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Ash Hound Ash Hound Ash Hounds are spirits of the Ashlands. When the plane was destroyed by the Ifrit the animals that lived their were destroyed as well. When the Hunte… , ,
Ash Hunter Ash Hunter Ash Hunters are spirits whose land was destroyed utterly by the Ifrit. Every stream evaporated, every plant and animal was turned into ash. Even the… , ,
Caves of Chaos Caves of Chaos The Caves of Chaos exists solely in the mind of the elven hero Aegrin. During his final battle with Ravatal his body was near death. He beseeche… ,
Dark Keeper Dark Keeper A Dark Keeper is any vermin that has been possessed by the Everdark. This typically occurs by minuscule fragments of the Everdark separating from a… , ,
Earth Spirit Earth Spirit An Earth Spirit is a spirit that has stayed in the mortal plane long enough to become bonded with the world. Most often this bond lasts less than … , , ,
Everdark Everdark The Everdark is one of the three planes that comprise the Land of Clouds, the other being the Terura Ciklono. It is from this plane that the darkness … ,
Fae Fae See also: Sidhe Faerie creatures are those that dwell within the Shadow Realms, in an area of it commonly called the Fae Lands. Like the Divine Realms or … , ,
Fae Gnome Fae Gnome A fae gnome are branch from which the mortal gnome branched at the cataclysmic end of the Age of Legends. Fae gnomes are earth spirits and their natu… , , , ,
Ley Lines Ley Lines Ley Lines is the name given by scholars to the rivers of power from the Shadow Realms than flow across the world of Miranda. Like any river system th… ,
Ley Node Ley Node A ley node is a physical location where several ley lines intersect. The key point of a ley node is that the power of the Shadow Realms does not stop … ,
Pixie Pixie A Pixie females and males look very different from each other. A pixie female is one the the smallest of the winged wee folk in the Fae Lands. Typically … , ,
Realm of Winds Realm of Winds The Realm of Winds is one of the closest of the Shadow Planes to the Elemental Realms. The home of the djinn, there is no land aside from dust c… , ,
Shaddite Shaddite Appearing as a vaguely humanoid torso floating in a cloud of translucent grayish smoke, the shaddite is not a native of this realm. Instead, it comes … , , ,
Spirits Spirits Spirits are creatures of the Shadow Realms. While all mortals have a soul, which is often confused with a spirit, they are not spirits. Spirits exist a…
Wee Folk Wee Folk The Wee Folk or Lesser Fae or just Fairies are the smallest and typically least powerful of the spirits in the Fae Lands. Everything from Pixies, Brow… , , ,
Yushka Yushka The Yusha are unseelie bipedal walking carpets. They are large, standing over ten feet, and broad in both the shoulders and chest - even their legs are … ,