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Agustus Pius Agustus Pius Agustus images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Agustus Titurius Atellus Selcarius Pius House xxx Father xxx Mother xxx P… , , , , ,
Alanna Alanna Alanna is a ardent follower of Vayne and currently holds the rank of Master within the guardians_of_order. She has traveled much of the Western Realms a… , , , , ,
Anne of Horne Anne of Horne Anne is the daughter of Walther Horne. clan_horne is the largest human clan in Krandryia and Walther is the Clan Chief. She married the Crown Pri… , , ,
Blackthorn Silverhammer Blackthorn Silverhammer Blackthorn Silverhammer was smith who journeyed and befriended Aegrin, one of the great heroes of the elves. Blackthorn started life as… , , , ,
Bloodlord Rathlok Bloodlord Rathlok Bloodlord Rathlok was the most powerful warlord during the Age of Legends. A towering man, not in stature but in sheer presence. With but a g… , , ,
Euriel Euriel Warrior-Mage Elven Mercenary In the city of Bornheim and its surrounds, Euriel is well known both for her competence and sense of duty. As a mercenary-… , ,
Farnath Carne Stonearm Farnath Carne Stonearm Tarrik Farnath serves as the Thane Impirrick, military commander, of the Stonearm Clanhold in Bornheim. Farnath is young for his positio… , ,
Hafwyn Hafwyn Hafwyn is strange for an elf. She very quiet, and much like a caged wolf when in busy areas. She has long, unkempt gray hair and wears very primitive cl… , , , ,
Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal is a man of quick wit, a sharp tongue, and most unfortunately a quick anger. He does not allow any slight to his honor or that of … , , ,
Homraz Darkslayer Homraz Darkslayer Homraz Darkslayer was once known as Homraz Blackthorn, but after returning from an expedition below the ruins of Dahgweta he brought back an … , , , ,
Ian Fist Ian Fist Ian Fist is an Agent of Chaos as he was blessed/cursed by a fragment of chaos. He has begun to master the tremendous power of the fragment, growing it… , ,
Julianna Julianna Although Julianna is a full-blooded elf, she was raised amoung the humans — one of many in her community. Like the elves of that community they felt m… , ,
Kaito Kaito Kaito was born Lumin Retalius Selcarian, named after a great-grandfather who distinguished himself in the I Selcarian Legion. He has turned aside that li… , , ,
Karag Giantslayer Karag Giantslayer Karag images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name Karag Giantslayer of the Longwalk clan Clan Longwalk Father xxx Mother … , , , ,
King Merridan King Merridan King Merridan claims divine rule over the city of Fountainhead by his right of controlling the Great Temple of Marak. He is a strong-willed leade… , , , , ,
Knights Arcana Knights Arcana The Knights Arcana is unit of mounted warriors trained in the use of magic as well as the use of arms. Drawn mostly from the Kingdom of Dakar, t… , , , ,
Ludwig Ludwig Aaron's character Ludwig images Born xxx Occupation Warrior Father xxx Mother xxx Religion temple_of_light Race Human National… , , ,
Lydia Lydia Lydia is a skilled bounty hunter and has been for nearly 70 years. She has a reputation for deadly efficiency, rarely bringing back her bounty alive. She… , ,
Maiden Archers Maiden Archers The Maiden Archers represent the elite archers from among the best elven archers in the world. These women are personally chosen by Ellowyn — an… , , ,
Marrik Stonearm Marrik Stonearm Stout warrior hypocritical of others Marrik spent his childhood living up the the honor of his father, The Redsword. His father earned that ho… , , ,
Mavros the Red Mavros the Red Mavros images Consort xxx Issue xxx Full Name xxx Father unknown Mother unknown Born dd mmm yyyy Religion none Rac… , , ,
Merrick Stonearm Merrick Stonearm Merrick Stonearm is the blood-cousin of Farnath Carne Stonearm, Impirrick of Stonearm Clan. He is friendly and outgoing, unlike many of his ra… ,
Nokhask Nokhask Nokhask is an orc warleader of the Vernock Tribe. He lead his tribe in a war against the legions of the first Irillian Empire, which saw his entire tri… , , ,
Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw Rlog Iceclaw earned his name in the fierce battles with the orc Gurnsitz Tribe in the Iron Mountains. His sword shattered in the cold and so he he… , , ,
Silvertip Silvertip Warleader of Blackfur ribe Silvertip is the war-leader of the Blackfur tribe, whose range extends the farthest east of all tribes of Kith. Silverti… , , ,
Steinkull Steinkull A giant standing over thirty (30) feet tall, Steinkull was changed during the Age of Legends by Eisha. He is kept chained beneath the Evenki Islands … ,
Thanian Thanian Thanian is a solider in the Northern Ellendar Army that was deployed to Bornheim during its crisis in 462 AH. He was recruited by Crow to gather inform… , , ,
Warden Warden Warden is an Ash Hunter who was summoned to the mortal plane by the disciples of X'toltn. He is now bound to this world as all of the disciples are long… , , ,
Ælfric Ælfric Unconfirmed son of Prince Corwyn A striking and energetic young man whose father, Prince Corwyn Reiner, was assassinated by his sister, Queen Aurora I,… , , , ,