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and all points north and all points north See Also: Bardic Knowledge Lord Fulco, Baronry of Maasen, has hired phoenix_force to recover some heirlooms that were stolen from him rec… , ,
Arthur of Caemalen Arthur of Caemalen Arthur Stohl, known as Sir Arthur of Caemalen, is a Knight of the Crown of the Kingdom of Dakar who has earned honor both on the tournament … ,
Cohen Cohen Cohen was a young man when he was banished from the Tlad Hith tribe with little more than his horse and spear. He made his way towards the western kingdo… ,
Danger on Fire Isle Danger on Fire Isle See Also: Bardic Knowledge Needing money for passage, the party searches their excess equipment that could be quickly sold for silver. The… , ,
Francis Francis Francis is a free spirit that both yearns for the sea and quickly tires of it. There is nothing better to do than what he is not doing at the moment. U… ,
Garrick Garrick Garrick is a man that has a very special talent the comes alive when playing music, not just any music but music that he really believes in. His parent… ,
Gul Gul Gul is probably the most well-known gnome upon Miran - and that is truly saying something. Giant gnomes, those most regularly seen, are a mostly mentally u… ,
Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal Scripanous Hannibal is a man of quick wit, a sharp tongue, and most unfortunately a quick anger. He does not allow any slight to his honor or that of … , , ,
Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom Darkmaster Hellstrom was aptly named by his father who when he was 10 years old tried to sacrifice him to a powerful Demon Lord. His mother escaped l… , , , , ,
Hooves Hooves Hooves had a destiny among his tribe - a destiny he not only ignored but fled from when the mantle was placed upon his head. In Hooves' world there is h… , , , ,
Julianna Julianna Although Julianna is a full-blooded elf, she was raised amoung the humans — one of many in her community. Like the elves of that community they felt m… , ,
Mandross Mandross Mandross is now an elderly wizard that has seen much in his time and regrets most of it. He was an arrogant boy and grew into an arrogant man that saw… , , , ,
Maria Veltorio Maria Veltorio capsule Maria Veltorio images Occupation xxx Nationality xxx Spouse none Issue none Father xxx Mother xxx Born xxx… ,
Shaking out the cobwebs Shaking out the cobwebs See Also: Bardic Knowledge It was a long winter break. Like all of the previous winters phoenix_force stopped adventuring and pursued … , ,
Tharen Starlight Tharen Starlight Short for an elf, Tharen barely stands over five feet tall. She typically keeps her blazing red hair tied back and cut mid-length. With the sl… , , ,
The crawler comes The crawler comes See Also: Bardic Knowledge It was after the sun had passed its zenith before phoenix_force left their campsite. After the night’s battle eve… , ,