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Aesir Aesir Goddess of Winds, Storms, Beauty, and New Love Aesir, also known as the Windrider, is beautiful even by the standards of the gods. She is the goddess of… ,
Byrne Byrne Byrne was the first god to enter this world and proclaim it has his own. He rules over the other gods, as a King rules over his noble Dukes. It his words… ,
Cinoas Cinoas Cinoas has the head of a great man with the body of a horse and the hooves of a goat. His straight black hair extends well down his back like the mane o… ,
Cyni Cyni See Tyrin for Full Article Cyni is not just the twin of Tyrin, but in fact they are one in the same. Tyrin is side of the duality's nature that is optimi… ,
Earthmother Earthmother The Earthmother was once known as Terra. She was a powerful goddess. The Titans had charged her with the task of watching over Miranda so that the … ,
Eisha Eisha Goddess of Dragons Often referred to by many other names such as White Serpent, Queen of the Night, Néébeka, and the Soul of Ice - Eisha is a powerful g…
Gemen Gemen God of Craftsmen and Engineers With a body hardened from the forge, Gemen is the most virile and handsome of the gods. He can also be surly, inattentive… ,
Helonia Helonia Goddess of lust, wealth, and idleness. Organization Temples Symbology Worshippers Rituals Legends deity gods temple_of_light stub , , ,
Irrish Irrish Earth Serpent Fallen God The great serpent god Irrish is a fallen god, those who have passed fully into the dominion of Miranda. She gave up all of her… , ,
Karash Karash Karash, often called the Sea Lord, is a large man with a black beard, sea green eyes and long black hair braided and tied behind his head. In his right … ,
Lom Lom Lom is tall man with broad shoulders and long golden hair that is usually hanging loosely down to his shoulders. He wears a short tunic tied about the wais… ,
Lylidas Lylidas None know what Lylidas looks like as she constantly wears a gray hooded shroud that not even the sharpest eye can see past. Her fingers are delicate an… ,
Lynthail Lynthail A hearty goddess not possessed of great beauty, but great strength and earthiness. Lynthail is the protector of the crops, watcher of herds, and caret… ,
Mara Mara As the wife to Byrne, Mara is seen as as both a great matronly beauty and nurturing mother. She is strong, sturdy, and caring with a gift for both poetry … ,
Nar-dök Nar-dök Nar-dök was punished for creating the sithara in the image of the serpentmen that made war against the gods in the name of the devils. Banished to the … ,
Rath Rath God of Knowledge, Foresight, and Magic Known as the Shadowed One, his face and body eternally cloaked from view, Rath his existence to save the gods from… ,
Taur Taur The god of death and gatekeeper of the underworld, Taur constantly makes his way between the Shadow Realms and the Divine Realms through the Twilight Land… ,
Tyrin Tyrin The youngest of the gods, during the day Tyrin is a small woman with a jaunty traveling cap, short leather tunic and heavy traveling breeches. She also c… ,
Uhl Uhl Uhl is the god of the Turanians - there is no other god before him. He resides in the heavens and keeps a watchful eye over his people and those who would …
Vayne Vayne See also: temple_of_light As the god of war, Vayne is a large man who favors stout leather pants and heavy boots over the loose tunics worn by the other… ,
Yolamba Yolamba The first sinner Among the ikanbo_people, Yolamba was the most powerful of the Gahara of Zarn. He believed the other Gahara hated him because he was t… ,
Zarn Zarn God of Purification Zarn's zealotry is legendary even among the other gods. He believes that the Shadow Realms only exist because un-life has corrupted t… ,