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Assets Assets The base of Assets is drawn from the Jadepunk rule system. These base rules have been modified to fit within Miranda. Rules Must select a - Ally, Devi… , ,
Character Creation Character Creation See Also: Character Creation Creating a standard Heroic character in Fate follows the basic premise. You always have the option to hold ski… ,
Creatures Creatures This power gives you command over the animal world. This power only works on natural (non-summoned, non-other planar) non-intelligent creatures. The … , ,
Death Death Used by necromancers, death priests, and powerful undead; this power covers communicating with spirits of the dead, animating dead things, freeing one's … , ,
Domination Domination Domination is the dark art of imposing your will upon another sentient being by suppressing their will, enslaving, or bewitching them. Often conside… , ,
Elementalism Elementalism See also: Elemental Lore An elementalist binds a single entity from one of the Elemental Planes to their own body. The stronger the elementalist … , ,
Equipment Equipment A large list of equipment is not well-suited to a Fate game given that finances are handled by a single skill (Resources) with treasure often treated… ,
Extras Extras Powers are very similar to stunts in that they represent special abilities, but are restricted like Power Skills. This means that powers are derived fro… ,
Legacy of Marak Legacy of Marak The Legacy of Marak campaign was run using the Fate Core ruleset. Starting Character 3 Aspects4-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 Skill Pyramid1 Refresh3 Stun… , ,
Magic Magic Magic in Miranda is a very general and soft term. In is used to cover fireball throwing wizards, oracles, priestess calling down divine wrath, and a host… ,
Mass Combat Mass Combat It is possible to use these rules for Challenges and Contests, but the most common is a Conflict. These rules allow for massive battles to take pla… ,
Nature Nature You can control natural phenomenon including plants and weather. This does not include natural animals (fauna) as that falls under the skill, but it do… , ,
Outsider Magic Outsider Magic Outsider magic is any magic that draws as its power beings from the Divine Realms or Infernal Realms. The most common of these beings are the go… ,
Scale Scale Scale is used to determine how people of very wide power levels interact. It is possible that sufficient numbers can make a group operate higher than its…
Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship represents the knowledge of the physical sciences, engineering, history and culture. Its two counterparts are Lore which covers the arc… , ,
Skills Skills See Also: Skills, Default Skill List If aspects define who a person is, skills define what he can do and how he does it. These skills allow Cohen's to … ,
Summoning Summoning There are times when a magician wants to summon an ally to aid them in a situation. Powerful allies under a magician's control are built as Extras - … , ,
Survival Survival The Survival skill represents your character’s knowledge of Wilderness Lore, affinity with natural animals, and navigation skills. Scholarship is used… , ,
Tables Tables The Ladder Number Adjective -2 Terrible -1 Poor +0 Mediocre +1 Fair +2 Average +3 Good +4 Great +5 Superb +6 Fantastic +7… ,
Transmutation Transmutation Transmutation is the ability to change your physical form of something into something else. When transmuted you temporarily gain the new form's a… , ,