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Broken Shield Clan Broken Shield Clan The Broken Shield Clan is a dwarf clan that settled into the eastern valleys of the Iron Mountains. The Broken Shield Clanhold that spans th… , , ,
Dakarians Dakarians The Dakarians are several tribes of northmen who were led out of the endless snows by the dwarves of Stoneheart Hold. They had been driven from their… , ,
Dwarven Dwarven Unlike any other sapient species on Miranda, the dwarves on Miranda exist almost exclusively as a mono-culture. No sub-set of ethnic culture exists wit…
Dwarven Clan Dwarven Clan The most prominent culture among the dwarves is that of clan. Clans are joined by blood, marriage, fealty. The most ancient clans can trace their … ,
Irillian People Irillian People The Irillian people, is a human ethnicity that first began on the southwestern shores of Miran where the Black River emptied into the Serpente … , ,
Kiqukke Tribe Kiqukke Tribe The Kiqukke Tribe (pronounced: \i-kwik\) is the largest shoag tribe of the federated country of Kiffin. Comprising nearly half of to total popula… , , ,
Krandryian People Krandryian People The Krandryian People are comprised of several species whose cultural roots can be found in the highlands along the most eastern range of the…
Mladovians Mladovians The Mladovians are the former subjects of the Kingdom of Mladovo. The kingdom was comprised of humans tribes that were driven out of the Endless Sno… ,
Pah'Shar Pah'Shar The Pah'Shar are ethnic humans who originated on the southwestern coast of Miran. They build their homes atop cured timbers in the mostly tropical wet… ,
Qaffiri Tribe Qaffiri Tribe The Qaffiri Tribe (pronounced: \ə-ˈfer\) is a shoag tribe that has settled into most of the Beyaz Swamp east of the Anor Mountains. The tribe was… , , ,
Stonearm Clan Stonearm Clan The Stonearm Clan is a clan of dwarves that formed around when Garrin was born as a True Blood. His entire right arm, shoulder, and part of his n… , , ,
Stormrock Clan Stormrock Clan The Stormrock Clan traces it roots to several families who fled Firock Stronghold when it was abandoned. They settled on the north shore of the … , , ,
Theodovan People Theodovan People Statistics Population: xx millionTraditional Settlements:Languages:Religion:Related Ethnic Groups: History Demographics Culture ethnicity … , , ,
Turanian People Turanian People The Turanian People or Turanians are an ethnic group native to Al'Ranur. The Turanians compromise the world's largest human ethnic group. Stat… ,
Xianese People Xianese People The Xianese People are a xenophobic human culture that originally arose on the Jorgalli Peninsula of Elysian. A large war between the dominant G… ,