Ash Hunter

Ash Hunters are spirits whose land was destroyed utterly by the Ifrit. Every stream evaporated, every plant and animal was turned into ash. Even the stones of the year crumbled into dust. The spirits now wander in bodies made of ash in vast desert of ash where it is said you can never reach the bottom. Ash Hunters visit other lands to find things and return their land to its beauty - but so powerful were the Ifrit everything that that comes to the Ashlands turns to ash immediately.

Before the Ifrit came to their land it was a rain forest full of lush plants and an uncountable number of spirits. The most powerful of these spirits would become the Ash Hunters. The Ifrit came and destroyed everything - plant, animal, and spirit. Those spirits that survived drew themselves together and hardened their will. Far too powerless to avenge what they lost they are driven to return their land to its rightful state.

Ash Hunters are solitary by nature driven by their own internal demons. Their eyes only witness the death of all things and the return of all physical creations to the soil from whence it came.