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Addar River Addar River The Addar River flows along the western border of Rovopolis, the western most province of Theodova. It is approximately 470 km (292 miles) long. It… , , ,
Aland River Aland River The Aland River is located in the central part of the Western Realms of the Kingdom of Dakar. It is about 250 miles long travelling generally in a … , ,
Arawen River Arawen River The Arawen River is a wide river that flows from the foothills of the Iron Mountains through the Elfenwald until it empties into Lake Hurroc. It f… , , ,
Big Mud River Big Mud River The Big Mud River is a large sediment-heady river that is sourced from Lake Ventrul and joins with the Lipton River to form the Salato River. Alt… , , ,
Black River Black River This large and slow river empties the Caragan Sea into the xxx sea. Considered one of the most dangerous waterways on the continent of Miran if onl… , ,
Cornithia River Cornithia River The Cornithia River is a rocky-bottomed river that flows south from Lake Carrolls until it empties into the Doursse River. Although shallow dur… , , ,
Doursse River Doursse River The Doursse River begins on the western shoreline of Lake Hadt, which is filled by many feeder streams that come from the western side of the mos… , , , , , ,
Flumen Dei Animas Flumen Dei Animas Flumen Dei Animas or its more common name The River of Souls the the largest and most influential river that flows through the Utmarii Platea… , , , ,
Gesalt River Gesalt River The Gesalt River flows from the city of Fountainhead until it empties it the Flumen dei Animas. Physical Geography The Gesalt River can be divid… , , , ,
Heule River Heule River The Heule River for most of its length runs along the accepted border between Krandryia and the Kingdom of Dakar. Feed from the snow melt in the Ir… , , , ,
Illthande River Illthande River This is the large southern river that runs through the Valley of the Sun. Its headwaters are found in the north of the Krandryian highlands, bu… , , ,
Ivir River Ivir River Stretching over 250-km-long (155 miles) the Ivir River is one of the major rivers that drains into the Kilouliki Marsh. The river rises south of Ben… , ,
Kivar River Kivar River This wide and slow river winds its way through the marshlands of the Beyaz Swamp. The Kivar River has changed course many times over the years as t… , , ,
Lech River Lech River The Lech River is a deep river that flows from the highlands of Krandryia until its confluence with the Zun River at the city of Hattingen in the Ki… , , ,
Lipton River Lipton River The Lipton River is a wide and slow-moving river heavy in tannin, giving is dark brown color. These tannins come from the old oak oak trees that g… , , ,
Salato River Salato River The Salato River is a large slow moving river that runs northeast of the Fah'narsh Glades. Approximately 273 miles (439 km) long, the river emptie… , , , ,
Tibbs River Tibbs River The 90-km-long (56 miles) Tibbs River flows southwest from the northern border of Eleleno until it joins the Ivir River. The northern quarter of th… , , ,
Vitale River Vitale River The Vitale River is a major river that flows along the border between Selcaria and the Free Cities. During its conquest of the lands south of the … , , ,
Zaber River Zaber River The source of the Zaber River is in the Iron Mountains; although the largest source of its water is actually in the many smaller rivers and streams… , ,
Zarin River Zarin River The Zarin River runs along the border between the Valley of the Sun, Druyen Highlands, and Irill. Although not a particularly long river, it is bo… ,
Zun River Zun River The Zun River is the second longest river in the Western Realms. Flowing entirely through the Kingdom of Dakar. Its headwaters are located in the Iro… , , ,