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Adolphus Adolphus Stonecutter and Spirit Caller Adolphus has lived in Kernwerk his entire life, rarely even traveling to the city of Bornheim just a few hours down the… , , , ,
Atheis Atheis A Irillian magician who grew up in a small village several days walk from Valparia. He killed his teacher and bonded the his father's spirit with a vora… ,
Dobry Dobry Mladovian Spirit Talker Dobry is a Spirit-Talker of a Mladovian enclave north of Bornheim. While the Dakarians destroyed nearly all of the Mladovian's o… , , ,
Gerhard Gerhard Flesh wizard for hire A thin man with once dark, and now graying, hair. His body has extra layers of skin showing signs that he was once a heavier man… , ,
Horenski Horenski Horenski was the strongest and believed to be the last living survivor of the Daughters of Ice and Wind. She led her people during the times of their … , ,
Iosif Iosif Iosif has served as the chief steward for Lord Nikolaos since Y458. He prides himself on his promptness, cleanliness, and attention to detail. All of the… , , ,
Isabella Isabella Apprentice and Bearer of the Southern Storm With the help of Siguard of the Storm, Isabella bonded with the living southern storm that was her birthr… , ,
Isha Isha Leads Elven Enclave in Ulrichstein Isha is consumed with the idea of destroying the Bloodstaff. He settled in the town of Ulrichstein for years in the ho… , , ,
Keribrar Keribrar Keribrar always loved his dusty old books. If he had one saying in his life it was “I've read a book on that!” A slight-framed elf, he would seem a ra… , , ,
Korlin Korlin Korlin, occasionally referred to as Korline or Kotlin in historical records, was an elf who lived during the Age of Legends. He was the first mortal Mas… , ,
Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Statistics Occupation: MagicianNationality: Kingdom of DakarFamily:Lifetime:Religion:Ethnicity: Human, Dakarians History E… , , , ,
Roland Jacel Roland Jacel Founding member of the Black Chargers, Roland Jacel is a magician skilled in the arts of deception and weather casting. Roland is a magician of g… , ,
Siguard of the Storm Siguard of the Storm Bonded with the fierce North Wind Siguard is the crazy old man that lives in a laccolith of grey stone north of Ulrichstein. Any proper p… , ,