Disrupt Magic

Using this spell a caster is able to dump raw magical energy into someone else just as they are beginning to cast a spell or use a magical device. Failing to dispel the spell can leave the dispelling caster drained as the original spell draws more energy from them to complete the original spell.

Stat Block

Sphere Arcane
Magical Resistance 3
Fatigue Cost 4 + 3 FP per minute held
Pre-requisite None
Casting Time Hex
Range 50 feet * ML
Duration Instantaneous


Disrupt Magic pits the skill of two mages against each other. This caster of this spell gathers a great deal of magical energy and then launches it into another spell just as it is being cast, whether this is from themselves or any device. This much uncontrolled magical energy makes it very difficult for the target to maintain control of their spell. If the caster successfully strikes the target, then the target suffers a penalty on their casting their spell equal to -PSF% of the caster's Arcane Sphere. Failure of the target to cast their spell results in the spell dissipating harmlessly; however, if they succeed then the target of the Disrupt Magic spell can use 1/2 of the FP used to case the Disrupt Magic spell to power his own spell. This is only for the initial cost of the spell, not the cost to hold the spell.

Emil is preparing to cast a Fire Lance spell at Sir Oswald, but before the spell goes off Aleno casts Disrupt Magic (Fire) at Emil. Since the spell is a Fire spell it can disrupt the spell. Aleno successfully strikes Emil with his spell, giving Emil a -28% (Aleno's Arcane PSF) chance to successfully cast. Emil's Fire Sphere TSC% is 72, with the -28 penalty giving him a 44% chance to successfully cast this spell. Unlucky for Aleno, Emil successfully casts his spell and can now target Sir Oswald. The Fire Lance spell costs Emil 9 FP, Aleno had to pay 6 FP to cast the Disrupt Magic, which means Emil now only pays 6 FP for the Fire Lance. Now Emil can make his Craft check to see if he successfully strike Sir Oswald with the spell.

This spell must be purchased once for each magical sphere which the caster wishes to disrupt. Unlike Counter-spelling or the Basic Magic Dispel, the caster does not have to have any knowledge of the specific spell cast, only the correct sphere.

Because this spell must be cast at the target spell just as it is coming into existence the caster must be prepared to throw the spell. If the spell is now thrown immediately upon casting it can be held in the caster's hand until needed, which costs 3 FP for each minute they hold the spell. While held this spell resembles a swirling vortex of magical energy radiating an aura and color aligned to the type of magic it summoned to disrupt. The caster must hold this spell in one of their hands, which stops them from using that hand for any other purpose. The caster can dissipate this spell at will.