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Adaomache Adaomache Adaomache was the founding member of the Circle of Marak and the creator of the Shadow Walkers when the circle proved difficult. Only the first membe… , , , ,
Adolphus Adolphus Stonecutter and Spirit Caller Adolphus has lived in Kernwerk his entire life, rarely even traveling to the city of Bornheim just a few hours down the… , , , ,
Aegrin Aegrin Aegrin is considered one of the great elven heroes during the Classic Age. He was trained by swordmaster Glynralei, learned magic from Queen Mirasandora… , , ,
Atheis Atheis A Irillian magician who grew up in a small village several days walk from Valparia. He killed his teacher and bonded the his father's spirit with a vora… ,
Bacco Bacco Bacco (Barkat al Salam) was a young man when he left his home, but was already an apprentice astrologer having earned the title āləmā when he was twenty.… , , ,
Circle of Marak Circle of Marak In the waning days of the Sorcerers Kingdom the Circle of Marak was a secretive coven of liches who controlled nearly all aspects of rule. The … , ,
Coriana Coriana Coriana is a tall and beautiful woman. She favors bright red dresses slit up the side for easier movement. Most of her jewelry is silver encrusted with… , , , ,
Crow Crow Whether the name is true for him or just a title, Crow best depicts the current man that holds this position. He is the spymaster for the court of Ellenda… , , , , , , ,
Dobry Dobry Mladovian Spirit Talker Dobry is a Spirit-Talker of a Mladovian enclave north of Bornheim. While the Dakarians destroyed nearly all of the Mladovian's o… , , ,
Duerte Duerte Duerte is a follower of X'toltn and seeks to free him from imprisonment in exchange for the eternal life he has been promised. He has been given command… , , ,
Etrin Etrin Etrin (Etrin of Markhaza) is the court magician and spiritual advisor to King Merridan of Fountianhead. He practices his trade of predicting the future t… , , ,
Gerhard Gerhard Flesh wizard for hire A thin man with once dark, and now graying, hair. His body has extra layers of skin showing signs that he was once a heavier man… , ,
Horenski Horenski Horenski was the strongest and believed to be the last living survivor of the Daughters of Ice and Wind. She led her people during the times of their … , ,
Iosif Iosif Iosif has served as the chief steward for Lord Nikolaos since Y458. He prides himself on his promptness, cleanliness, and attention to detail. All of the… , , ,
Isabella Isabella Apprentice and Bearer of the Southern Storm With the help of Siguard of the Storm, Isabella bonded with the living southern storm that was her birthr… , ,
Isha Isha Leads Elven Enclave in Ulrichstein Isha is consumed with the idea of destroying the Bloodstaff. He settled in the town of Ulrichstein for years in the ho… , , ,
Keribrar Keribrar Keribrar always loved his dusty old books. If he had one saying in his life it was “I've read a book on that!” A slight-framed elf, he would seem a ra… , , ,
Knights Arcana Knights Arcana The Knights Arcana is unit of mounted warriors trained in the use of magic as well as the use of arms. Drawn mostly from the Kingdom of Dakar, t… , , , ,
Korlin Korlin Korlin, occasionally referred to as Korline or Kotlin in historical records, was an elf who lived during the Age of Legends. He was the first mortal Mas… , ,
Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Lady Anne Mowbry Statistics Occupation: MagicianNationality: Kingdom of DakarFamily:Lifetime:Religion:Ethnicity: Human, Dakarians History E… , , , ,
Mandross Mandross Mandross is now an elderly wizard that has seen much in his time and regrets most of it. He was an arrogant boy and grew into an arrogant man that saw… , , , ,
Morin Morin Morin is a Mladovian Spell Singer who learned the songs from ancient earth spirit that lived in the forest near his village. He was drawn to the forest a… , , ,
Roland Jacel Roland Jacel Founding member of the Black Chargers, Roland Jacel is a magician skilled in the arts of deception and weather casting. Roland is a magician of g… , ,
Roza Roza Roza is the appearance of Laurnsinger one of the Marlot (Clan of Stone) of the Shaktar. She has worn many faces over the years. Roza's appearance is smal… , ,
Rukiya Shadowalker Rukiya Shadowalker Born Rukiya Ohn she took the name Rukiya Shadowalker when she joined the Circle of Marak. She became known only as the Mistress of Darkness,… , , ,
Siguard of the Storm Siguard of the Storm Bonded with the fierce North Wind Siguard is the crazy old man that lives in a laccolith of grey stone north of Ulrichstein. Any proper p… , ,
Vitorii Vitorii Vitorii was born in Kratovo to a prostitute. Like many such children he was tossed into the street as his care would become a burden. He is not sure wh… , , ,
X'letta X'letta X'letta is the oldest spirit on the Flumen dei Animas dating back to the very dawn of humans. It was her husband who defied the natural order and pulle… , , ,