ,
Nokhask Nokhask Nokhask is an orc warleader of the Vernock Tribe. He lead his tribe in a war against the legions of the first Irillian Empire, which saw his entire tri… , , ,
Silvertip Silvertip Warleader of Blackfur ribe Silvertip is the war-leader of the Blackfur tribe, whose range extends the farthest east of all tribes of Kith. Silverti… , , ,
Steinkull Steinkull A giant standing over thirty (30) feet tall, Steinkull was changed during the Age of Legends by Eisha. He is kept chained beneath the Evenki Islands … ,
Ælfric Ælfric Unconfirmed son of Prince Corwyn A striking and energetic young man whose father, Prince Corwyn Reiner, was assassinated by his sister, Queen Aurora I,… , , , ,