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Batilda Batilda Batilda is a skilled thief and occasional assassin when necessary. She was sold into slavery by her destitute family and after many years turned to Rut… , , , , ,
Brandt Brandt Brandt is a rogue who is part owner of the Black Shark Tavern and uses it to run a small gang in Valparia. He was a man of average height and slightly a… , , ,
Building C&S Rogues Building C&S Rogues It is character building month and here at the Inn we will be talking about different ways to squeeze every last drop from your character d…
Cristobal Erasmus Cristobal Erasmus Once the head of the Erasmus Family interests in Bornheim, he was responsible for all of their attempts to gain a foothold in the Kingdom of … , , ,
Crow Crow Whether the name is true for him or just a title, Crow best depicts the current man that holds this position. He is the spymaster for the court of Ellenda… , , , , , , ,
Donagal Donagal Donagal is a goblin who is often found practicing his trade at the Widow's Wake, the worst tavern in Fountainhead. He gathers information from his runn… , , ,
Fiella de Maria Fiella de Maria Fiella de Maria is a Changling, but keeps that a closely guarded secret. She was consumed when she was still a swaddling babe and the fae insid… , , , ,
Fredda Fredda Fredda is secretly one of the lords_of_water who control the smuggling in the city of Bornheim. She controls her gang and territory through a mechanical… , ,
Friedhold Friedhold Assassin and Master of the Wardrobe The Master of the Wardrobe for Lord and Lady Liese of Bornheim. In actuality he was a spy and occasional assassi… , ,
Gero Gero Gero is one of the lords_of_water that rule the smuggling in the port city of Bornheim. He is the least known of the three lords, but his physical strengt… , ,
Gorrick Gorrick Gorrick is the boss of the Rover Gang, a gang of street kids that live in the caverns beneath the Blackhouse District of Fountainhead. He has lived a h… , ,
Iiro Iiro Ropemaker and Hand-Off for Smugglers Iiro was born and raised in Bornheim, by Fisherfolk. Like most fishers his family made money on the side for several… , , ,
Ingram Ingram Leads smallest smuggling faction in Bornheim One of the three lords_of_water who control most of the smuggling in Bornheim and its surrounds. Ingram's … , ,
Lords of Water Lords of Water The Lords of Water are the leaders of the three (3) biggest smugglers in the city of Bornheim. Nearly all of the illegal activity that moves alo… , ,
Rocco Rocco A whip-thin man late in his years and typically heavy into his cups. He controls the largest chunk of the smuggling trade in Bornheim through ruthless ef… , , ,
Rog Rog Rog is a hardened kid that has lived on the streets of Fountainhead his entire life. He started begging for scraps and doing odd jobs, but eventually turne… , ,
Shadowhawk Shadowhawk Race: Believed Irillian HumanSex: Believed to be MaleAge: Rumored over 300 years oldStatus: Head of Irillian Thieves Guild Background For over 300 y… ,
Theodoros Theodoros Theodoros left Theodova in Y420 AH after his extended family was killed in one of the many “balancing of accounts” that happen every decade or so in … , , ,
Tycho Terrante Tycho Terrante A rotund and strong man from the city of Libero in the city-states of Theodova. He was well-placed in the family and has a well-earned reputatio… , ,
Wulf Wulf Wulf was an aggressive fighter in his youth and never grew out of it. Like many kids in Talarak his childhood was spend working the boats, fishing lines, … , , ,