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Pestilence Pustule Pestilence Pustule The Pestilence Pustule is one of many gray stone buildings in the Temple District of Fountainhead. Rarely does anyone visit this business du… , ,
Radlofs Lucky House Radlofs Lucky House Radlofs Lucky House is a gambling house in the Fishtown district of Bornheim. It has a reputation of mostly fair gambling Services and Acc… , ,
Ragash's Brewery Ragash's Brewery This brewery is the largest one on the shelf of Fountainhead. Located in the Three Sisters District it spans an area once containing several b… ,
Sword and Bones Sword and Bones The Sword and Bones is a tavern at the edge of the market in the Three Sisters district in Fountainhead. The building is rough-hewn wood constr… , ,
The Last Shield Inn The Last Shield Inn The Last Shield Inn is a large inn located on the Bornheim Trade Route midway between Ulrichstein and the Fuldelf Ridge. The inn itself is …
The Sister's Roses The Sister's Roses The Sister's Roses Layout Cellar The cellar is very small and rough-cut from the stone. It is accessible from the kitchen through a trapd… ,
Veridian Vault Veridian Vault The Veridian Vault is a carpenter's shop set up by Keribrar in an abandoned building in the Blackhouse District of Fountainhead. Most of the dis… , ,
Watchers' House Watchers' House The Watchers' House is a very real place that does not quite follow the laws of the mortal plane, nor the Fae Lands. It is rarely in the same p… , , ,