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Bell and Gold Tavern Bell and Gold Tavern The Bell and Gold Tavern is the finest tavern in Borulli, the hashan charter town north of Bornheim. The tavern is run by the Jugalii and … , , ,
Blacks Tavern Blacks Tavern Blacks Tavern is more than cozy, it is small and crowded. Built along the river wall in Ulrichstein this tavern is named not for its owner, but t… , ,
Blackyard Prison Blackyard Prison This prison of iron-reinforced stone was constructed to hold dangerous magicians prisoner. While the vast majority of the criminals in Bornhei… , ,
Erasmus Trading House Erasmus Trading House This warehouse is located in the Market Commons of Bornheim. A simple two-story timber structure houses the factors and business offices … , ,
Jorut's Tavern Jorut's Tavern Jorut's Tavern is located in the Crofterton District of the city of Fountainhead. It is a place visited by the craftsmen and apprentices who liv… , ,
Knights Hall Tavern Knights Hall Tavern This fine establishment, the Knights Hall Tavern, is frequented by those seeking an audience with the Baron of Ulrichstein. Serving the bes… , ,
Shady Tree Shady Tree The Shady Tree is a three story building constructed of white knotty pine and built upon one of the stone foundations from the shelf in Fountainhead… , ,
Temple of Luminous Kaskade Temple of Luminous Kaskade This is the Grand Temple to Karash in the Western Realms. Religious Orders Banketh The Banketh is a monastic order whose origin a…
The Shining Blade The Shining Blade This tavern is located in the Warehouse district of the port city of Bornheim. It is one of the largest taverns in Bornheim and is welcoming … , ,
Two Coins Tavern Two Coins Tavern The Two Coins is a tavern located on High Street along Glory Ridge in the city of Bornheim. It is frequented by the wealthy and those who do b… , ,
Watchers' House Watchers' House The Watchers' House is a very real place that does not quite follow the laws of the mortal plane, nor the Fae Lands. It is rarely in the same p… , , ,
Wood River Inn Wood River Inn The Wood River Inn has been owned by Berchtwald since Y451 AH. Located along the main street of Ulrichstein near the eastern gate it is a favori… , , ,