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Ash Hound Ash Hound Ash Hounds are spirits of the Ashlands. When the plane was destroyed by the Ifrit the animals that lived their were destroyed as well. When the Hunte… , ,
Ash Hunter Ash Hunter Ash Hunters are spirits whose land was destroyed utterly by the Ifrit. Every stream evaporated, every plant and animal was turned into ash. Even the… , ,
Dark Keeper Dark Keeper A Dark Keeper is any vermin that has been possessed by the Everdark. This typically occurs by minuscule fragments of the Everdark separating from a… , ,
Dark Vampire Dark Vampire The common name given to such creatures is “Dark Vampire” or “Nightshade”, but these creatures are neither vampire nor shade. These extra-planar c…
Earth Spirit Earth Spirit An Earth Spirit is a spirit that has stayed in the mortal plane long enough to become bonded with the world. Most often this bond lasts less than … , , ,
Elemental Elemental A spirit trapped inside of material form An elemental is some bit of material form that holds or is merged with spirits from the Shadow Realms. Ther…
Forest Spirits Forest Spirits Forest Spirits encompass many different types of spirits that are attracted to natural forests and groves. These spirits rarely venture into tho…
Horsemaster of the Shadow Herd Horsemaster of the Shadow Herd The Horsemaster of the Shadow Herd is an Ifrit who dwells on the Great Plains of Fireweed in the Realm of Fire. He is has been a… ,
Karrin Karrin Karrin is a spirit of a human that lived during the birth of the Age of Heroes. She was killed in a raid, along with her entire village. She was summone… ,
Nereid Nereid The Nereids are water nymphs. These spirits of the Shadow Realms have bonded to the rivers, stream, lakes, and oceans. As with the waters they are a par…
Nightmare Nightmare A Nightmare is a coal black horse from the Realm of Fire. These semi-intelligent creatures roam the open plains of the realm in great herd. Even a fe… ,
Ombramone Ombramone The Ombramone are spirits from the Dark Spire in the Shadow Realms. They hunger for mortal flesh as it is the only thing that can keep this in this w… ,
One-Eye One-Eye One-Eye is a Nightmare from the Realm of Fire that allows Xarth to ride him after Xarth bested the horse master of its herd in single combat. Its coat …
Satyr Satyr spirit fae liminal , ,
Shadarri Shadarri Shadarri is the most powerful Dark Vampire on Miranda. It currently lives deep under the Abjurer Mountains where it is served by the spirits of thousa… , ,
Shaddite Shaddite Appearing as a vaguely humanoid torso floating in a cloud of translucent grayish smoke, the shaddite is not a native of this realm. Instead, it comes … , , ,
Shadow Lord Shadow Lord The Shadow Lords were accidentally brought to the mortal plane when Aesir opened a gateway to the Land of Clouds to bring forth the spirits of sun … ,
Shadow Spirit Shadow Spirit A shadow spirit is a type of spirit creature drawn to dark places. These spirits take on many different forms, but generally appear as their summ…
Tazeed Tazeed Tazeed is a Jinn that was summoned by Ulfur, vizer to Sultan Abob, and bound him to a twisted wooden flute. Although he can appear as anyone he prefers … ,
Warden Warden Warden is an Ash Hunter who was summoned to the mortal plane by the disciples of X'toltn. He is now bound to this world as all of the disciples are long… , , ,
Wee Folk Wee Folk The Wee Folk or Lesser Fae or just Fairies are the smallest and typically least powerful of the spirits in the Fae Lands. Everything from Pixies, Brow… , , ,
X'letta X'letta X'letta is the oldest spirit on the Flumen dei Animas dating back to the very dawn of humans. It was her husband who defied the natural order and pulle… , , ,