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Alchemy Alchemy In balance with the ability of a magician to summon forth vast powers is the ability of the alchemist to store that mystical energy inside of physical … , ,
Battle Cry Battle Cry In honor of this second issue I thought I would reinforce the idea that one should never underestimate their opponent. I bring this up because I los… , ,
Battle Mages Battle Mages While it is understood that Chivalry and Sorcery is designed more for a historic-level game, that does not mean the core of a high-fantasy game is…
Clerical Nature Clerical Nature Lets talk clerics. These men and women of the cloth devote their lives to serving the gods. In exchange the gods are more apt to intervene in t… , ,
Ellendar Ellendar The Great Houses For 5 points a character can pick their house as long as it is not listed n/a 1d100 True Elf Great Elf Half-blood Oth… , ,
Elven Archery Elven Archery Elven archers are known and feared throughout the lands. This art combines stealth, concealment, and ambush tactics to give them an edge. Archery… ,
Fate Fate See Also: FateSRD, The Fate system is an off-shoot of the Fudge system. It is a universal system that favors story-telling over mechanics. I looked at t…
Legacy of Marak Legacy of Marak The Legacy of Marak campaign was run using the Fate Core ruleset. Starting Character 3 Aspects4-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 Skill Pyramid1 Refresh3 Stun… , ,
Magic Magic Magic in Miranda is a very general and soft term. In is used to cover fireball throwing wizards, oracles, priestess calling down divine wrath, and a host… ,
Magic 101 Magic 101 Okay, other than the cry of “We're screwed!”, what does the new system mean to magicians (faux or otherwise). Well, magic is quite different in the C… , ,
Magic Multipowers Magic Multipowers A question that has recently come up has been the capability of magicians to use Elemental Controls (EC) or Multipowers (MP) to avoid having … , ,
Orc Orc Attribute Modifiers AGIL: +0APP: -2BV : -1CON: +2DISC: +0INT: -1PTY: +0STR: +2WIS: +0 Physique MaleHeight: 2d6 + 6365 - 7570 = 5' 10“Build: 3d3 + 14 - 1007… ,
Points vs. Vocations Points vs. Vocations With this quarter's theme being the new system I thought I would cover the major changes we can expect to see for the lighter side of figh…
Priestly Vocations Priestly Vocations Giving one's life in the service of the gods is a job most noble. In this weeks edition I will be discussing the changes clerics can expect …
Rogue Vocations Rogue Vocations One of the first things about C&S is that it makes a division what someone does for a living and what their proficiencies lie. Actually, that i…
Rules Rules This is the crunchy stuff under which the game is run. I have run Miranda in many different rule systems, some of which were so short that they will not …
Schticks Schticks Whether a brawny slugger or lithe darters a warrior is far more than just copy of every other warrior. Listed below are a few different shticks that c… ,
Summoning Summoning There are times when a magician wants to summon an ally to aid them in a situation. Powerful allies under a magician's control are built as Extras - … , ,
Super Talents Super Talents One of the ways to divide the amateurs from the true professionals is through the use of super-talents. As described by HERO this is the use of P… ,
Tables Tables The Ladder Number Adjective -2 Terrible -1 Poor +0 Mediocre +1 Fair +2 Average +3 Good +4 Great +5 Superb +6 Fantastic +7… ,
Tattered Scrolls Tattered Scrolls In the realms of magic there are hundreds of possibilities that often seem only limited by the imagination of the GM and players. While my cur… , ,
Temple of Light Temple of Light Race While the Temple of Light is very human-centric, considering only the humans as the true godly-born race, it is possible for a non-human … ,
Warrior Vocations Warrior Vocations A new system is always a time of anxiety and tension as everyone waits to see how their favored concepts become twisted and warped. Well, in … ,
Way of the Warrior Way of the Warrior I understand that unlike magic, the HERO system doesn't have a good base for character advancement; however, using super-talents and some en… , ,
Weapons of the Underground Weapons of the Underground This quarter will will discuss those weapons best suited for combat in the nasty fortified underground lairs of monsters everyone. T…